READ À The Emperors Fist (Far Stars Book 4)

READ The Emperors Fist (Far Stars Book 4)

READ À The Emperors Fist (Far Stars Book 4) ☆ ✍ The Emperors Fist (Far Stars Book 4) pdf ✎ Author Jay Allan – In this thrilling new installment in the Far Stars saga a reluctant hero with a bloody past must reunite with an old love to battle an evil emperor willing to destroy all their worlds if he cIal conditioning remains under control but it is still volatile and the temptation of power threatens to unleash the dark compulsions that made him the most merciless of the emperor’s servants He cannot risk allowing Astra to see the darkness inside himBut while the battle has been won the war may not be over A petty smuggler makes a discovery that can enable the emperor to strike back and crush the resistance unless Ark and Astra join forces again to stop him. It takes one to beat them Ex Empire soldier re building his life in the Far Stars leads the rag tag bunch of fighters to victory over the evil Empire when it comes calling in the Far Stars


Fight by former imperial general Arkarin Blackhawk a warrior whose skills and brutality made him infamous and who has for two decades sought the redemption he knows is unreachable Now with the imperial foothold in the sector eliminated the Far Stars is free and almost united While Astra’s forces continue to depose local tyrants and warlords Ark and his crew have slipped back into the shadows Though his heart belongs to Astra Ark cannot get too close His imper. Great addition to the Far Stars seriesThe character of Arkarin Blackhawk has matured a lot since the preuel But there are several obstacles to overcome before Blackhawk can rest This book answers many uestions about Blackhawk 's past and introduces us to the Emperor and his desire to rule all of humanityGreat plot and a satisfying ending I hope it will not be the last book in the series

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The Emperors Fist Far Stars Book 4In this thrilling new installment in the Far Stars saga a reluctant The Emperors Epubhero with a bloody past must reunite with an old love to battle an evil emperor willing to destroy all their worlds if he cannot control themWhen the Far Stars came under imperial attack Astra Lucerne the daughter and successor of the Far Stars’ greatest conueror Marshal Augustin Lucerne rallied her father’s confederation forces to defend their worlds They were joined in the. It’s always a pleasure to read one of Jay Allan’s books and this one is no exception It does seem though that the books in this series come few and far between I had to look back to see when I had read book 3 Still I’ll continue reading this series also long as Mr Allan writes themArkarin Blackhawk was back with his old crew aboard the Wolf’s Claw doing what they always did before the war in the Far Stars While that war had ended with considerable help from Blackhawk he didn’t want anything to do with forming a new Confederation He would have been the supreme General in charge of all the Confederations military assets but Arkarin was done with that kind of power Yet his old self Frigus Umbra wasn’t uite done with that kind of lifestyle and he continues to torment Arkarin with thoughts and memories of what he had once been Arkarin was uite comfortable with his old ship and his crew and he wanted things to stay that way And if they did he knew he would never be with his one true love Astra Lucerne She was the Marshall leader of the Confederation and had vowed to get it organized and running as her Father had desiredSo both entities were doing as they desired until the Empire showed up Someone had found a way to get large starship across the great expanse called the Void And that someone was Rachus Denali captain of the Granger He was a rouge trader but one with a uniue skill in navigation that allowed him somehow to cross this great expanse while others got horribly lost Now he was hoping to make his greatest trade of ever He was going to entice the Emperor into buying his navigation invention but the Emperor wanted proof that it worked So Rachus found himself on the bridge of a huge Empire battleship one such ship that was larger than anything ever built in the Far Stars region And behind this behemoth were nine The invasion of the Far Stars was about to happenOnce Arkarin found out about the Imperial starships reaching the Far Stars region and realized that a single one of these huge battleships could destroy the entire Confederation Fleet he didn’t know what to do So if Arkarin doesn’t know how to fight these things then what’s to come of the Confederation Do they surrender to the inevitable or fight until there’s nothing left to fight with That would surely mean the death of Astra Lucerne and possibly even Arkarin Blackhawk Or should he as his crew suggest grab Astra and speed of into the depths of space looking for another place to start all over Good reading and a nice story although I do think the ending was kind of sudden Not sure what’s going to keep the Empire from sending and ships Still I’ll be waiting for the next book in this series