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Pyrrhus of Epirus Free download ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ä ➶ [Read] ➲ Pyrrhus of Epirus By Jeff Champion ➾ – Pyrrhus of Epirus was rated by Hannibal as the second greatest general yet seen placing himself third Indeed Hannibal referred to Pyrrhus as his teacher although the tPyrrhus of Epirus was rated by Hannibal as the second greatest general yet seen placing himself third Indeed Hannibal referred to Pyrrhus as his teacher although the two never met since he learnt so much of the art of war from his writings Pyrrhus was born into the royal house of Epirus northwest Pyrrhus of eBook #10003 Greece and was a second cousin of Alexander the Great His mother was forced to flee into exile to protect his life when he was a mere infant yet he prospered in tro. This biography does better service to Pyrrhus then he did to himself on the battlefieldAs the giver of his own name to a pithy phrase describing a worthless or counter productive victory but also someone renown for bravery in the face of adversity Why ancient generals looked up to him has always been beyond me but he was and is a very interesting figure Also in a world where the most likely future leader of the worlds most powerful country is someone with lots of experience in foreign affairs but consistently delivering mediocre to negative results before jumping into the next uagmire Pyrrhus's career offers both parallels and understanding

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Ubled times and went from a refugee to become king Always an adventurer with an eye for the main chance he was deeply involved in the cut and thrust campaigning coups and subterfuges of the Successor kingdoms At various times he was king of Epirus twice Macedon twice and Sicily as well as overlord of much of southern Italy In BC he was invited by the southern Italian states to defend them against the aggressive expansion of the burgeoning Roman republic His early victories over the. I found the book very readable and enjoyable Jeff Champion appears to cover the topic reasonably well to my limited knowledge I would recommend this book

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Pyrrhus of EpirusRoman armies at Heraclea and Asculum assisted by his use of elephants were won at such a high price in casualties that they gave us the expression 'Pyrrhic victory' These battles were the first clashes between the hitherto dominant Hellenistic way of warfare as developed by Alexander and the Roman legions and so full of tactical interest He failed in Italy and Sicily but when on to further military adventures in Greece eventually being killed in action while storming the city of Arg. Pyrrhus of Epirus was a ruler who went around parts of Italy Sicily and Greece and the Balkans in the 3rd century BC trying to expand his dominions A capable general he was not able to hang on to his main conuests This book is very much written from a military account with some fairly detailed descriptions of battles and battle tactics In places it is a bit repetitive with the same information being given than once There is a lot of attention to the confusing background with the various successors to Alexander the Great fighting each other and I doubt many readers will succeed in grasping all the detail it might have been better to have painted a rather broad picture