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Free download é Distrust Her Shadow é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ [Reading] ➸ Distrust Her Shadow By Jessica Steele – To Darcy it was just another jobAll she had to do was deliver a letter But the assignment was not what it seemed Darcy was the unwitting messenger inYou deserve and he threatenedAnd even when the truth had set Darcy free she knew she would never escape the haunting memory of her bittersweet captivity. 4 Stars Orphaned at 18 the only relative Darcy had wasn't really a relative but her mother's elderly nanny Emmy was a sweet woman now in her 80's and Darcy often let her believe she was taking care of Darcy and not the other way around Working as a secretary for the past four years Darcy found it hard to hold a job because Emmy often became ill and Darcy's attendance suffered So she took a position with her friend's temp agency thus giving her the ability to miss work should Emmy need her Jane's agency is fairly new and struggling to survive Advertising Any job any where any time brings in a messenger job that Jane offers to Darcy All she has to do is deliver an envelope to a Mr Littlejohn at a hotel in a small town outside of London When Darcy arrives she's shocked to be met at the door by two thugs who uickly pull her into the room and scare the tar out of her She thinks they are going to attack her and in her fear she faints hitting her head uite hard in the process When she comes to she finds herself on a leather sofa in a darkened room with a very angry man who accuses her to being an accomplice to a blackmailer and insists she's not going anywhere until she coughs up the truth Neve is astonished to find his sister's blackmailer had sent a woman to do his dirty work but he can't uite believe that Darcy is totally innocent So he keeps her locked in his house for the weekend until he can confirm her story When Neve lets her leave on the Sunday Darcy is still not sure that he believes her and then on the Monday she finds herself temping as his private secretary He holds the threat of seeing Jane's agency ruined if she doesn't work for him And continues to hold this threat over her so that he can see of her While Neve is a slavedriver Darcy comes to see a gentler side When a passionate kiss uickly leads to much Darcy panics and orders Neve to stop Of course he does but then there are accusations and both shout insults which have Darcy fleeing Fearing that Neve is going to ruin Jane's agency she calls him to plead for him not to only to be surprised when Neve is apologizing She learns also from Jane that Neve has referred the agency to his colleagues and the business is now thriving Confident now that the agency is safe Darcy flatly refuses when Neve tries to hire her again for work She hangs up on his calls and then even refuses to answer her door when he comes knocking So one day while she's out on a job Neve comes to her home and he kidnaps Emmy now she'll have to see himI must say I was rather terrified of Darcy's predicament when she was forced into that hotel room It was obvious that Neve was conflicted with doubts about Darcy's innocence but she proves it to him time and again with her loyalty to Jane and her commitment to Emmy While wary of his power Darcy won't allow herself to be trodden on so she deliberately pushes Neve's buttons and they have explosive encounters There are times I laughed out loud at their silliness particularly when Neve has the audacity to kidnap beloved Emmy Ms Steele's tongue in cheek sense of humour shines in this roller coaster love story While the storyline may seem over the top Ms Steele actually made it work for me This was a fun read

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Dangerous blackmail plotNeve Macalister believed she Distrust Her eBook #213 was involved and to prove it he kidnapped her I'm going to see you get all. Another one where the hero treats the heroine like crap because of his ridiculous fixation that she is a blackmailer then gets insta forgiveness on the last page By the time he has finally managed to dislodge his shit for brains donkey head from his ample posterior and stopped with the bruising shaking shoulder grips the slapping and the endless tart shaming not to mention plenty of threats and blackmailing on his own I wanted to scream to the heroine to run Instead the idiot lets her traitorous body make very shaky life decision to marry this turd My prediction is that the honeymoon won't be over before he is back to his old tricks and this marriage will eventually end with her running away to a woman's shelter

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Distrust Her ShadowTo Darcy it was just another jobAll she had to do was deliver a letter But the assignment was not what it seemed Darcy was the unwitting messenger in a. JS tries her hand at Stockholm syndrome with mixed results The actual kidnapping was terrifying enough to keep me reading The hero seems menacing His motives murky WonderfulThen it all goes silly as the hero releases the heroine after a weekend at his home – but not before he engages her services as a temporary secretary at his businesssighWe had high adventureangst devolve into an office romance with the heroine misunderstanding the hero’s relationship with his sister The hero chasing the heroine for a relationship And the heroine’s elderly nanny landing in tight spots and getting out of them without ever being aware of any danger or irregularities in the heroine’s lifeThe second kidnapping with the hero snatching the elderly nanny as bait was cute though Still I was disappointed that OTT melodrama of the hero slapping a hysterical heroine wasn’t continued throughout the story Final verdict – a bit uneven but an interesting premise