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Enchanted doc × 288 pages ✓ ❰Read❯ ➲ Enchanted Author Janine Ashbless – Helpyouantib.co.uk Three top authors writing three erotic fairytalesBear Skin Hazel is whisked away from her tedious job and humdrum life by the mysterious Arailt to be his lover 'for a year and a day without reason and Three top authors writing three erThree top authors writing three erotic fairytalesBear Skin Hazel is whisked away from her tedious job and humdrum life by the mysterious Arailt to be his lover 'for a year and a day without reason and without uestion' The only problem is there is to Arailt than meets the eye much The Three Riddles The elves they say know the secrets of events but The beginning was just like a fairytale girl is bored of her monotonous life and gets rescued by a bear Then we have a little snag in what looks like an actual plot and now girl has to save man She achieves this by being used as a human toilet being spanked become an adult model have anal sex basically become a cumbucket The only thing I found offensive was that this story has a lot of similarities with Die wahre Braut or The True Bride a fairytale of a woman who gets saved from her bad life by a white Lion She falls in love with a man and has to rescue him from an evil troll She offers 3 gifts which are stored in magical nuts and for each gift she gets to spend one night with her husband who has forgotten who she isThe characters are flat remove the smut and the narrative is basically stolen For me this was not erotic or sensual it was like reading a screenplay for a porn flic If you want to read a real erotic fantasy novel I suggest Kushiel Trilogy by Jacueline Carey

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For in a maid and the decadent couple soon embroil the young women in their erotic games But then strange things begin happening in the grounds of their Gothic manor house Local people tell of fairies goblins and unnamable creatures and there are stories about a girl with an uncanny resemblance to Katia who disappeared almost a hundred years befor I have tried twice to finish this book but I get stuck at the second story For whatever reason it cannot draw me in and so I can't finish it Shelving this as DNF with no plans to revisit it in the near future Note that my 2 star review is based solely on the one story I read and marked down because the rest of the book couldn't keep me Including my brief review of the only story in it I finished Bear Skin Overall it was an enjoyable story but I had a problem with the tasks that Hazel had to perform in order to get to Arailt; it's a personal preference of mine and it diminished my enjoyment of the story

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EnchantedThe ueen has no time for superstitions Ignoring the warnings she deserts her childhood love Sir Thomas for a darkly charismatic foreign duke As her kingdom crumbles she longs for her lost love but can she risk her country on a whimThe People in the Garden The beguiling Katia seems to be everything the Count and Countess Malinovsky could ever hope Utterly un erotic and only dubiously aligned with fairy tale tropes this collection is a fail all the way around How exactly does a writer go about making these topics dull How exactly do three writers do thisI am not in a habit of obtaining erotic fiction but if this is a standard example of the work from Black Lace Publishers yeeeah I'll be never spending money thereBear Skin by Janine AshblessBeauty and the Beast Cupid and Psyche mashup Female character associated with books and bookselling These were the only positive aspects of the story Also strong theme of female submissionThe Three Riddles by Olivia KnightOriginal fairy tale featuring politics political marriage sex outside of marriage sex with than one partner aka dating jewelry humbled pride sexual dominance both genders and uests Oh and elves All of these were significant plot pointsThe People in the Garden by Leonie MartelNo relation at all to any kind of fairy tale Kind of steampunk; Russian flair Again with the dominance themes; mild sexual games this time That's three for three in this collection if you're counting