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This Ordinary Life characters ↠ 0 ✓ [Read] ➪ This Ordinary Life Author Jennifer Walkup – Sometimes hope is the most extraordinary gift of allHigh school radio host Jasmine Torres’s life is full of family dysfunction but if she can score the internship of her dreams with a New York City Sometimes hope is the moDless loop of missing school for his doctor appointments picking up the pieces of her mother’s booze soaked life and stressing about Danny’s future Then she meets Wes He’s the perfect combination of smart cute and funny He also happens to have epilepsy like her brother Wes is living a normal life despite his medical issues which gives Jasmine hope for Danny But memories. I was interested in picking up This Ordinary Life because of that adorable and striking cover and the promise of the main character being a radio host Not to mention it sounded like it had a sweet romance and you know how I can never pass up a sweet romance This Ordinary Life was everything that I expected it to be By the end it left me filled with hope and a goofy smile on my faceThe protagonist Jasmine lived in a very dark home at the beginning of the book Her mother was an alcoholic who was selfish and didn't see beyond on her own need to get drunk and she had a brother who was sick and freuently suffered from seizures Throughout this all Jasmine was the person who shouldered every burden and responsibility of the family everything that her mother should have had to take care of I felt for Jasmine but I simultaneously thought she was incredibly brave and selfless to pick up the pieces of her home I loved that she did it all without ever making her brother feel like he was an obstacle to her dreams of obtaining an internship at a radio show in New York She showered  him with love and was always there when he needed her Their bond was really sweet and made me love Jasmine even She was also very passionate about radio and she worked incredibly hard to try to achieve her dreams She faced other obstacles besides her sick brother such as being cheated on by a boyfriend because she wasn't ready to sleep with yet I had lots of colorful words for that guy but I thought Jasmine handled the situation in a classy way with her head held up high Good thing she had the support of an amazing best friend who was as supportive and awesome Jasmine herselfThen there was Wes the sweetheart of a boy that Jasmine meets at the hospital while her brother was there Wes gave Jasmine hope that her brother too could live a happy life even with him being sick I adored Wes with every fiber of my being Their romance was undoubtedly one of the highlights of the story for me and I couldn't get over how cute it was Jasmine was a little bit reluctant to get into a relationship with him at first rightfully so but he pursues her and chases after her and that made my heart so happy Despite being ill he was nothing but constantly joyfulIf I had one complaint it would be that I wanted to feel a stronger emotional connection the story and the writing Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the book but I felt like there was a missing spark somewhere and I can't exactly pinpoint what That being said I did end up consuming this book because of the characters and the romance and I'll be picking up books from this author in the future This Ordinary Life is for all of you YA contemporary lovers who not only crave strong and resilient characters but also romances that leave your heart fluttering all over the place Definitely check this book out

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Sometimes hope is the most extraordinary gift of allHigh school radio host Jasmine Torres’s life is full of family dysfunction but if she This Ordinary Epubcan score the internship of her dreams with a New York City radio station she knows she can turn things around That is until her brother Danny’s latest seizure forces her to miss the interview and she’s back to the en.   I'm not gonna lie The cover is what caught my attention Because of the headphones I instantly thought that This Ordinary Life has something to do with music and therefore off to my TBR you go But it turns out that TOL isn't about music at all and I wasn't actually bothered by it Jasmine is their schools RJ Her father left them when she was still a kid and her brother has epilepsy Her mother was stuck in the past and still trying to get up from her husbands absence I guess you can say that Jazz doesn't have the easiest life But you know why I love this book so much Its because our main protagonist is a fighter Life keep hitting her throwing different kind of obstacles in her way but still she remains standing and hopeful Jasmine is really one of the most admirable heroine that I've ever read She's a flawed character yes but that just made her even wonderful The romance was great Wes is just incredible I wished that his character was explored though because when I was reading TOL I only seeread him when he's with Jazz I just would've love it even if he was fleshed out But other than that Wes is nothing than fantastic I couldn't think of anyone that is perfect for our heroine It was impressive how these two made their relationship happen It was sweet slow and so swoony Who needs those instalove anyway Despite its swoony romance TOL tackled serious issues too like epilepsy and alcoholism I wasn't completely sold by her mothers changes but I'm happy about her character development I was heartbroken by Danny's illness but I learned a lot too along the way I'm not an expert but while I was reading I can't help but think that the book was well researched This Ordinary Life is such a delight I'm gonna confess right now and say that I will be stalking Jennifer Walkup from now on I'm pretty certain that she has a lot of wonderful novels waiting to be read I can't help but be charmed and fascinated by This Ordinary Life I can confidently say that there's nothing ordinary about this book I highly recommend it

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This Ordinary LifeOf her cheating ex boyfriend keep her from going on a real date with Wes no matter how many times he asks her Jasmine can’t control everything Not who wins the internship not her mother’s addiction not her brother’s health not even where her heart will lead her She wishes she could just have an ordinary life but maybe what she already has is pretty extraordinary after al. 55 BLOOMING FLOWERSFull review to come closer to the release date htppprincessicaofbookswordpresscom