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The breathtaking second novel in New York Times Burn Broken ePUB #9734 bestselling author Jeaniene Frost's Broken Destiny series finds Ivy and Adrian rekindling their alliance and passion as the struggle for the The Sweetest PDF or fate of the world begins Conuering a supernatural realm turned out to be easier than getting over a broken heart But her. Actual Rating 35 starsLike all of Jeaniene Frost's books this one was packed with action and entertainment Something I really like from her books and that is also present in this series is that the females are always strong independent resourceful and loyal to their friends and loves onesSomething I really like of the male MCs is that they are not black and white They are a mix of good and bad predominately good in the end thoughtrustworthy strong loyal and they love completelyI can't really complain about her character development I really like them all Jeanine remains one of my favorite writers I love how she thinks and portraits love stories and how she always shows humor even when the circumstances are tragic However I miss the potency that the romance had in the Night Huntress Series I like the romance in this series but it is not as memorable and I don't feel as connected to it and invested in their relationship as I was with the love between Kat and Bones This book is interesting and keeps you entertained It has emotions but for me it needs to go deeper it needs to dedicate time to emotional conflicts so I can get really engaged with the characters and story instead there is so much action that it robs me from truly connecting The last books I have read from Jeaniene Frost have started a pattern of and action being present in them I wouldn't mind it as much if if wasn't because that action in robbing space to the emotional side of the stories I'll move on to the next installment and I am really hoping for a 4 stars at leastThe Beautiful Ashes The Broken Destiny #1The Brightest Embers The Broken Destiny #3

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The Sweetest Burn Broken Destiny #2Initial victory has made Ivy a target Sweetest Burn Broken ePUB #8608 for revenge forcing her to reunite with the dangerous and dangerously sexy Adrian Ivy isn't sure which will be harder finding the hallowed weapon that will repair the crumbling walls between the demon and human realms or resisting Adrian who's decided that come hell or high water h. THE SWEETEST BURN is the highly anticipated second book in the Broken Destiny series by Jeaniene Frost It’s been three years since the first book in the series debuted so I was really wondering what happened to this series and if there was ever going to be a seuel When I realized that we were finally going to get it I jumped at the chance at reading itNow I would it’s important to read this series in order Or if you’re like me to take the time to reread the first book again before jumping into this one While Frost does do some recap in the beginning of this book I really think it’s important to refresh yourself because of the relationship aspect of this book The worldbuilding is complex and uniue but actually fairly simple to pick up and understand I think the real thing readers need to focus on is the relationship between Ivy and Adrian In the last book a big betrayal occurs and therefore in this book we are looking at a second chance I think if you jumped into this book without reading or refreshing yourself then you’d miss that emotional impact to connect with Ivy’s characterThe writing in this book is fairly simple I remember when the first book debuted it was marketed as a New Adult Paranormal Romance I do still kind of get that feeling from it but it’s also clear that the author has tried to make it less New Adult and PNR and Urban Fantasy in style I’m not sure how I feel about this because it does make it seem inconsistent Even the new covers reflect a Adult style However if you are a PNR fan the sexiness is amped up and the tension between Ivy and Adrian becomes pronounceThe book is on the shorter side and I did feel like everything kind of happened really uickly The action scenes are fast which I normally don’t mind but I didn’t think there were enough moments of pause to really maintain a good balance That being said you can easily finish this book in one sittingThe epilogue didn’t hit as hard as I imagined it would be But it does create some uestions that I’m sure will be addressed in the next book I look forward to seeing what Frost has in store for readers next

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FREE DOWNLOAD ✓ The Sweetest Burn Broken Destiny #2 ì ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ The Sweetest Burn Broken Destiny #2 By Jeaniene Frost ✩ – The breathtaking second novel in New York Times bestselling author Jeaniene Frost's Broken Destiny series finds Ivy and Adrian rekindling their allianceE will make Ivy his At first Adrian tried to resist his feelings for Ivy Now determined to break the curse that dooms their love he's vowed to save her and to have her If only he can persuade her to forgive his past sins But defying destiny and surrendering to the smoldering desire between them will bring conseuences and sacrifices they never imagine. Originally posted at SmexyBooks Sweetest Burn is the 2nd installment in Jeaniene Frost’s New Adult fantasy series Broken Destiny Book one Beautiful Ashes– introduced us to a multi dimensional world filled with demons and angels preparing for war and the one person who can save us Destiny and the Bible claims that Ivy the last Davidian is the only hope humans have to beat back the demons who are readying to inherit the world She meets and falls in love with a half demon prince who comes to help her train for what’s coming only to reveal at the end that he is the last Judian and like the original Judas it is his destiny to betray her At the end of book one Ivy commands Adrian to leave her and he does leaving us to wonder what now The Sweetest Burn opens with Ivy angry that Adrian left her and stayed away with no communication or begging to be with her He does come back though declaring his love for her and determined to prove he will defy their destiny and not betray her Ivy is on the fence but willing to give him the benefit of the doubt Zach their middle man to heaven alerts them to the second hallowed artifact and sets them on their course They need to find the second artifact before the demons do as it is the one item that can stop the walls between the demon and human realms from collapsingFrost’s voice definitely seems louder and settled in this installment I found the pacing smoother and the characterization stronger though the story still dragged in places We seem to still dealing with the same issues from book one though we do get explanations this time around Ivy and Adrian make peace and decide to deal with their attraction and everything else later as they begin their journey to find the second hallowed relic the staff of Moses This leads them on a worldwide adventure that offers readers insight into the reasons behind the war and those that are a part of it The story remains relatively laid back until the last uarter when the action suspense and intrigue explodesIvy and Adrian continue to evolve developing individually and as a couple Ivy remains her tough courageous and snarky self though she whines and makes some uestionable decisions in here What bothered me about Ivy in here is she instantly realizes the things she is doing are wrong and then a few chapters later does it again I did appreciate that she continues to uestion everything But why she hasn’t sat down and brushed up on her bible studies Frost really opens up Adrian in here and I feel readers definitely get to know him better I like his commitment to Ivy and their relationship though he still isn’t being 100% honest with Ivy The use of a dual POV certainly helps Book one felt like Ivy’s book while this one is definitely a joint ventureChemistry wise the passion and attraction between Ivy and Adrian is intense and focused this go around though the soulmatedestiny issue remains iffy for me On one hand it allows Frost to gloss over the development of the romance sort of a cheater in my opinion but on the other hand it does give us a weighted romantic conflict that works well in here As it is right now the physical attraction is still the strongest feature of this romance Also the story still has a distinct YA sound and feel to it; even with the racy scenes Its disconcerting at timesFrost continues to expand her character base adding personality and essentially ‘hum