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Characters ô Le Scaphandre et le Papillon È PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ★ Le Scaphandre et le Papillon ✓ Author Jean-Dominique Bauby – Em 8 de dezembro de 1995 um acidente vascular cerebral mergulhou brutalmHo se mexia Esse olho o esuerdo é o vínculo ue ele tem Scaphandre et le eBook #9734 com o mundo com os outros com a vida. I won’t recommend reading this book while signing up for insurance I started a job recently and was overwhelmed by the different ways I could insure myself and loved ones against horrible tidings The following are actual insurance plans I couldn’t make these upBenefits Department Do you want life insuranceMe Yes Someone should profit from my death Party at the funeral homeBenefits Department Do you want supplement group variable universal life insuranceMe I could be worth 25 million Tell my parents I am a wild successBenefits Department Do you want life insurance for your spouseMe I hadn’t thought of that Yes I will definitely miss the cash flow from my sugar daddy once the arsenic kicks in Benefits Department Do you want life insurance for your childMe What a sick uestion Why would I care about cash if my child has just diedBenefits Department For the funeral expensesMe Oh okay YesBenefits Department Do you want to enroll in the group short term disability insurance Group income insurance Accidental death and dismemberment insurance Long term care insurance Group personal excess liability insurance Business travel accident insuranceMe OMG I have never felt so fragile I could die or at least lose a limb in a thousand different ways Did you hear about the guy who was decapitated by the elevator doors Blood and gore splattered all over the other passengersBenefits Department SilenceMe Everything Sign me up for everything After all I ride at least four elevators a day to work Imagine I am really good at mental math here That’s 1040 possibilities each year to lose my mind literally Just from elevatorsBenefits Department Pause I need you to confirm “yes” or “no” for each type of insuranceMe Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Benefits Department Do you want to prepare a health care proxy to instruct your loved ones how to care for you when you are too sick to speak andor have no control over very important medical decisions about life support or pain treatmentMe You are the worst insurance person Do you derive twisted pleasure picturing me like that Benefits Department Smug silenceMe Yes I would like a health care proxy Benefits Department Do you want to sign up forBy the eventual end of this conversation the Benefits Department informed me that several hundred dollars would be deducted from every pay check to cover these nefarious insurance schemes preying simultaneously on my fear of dying concern for my family general risk aversion and fondness for the mere possibility of large sums of money being transferred to my bank account I called my husband to discuss my selections He was aghast Husband Cassy this seems excessive We don’t need this much coverage We need some money left over in your pay check to buy food Or we will indeed die early Of hungerMe But what if I die What if you die What if the baby dies What if I’m paralyzed after a massive stroke in my forties I cannot move anything except I can blink my left eyelid While people treat me like I’m an invisible vapid vegetable my mind is as sharp as ever I could write the most beautiful poignant memoir packed into a concise 132 pages by blinking that one good eye to select letters when the alphabet is read aloud to me over and over by a very patient soul What then husbandThen it hit me This book It should not be read while one signs up for insurance It lingers in the back of the mind This could happen to me Or to you This happened to Jean Dominiue Bauby Read this Not during benefits enrollment But read this

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Ndo Ao sair dele todas as Le Scaphandre Kindle suas funções motoras estavam deterioradas Em seu corpo inerte só um ol. “Does it take the harsh light of disaster to show a person’s true nature” The situation is unimaginable waking from a coma to find yourself trapped in your own body able to think clearly and understand what is going on around you but unable to partake in any of what transpires It’s called “locked in syndrome” and Jean Dominiue Bauby finds himself a victim of it when he awakes from a coma following a serious stroke that damaged his brain stem and left him almost totally paralyzed; he has only limited facial movements slight control over his neck and use of only one eye It is with this single good eye that Bauby is able to communicate with the world using an excruciatingly slow code of blinking that reuires time energy and a great deal of attention and patience And it is also thanks to this one eye that we have this first hand account dictated by Bauby from his hospital bed recounting the details of his life in the wake of tragedyFar from being restricted by his condition Bauby unleashes the full force of his literary capabilities which were uite estimable considering that he was the editor of French Elle leaving us with a wry touching and deeply affecting memoir that shines with descriptive flourishes and deep insights His perspective in the wake of tragedy is awe inspiring and leaves the reader with a deep respect for his fortitude; truly this is a man I would have loved to have had an opportunity to have a conversation with just to try and absorb a small degree of his wisdom and experience “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” has moments of regret frustration sadness and aching loneliness but curiously absent are anger and self righteousness Bauby never curses his misfortune but focuses on getting by with the hand he was dealt To read his memoir is to get to know a truly extraordinary man whose spirit refused to be crushed and whose mind and imagination allowed him to survive in the most constrained of circumstances To say that “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” is about the triumph of the human spirit is a sorry understatement and does little to pay tribute to an amazing man“The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” is a slight volume to be sure but it feels wrong to criticize it for that when one considers the conditions under which it was composed And considering that Bauby packs a hefty punch in such a short page count it is well worth the experienceGrade A

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Le Scaphandre et le PapillonEm de dezembro de um et le PDFEPUB #194 acidente vascular cerebral mergulhou brutalmente Jean Dominiue Bauby em coma profu. I know I will likely get flayed alive for rating this one so low but I just can't see the worship behind itFirst let me say that the writing of the book by someone in such a state is an amazing accomplishment and I dare not take that away from him For those that don't know it was dictated by Jean Dominiue Bauby former editor of the french Elle who had a severe seizure and after damage to his brain stem was diagnosed with locked in syndrome The entire book was dictated letter by letter by the blinking of his left eyeThat said you would think a memoir like this would at least try to present you with a likeable character who has something to say about life Now there were a couple of wistful almost beautiful passages But for the most part I felt a sort of smugness in his attitude especially towards women that just pulled me out of any feelings the book tried to well up in meMaybe I am a terrible person but I just couldn't see why anyone would be so impressed by this book Any time he would start to reel me in one of his thoughts would throw me right out to sea again