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The Eyre AffairEiner absurden Situation in die nächste geworfen aber die vollkommen glaubwürdige Selbstverständlichkeit mit der sie das alles aufnimmt ist von der ersten bis zur letzten Seite mitreißend Außerdem begeht Fforde nicht den Fehler vieler Fantastikautoren die gerne die Gefühlswelt und die Motivation ihrer Protagonisten vergessen Thursday ist eine junge Frau die ihren eigenen Weg finden möchte und zwischen Karriere und einer eventuellen familiären Bindung hin und her gerissen wird Fazit Alle Freunde von Matt Ruff oder Douglas Adams werden begeistert sein Selten ist die Grenze zwischen Literatur und Wirklichkeit so kunstfertig überschritten worden ein potenzielles Kultbuch Hannes Riffel Buddy read with Jessica Robin Catherine Kristi Asya and Tanya I apologize if I missed somebody; in case I did please let me know and I will add you The book version of mid eighties England is a fine dystopian society The literature is a very serious business time travel is nothing of the ordinary which comes with all the fun and paradoxes and cloning works wonders making people's favorite pets out of these guysThe heroine Thursday Next is a special operative working for literary detection dealing with such heinous crimes as forging of a poem of a classic theft of highly valued original manuscripts and copyright violations What started as fairly unremarkable theft of an original Dickens manuscript turned out to be a work of a criminal mastermind who reminded me of a cross between Lord Voldemort and Dr Evil from Austin Powers movies who will stop at nothing to show the world how evil he is I will give a hint when it comes to being evil he makes Darth Vader look like a daycare thug Thursday soon learns that Lost in a good book is than just a nice sayingThe only reason I rated this book with 3 stars instead of 2 is the discussion with my buddy readers which turned out to be great fun There were some amusing parts and references with I would miss had I read this book by my lonely self As I mentioned there were enough amusing moments in the book to ualify it as belonging to humor genre Unfortunately it was not my type of humor I always found myself unable to laugh at the situations where innocent bystanders are getting killed in amusing ways by the villains while the noble heroes are protected by the plot armor It is all fun and games unless you happened to be that bystander I found the character of Thursday Next to be uite shallow I learned that she suffers from PSD she is a veteran of Crimea War in the book England is still at war with Russia over Crimea which took place between 1853 and 1856 in reality Ask me to name something else about Thursday and I will be at complete loss I mentioned amusing moments They are unfortunately not too noticeable between author's self admiration of how clever his writing is and countless uses of deux ex machina The latter was used so freely and often that I could not see the point of the novel until the second half of it I do admit that some of the complaints I made are related to the fact that this is not my kind of book and I understand people who gave it 5 stars I also admit that I have not read Jane Eyre please don't hurt me and this fact also diminished my enjoyment of it At least it made me read the plot summary of the classic I mentioned This is a good thing right? Right?In the conclusion I would like to thank my buddy readers who made the read much pleasant experience Thank you

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READER º DOC The Eyre Affair 9783423210140 ✓ HELPYOUANTIB Ö ❰PDF❯ ✪ The Eyre Affair Author Jasper Fforde – Der erste Roman um die Kriminalbeamtin Thursday Next spielt in einer Welt in der die Geschichte einige aus unserer Sicht eigenwillige Wendungen genommen hatDer erste Roman um die Kriminalbeamtin Thursday Next spielt in einer Welt in der die Geschichte einige aus unserer Sicht eigenwillige Wendungen genommen hat England führt einen über 100 Jahre währenden Krieg mit dem zaristischen Russland um die Krimhalbinsel die Volksrepublik Wales hat ihre Unabhängigkeit erklärt und der Luftverkehr wird vorzugsweise mit Zeppelinen abgewickelt Außerdem ist Thursday keine gewöhnliche Polizistin Sie arbeitet bei einer Spezialeinheit die nur damit beschäftigt ist die Literatur vor Fälschern zu schützen Die eigentliche Geschichte beginnt mit dem Raub des Originalmanuskripts von Dickens' Martin Chuzzlewit Ein Aufschrei geht durch die Nation und das Lo I read this years ago I think it was back around 2005 or so I remember liking the book fairly well even though I'd never read Jane Eyre and a modest part of the book's plot touches on that story But I also remember being irritated at the book Something made me bristle when I read it Some elements of the storytelling rubbed me the wrong way I remember talking to the person who recommended the book to me I held it book up and said rather disdainfully This is probably really popular isn't it? My friend who worked in a bookstore said that no actually it wasn't all that popular And as soon as she said that I liked the book Thinking back this memory disturbs me And not only because it revealed a disturbing tendency towards the bullshit hipster I only like things nobody else likes mindset Worse than that I think it shows that I was getting a bit twisted up inside because of my inability to get my book published You see by the time 2005 rolled around I'd been working on The Name of the Wind for about 11 years 3 of those years I'd had an agent and had been really really trying to get published And it wasn't going so well Well actually that's not true It was going well because I was on the road to being the published author I am today But I didn't know that in 2005 Back then all I knew is that I wasn't published yet and because of that I was getting a little bitter Well to be fair I was probably than a little bitter I was twisted up enough inside that even the perceived success of a book was enough to make it unpalatable to me Which is a real shame because jump forward to now and I've been listening to the series as an audiobook and enjoying it immensely It's well written and uickly paced There's both humor and wit in ample supply And the world is a delightfully tounge in cheek wish fulfillment alternate earth where the entire populace is passionately engaged in literature There are museums dedicated to authors political parties court the Chaucer block of voters and Baconians go door to door trying to convert people to their philosophy namely that Fredrick Bacon is the man who actually penned the plays credited to Shakespeare Short version If you're a recovering English major or if you're just well read odds are you're going to enjoy this book Ditto if you're a writer provided you're not the sort of twisted up bitter type of writer I was back in 2005

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Ndoner Sonderdezernat wird unter Druck gesetzt den wertvollen Autografen schnellstmöglich wieder herbeizuschaffen Doch Thursday Next wird von einem geheimnisvollen Agenten abgeworben und auf die Spur des Erzschurken Acheron Hades angesetzt Es gelingt ihr Hades zu stellen der jedoch flieht und ihr dabei eine schwere Verletzung zufügt Aber damit nicht genug Alsbald gelingt es Hades in einem blutigen Handstreich das Manuskript von Jane Eyre an sich zu bringen und die Hauptfigur selbst als Geisel zu nehmen Jasper Fforde gelingt es die einem klassischen Kriminalroman nachgebildete Handlung und die fantastischen Aspekte seines Buches souverän im Gleichgewicht zu halten Thursday Next wird von This book may describe my perfect job goal to be able to enter a book and meet the characters ensuring they are following the author's original intentions and not on the loose due to some sort of villain How amazing would that be? Awesome kick start to this series I read the first 4 then started to get a little disenchanted but I'll go back one day All book lovers need to give this first one a chance you'll undoubtedly love and hate parts of it