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read Culture Clash doc É Paperback ´ jean donaldson ↠ ❰Download❯ ➶ Culture Clash Author Jean Donaldson – Winner of the Maxwell Award for BEST DOG TRAINING BOOK 1997 from the Dog Writers Association of America Voted #1 BEST BOOK 2000 2001 by the Association of Pet Dog TraiFascinating to the extreme and literally overflowing with information so new that it virtually redefines the state of the art in dog behavior and training The Culture Clash depicts dogs as they really arestripped of their Hollywood fluff with their loveable can I eat it ch I'm marking this one DNF because I just can't bring myself to keep reading or to keep interested right now I also adopted a puppy and dare I say this aloud who is so EASY it's unbelievable to me I've always had nutty labs and retrievers who took years to settle down My new little guy moved in learned the routine and housemanners in only 2 weeks I still can't believe my luck He's cute and perfect too I never get this lucky ; So for now at least I'm putting this book aside because I'm not having any of the sorts of problems she describes in this book mainly aggression issues and am training him positively I'll keep it around for a bit just in case something crops up but the technical language makes it of a reference book than a pleasure read and I don't like the way she takes shots at clueless owners constantly I preferred her book Mine much better Possibly because it was shorter

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Ew it urinate on it what's in it for me philosophy The author's tremendous affection for dogs shines through at all times as does her keen insight into the dog's mind Relentlessly she champions the dog's point of view always showing concern for their education and well bein This author is just so negative I am having to stop reading the book half way through She writes as though she thinks most 99% humans are irresponsible morons She scolds and complains continually throughout every chapter Here and there she says something interesting about a training techniue but those rare bits are simply not worth plowing through her insults The book might be useful for a first time dog owner with a puppy Most of the training comments are directed towards small puppies According to this book any dog with a discipline problem who is older than a few months has simply missed their window of easy trainability Training might still be possible but it won't be easy Soa new time owner with a puppy might find this book somewhat useful though the negative vibes and thinly disguised anger towards most dog owners would still be off putting for me

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Culture ClashWinner of the Maxwell Award for BEST DOG TRAINING BOOK from the Dog Writers Association of America Voted BEST BOOKby the Association of Pet Dog Trainersthe largest and most influential worldwide association of professional pet dog trainers The Culture Clash is utterly uniue A really interesting book The basic premise is to stop anthropomorphizing dogs; don't believe the Disney fantasy of dogs who think like us and live to serve us Just because they are supremely selfish doesn't make them any less enjoyable as companions But understanding that will make you a better trainer and a happier family Favorite uotesDogs are not space intensive they are time intensive Given a choice between your time and a yard virtually every dog on this earth will opt for time hanging out with living beingsIt's all chew toys to them virtually all natural dog behaviors chewing barking rough play chasing moving objects eating any available food item within reach jumping up and pawing to greet settling minor disputes with threat displays establishing contact with strange dogs guarding resources leaning into steady pressure against their chests or necks urinating on porous surfaces like carpets defending themselves against perceived threat are all considered by humans to be behavior problems The rules which seem so obvious to us make absolutely no sense to dogs They are not humans in dog suits Because behavior is under the control of its conseuences obedience training is about providing conseuences to the dog Life is a never ending series of if you do this this happens; if you do that another thing happens There are two kinds of things that happen in life good things and bad things so there are four kinds of conseuences good stuff can 1 start and 2 end Bad stuff can 1 start and 2 end Your dog is constantly trying to start the good stuff end the bad stuff avoid ending the good stuff and avoid starting the bad stuff He's playing his entire environment including you his owner this way If you the owner can recognize this and exploit it volia