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Free read ☆ The Affair The Case of Alfred Dreyfus ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ù ⚡ [PDF] ✍ The Affair The Case of Alfred Dreyfus By Jean-Denis Bredin ✵ – On an autumn morning in 1894 Captain Alfred Dreyfus appeared for a routine inspection but found himsTrial and long delayed pardon This book is an account of the Dreyfus Affair the scandal that rocked th century Franc. While reading Proust's classic novel In Search of Lost Time I was impressed with the importance and pervasive nature of the Dreyfus Affair While Proust abstained from politics most of his life he made an exception of the Dreyfus Affair when he actively took up the defense of Captain Dreyfus Traces of this appear throughout his masterpiece In a letter to his friend Mme Geneviève Strauss née Halévy daughter of the composer Jacues Fromental Halévy widow of Georges Bizet model for the Duchesse de Guermantes in Proust’s roman fleuve and whose salon was a center of Dreyfusard activity Proust attempted to enlist her aid in the fight Ultimately most of the major characters were identified with one side or the other of the Dreyfus AffairIt was the author Emile Zola however whose article J'Accuse was the most memorable moment of the Dreyfus Affair and it sits at the center of Jean Denis Bredin's detailed study entitled The Affair The Case of Alfred Dreyfus The article electrified France and reinvigorated the Dreyfusards as the supporters of the innocence of Alfred Dreyfus were called While both monumental and essential coming as it did two days after the scandalous acuittal of Commandant Esterhazy it was only a single moment among many important moments and details that are recounted in Bredin's comprehensive history Even for readers living than a century later who know the outcome of the Dreyfus Case this book reads like a detective mystery with twist and turns double dealing missing documents forgeries and It contains the details from the earliest moments when Dreyfus is first identified as a suspected traitor due as much to his race as to anything else and certainly not because he ever had any dealings that were remotely traiterous since he was ironically a model soldier and a patriot Bredin's artistry lies in his ability to weave the many sometimes disparate details together in a narrative that maintains the reader's interest This he does ably with a lucid style that betrays the underlying complexity of the actual events Other commentators have noted the suspense and drama that the author is able to portray with this lucid style I agree with them but also admire his choice to go beyond the details to share the meaning of the affair for the family the participants their nation and the world The era he covered was the end of the nineteenth century and beginning of the next It was one that saw much turmoil in both national and international cultural history The Dreyfus Case was an important part of that history as this book makes eminently clear

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F summarily accused of high treason Here he began a twelve year ordeal that included imprisonment on Devil's Island. I'd heard long ago about the Dreyfus Affair and wated to read in detail about it A huge miscarriage of justice at the turn of the century saw an anti semitic and reactionary French army bungle affairs and then frame a Jewish officer of treason to become the scapegoat for their failures The book whilst detailed and following every twist and turn of the affair and there are several of them turns into a bit of a slog to read and at times diverts off into areas that seem to have little bearing on the actual case itself and are to do with cultual or political s of the time

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The Affair The Case of Alfred DreyfusOn an autumn morning The Case ePUB #180 in Captain Alfred Dreyfus appeared for a routine inspection but found himsel. Honor loyalty duty and faithfulness to one’s country are thought by some to be the highest of virtues What if such patriotic pride is founded on lies deceitfulness and persecution of the innocent Are the higher transcendent virtues of truth and justice important Such a moral dilemma is posed in Jean Denis Bredin’s The Affair The Case of Alfred Dreyfus The Dreyfus Affair happened in France at the end of the 19th century The Section of Statistics a military intelligence bureau got hold of a document meant to be delivered to a German diplomat stationed in Paris The diplomat was engaged in espionage and the letter provided information that only an officer in the artillery division could provide about weaponry in the army The French officials realized that a traitor was in their ranks Since the letter was signed “D” they uickly identified it as having been written by Alfred Dreyfus a low ranking captain of a suadron This particular officer was also an Alsatian Jew who chose French citizenry after Germany annexed Alsace during the war of 1870 With no other evidence than that a military tribunal sentenced Dreyfus to life imprisonment on a Caribbean penal island off the coast of French Guiana It did not take long for Mathieu Dreyfus to figure out that his brother Alfred did not write that document Further investigation revealed that an ethnic Hungarian commandant in the army named Esterhazy was in fact working as a spy for the Germans and it was he who wrote the letter The French intelligence officers protected the treasonous Esterhazy mostly because they feared losing credibility with the French public and admitting to making such a mistake would dishonor them in the eyes of their nation The officers were also deeply associated with a proto fascist uprising of anti Semitism sweeping France at that time Their loyalty to the nation the military and the Catholic church resulted in a blind faith in their own dogma; the release of Dreyfus would prove that their loyalty was not absolute At a symbolic level the persecution of Dreyfus was a test of their patriotism even though in truth Dreyfus was innocent In French society Alfred Dreyfus took on a figurative role that was larger than himself In public opinion the center majority did not hold and society split into two camps the leftist progressive liberals fighting for truth and justice and the conservative reactionary right wing fighting for tradition authoritarianism xenophobia and a return to monarchy and feudalism The right wing was dominated by a hysterical press and a sect of Catholic anti Jewish extremists called the Assumptionists For them the Jew Alfred Dreyfus represented everything they hated a foreign element disrupting the French status uo France had seen a lot of turbulence in the past 100 years from the French Revolution to the Napoleonic Wars to their defeat at the hands of Germany in 1870 The conservatives had lost and won then lost again and could not fit comfortably into a modern world with a progressive agenda They needed a cause to rally around and Alfred Dreyfus the falsely accused traitor was just what they wanted Jean Denis Bredin gives an extremely detailed and by extremely detailed I do mean extremely detailed account of the Dreyfus Affair He shows how Dreyfus was convicted without any hard evidence and how the lie of his disloyalty was perpetuated through deception forgery the alteration of documents and an over the top character assassination campaign conducted by the right wing media The Dreyfus Affair also became a rallying point for all French leftists of varying political affiliations As time went on and closer inspection of the case occurred the right wing plot unraveled and science and rationality prevailed Bredin gives a complete picture of the events but sometimes it is too complete Some discussions of political tensions and disruptions in military affairs veer off into barely relevant sidetracks A lot of literary space gets devoted to people with peripheral roles in the central drama so much so that they sometimes overshadow the most important players of the affair So many characters get introduced without any clear explanation of who they are or why they are being mentioned that the narrative gets a little disorienting at times; an appendix with a list of people and what their significance was would have been helpful for maintaining clarity Alfred Dreyfus himself an introverted man with a wooden personality gets buried in the story and details but then again the Dreyfus Affair was never really about him anyways a fact that Bredin does a sufficient job of demonstrating at the end of the book The Affair is a good but very long book and a convincing portrayal of the banality of evil Aside from the societal conflict it portrays it also serves as a good reference point for us in the 21st century The French political situation in the 1890s bears a strong resemblance to America and Europe in 2020 We are faced with a similar political divide that has happened for many of the same reasons As social justice has recently moved into the forefront of American issues we can look back at the Dreyfus Affair to see how progressive values and justice eventually prevailed That victory can also be taken as a warning since it preceded the rise of anti Semitism and eventually fascism during World War II Western society has been through this territory begore and no doubt we will go through it again