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read kindle ´ St Thomas's Eve Paperback À jean plaidy Ê [PDF / Epub] ✅ St Thomas's Eve Author Jean Plaidy – Henry VII once warned his son the future King of England not to trust Thomas More; years later that same son made More his confidante and advisor But the allegiance is dangerouslEst daughter Meg Torn between her heretic husband and the secrets her father has confided in her it is only a matter of time before her More will make the ultimate sacrifice for his fait I enjoyed the book but not one of my favorites The book described itself as the story of Thomas More and his family primarily his relationship with his favorite daughter Meg I did enjoy learning about the members of his family and his extended family and I have always admired Thomas More for he was one of the very few who stood firm against King Henry VIII in what he believed in which ultimately cost him his life but it just lacked something for me which is why I didn't give it 5 stars which I usually do with a Jean Plaidy book

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Ded A family man lawyer and writer More's ambitions are humble whilst Henry's are endless As More's career at court rises so too does his religious fervour much to the concern of his eld When good fortune is greatest then is trouble close at hand For Fortune delights to strike down those who are too high and to raise those who are low; and if we do not anticipate trouble should it come we shall face it with greater fortitudeSaint Thomas's Eve takes a step aside from the Palaces of King Henry VIII and his wife trouble and concentrates on the life of one his closest friends and confidantes Thomas More and his family After reading this book my dislike of Henry VIII which was already pretty strong is stronger He wasn't a King he was a murderer If anyone disagreed with him he would conjure up tales about that person in order to get them executed and this is what happened to lovely Thomas More on St Thomas's EveThe novel traces More's rise from being lawyer writer and family man to his reluctant position of Lord Chancellor and his life following his resignation from the Lord Chancellor's post His benevolence is described both towards members of his family and to beggars in the street; whilst running through the novel the strong relationship between More and his children especially Margaret Meg is evidentThe ending is tragic More is executed for standing fast to his beliefs which as he wrote to his fellow prisoner in the Tower Bishop John Fisher is no crime Too many honours were being thrust upon the master and honours brought envy; they brought sycophants the false friends who were like wasps that fed on the lovely fruit until it was ruined and dropped from the branchesI have to admit to not having known a lot about Sir Thomas More before reading this book now I feel like I know the man; the Courtier and the father I have also discovered the background to the common expression More's pity How awful it must have been to have been called to serve the King in the Tudor days; doing so was almost like taking on a death sentenceLoved this book I have yet to read a Jean Plaidy historical novel that has not been a pleasure Highly recommend

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St Thomas's EveHenry VII once warned his son the future King of England not to trust Thomas More; years later that same son made More his confidante and advisor But the allegiance is dangerously one si This was a pleasure to read about Sir Thomas More a notable figure among the prolific Tudor court of Henry VIII Thomas More was a brilliant scholar and wrote Utopia You can't read a Henry VIII book and not have mention of the infamous Thomas More Yet we never get to see him in a personal tone until you read St Thomas's Eve by Jean Plaidy This novel does not focus on Henry VIII it follows Thomas More's personal life as he marries has children remarries and becomes a grandfather His star rises in the courts albeit unwillingly because of his talented way with words and as a lawyer King Henry enjoys his uniue intellect Thomas is portrayed as very religious and honest to a fault He opened his home to others housing an orphan and then a step child and taught several gentlemen on site as well There were several poignant scenes that I enjoyed that involved More's children The novel features all of them uite well the eldest Meg Mercy Gigs the orphan Elizabeth Cecily Jack and the step daughter Alice Middleton Ailie The story is about how this uaint little family evolves and grows and even when the girls marry they all live under one family roof There is emphasis placed on the bond between Thomas and his eldest daughter Meg who becomes a Mrs Meg Roper There are a few introductions to some of the other notable figures of the times such as Erasmus Hans Holbein the Howards of Norfolk and the Cardinal Thomas Wolsey and many of the other names are mentioned in passing in a gossiping nature We hear about the problems with Catherine of Aragon to the Frenchified and deformed Anne Boleyn and The King's Secret MatterPlaidy seemed to be on a mission to make the novel not read like a book of the Court Life but truly focused on the travails of this family who struggled to control the way the vengeful court affected it The More family wanted for nothing but each other and the freedom of learning Thomas More did not want to be a courtier but you cannot say no to a King As the children grew Thomas was away and at the beck and call of the King His children had their premonitions that all would not be grand for long one false step and tragedy would be theirsOnce things were set in motion in Henry's love life Thomas disapproved He tried to step away but the King did not want any of his towns people to flock to More's views All Thomas had to do was to acknowledge King Henry as the Head of the Church after the break with Rome due to the Pope's not allowing the divorce of Catherine and Henry Thomas stayed fast to his virtue would not sign the Act of Supremacy and also would not condone the marriage of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII Plaidy successfully demonstrates the sadness the family feels when they realize that the humble happiness that they crave will not come to fruition Although history tells us what fate befell Thomas More I was still emotional as Plaidy spelled it out for me The love that his family had for him is palpable and heartbreaking and I am glad to have had a glimpse of the personal side of Sir Thomas More Plaidy shows us the family behind the martyr and I feel much enlightened about one of the greatest scholars of our time