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reader ê Beauty the Beasts ☆ Paperback ↠ helpyouantib ✓ ❰PDF❯ ✩ Beauty the Beasts Author Janice Kay Johnson – Beauty The Beasts by Janice Kay Johnson released on Aug 25 1997 is available now for purchase Beauty the Beasts by Janice Kay Johnson released oS available now for purchase I really hate leaving books half way through But this is what I exactly did with this book I found this book predictable common and boring

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Kay Johnson released on Augi For me this story was way too slow By the time I got to chapter six I wanted to toss it However I didn't and kept reading and while I did like the hero and heroine character there whole life stories were boring as all get out

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Beauty the BeastsBeauty The Beasts by Janice This book is kind of a seuel to What She Wants for Christmas the hero is the partner of Teresa in a veterinarian clinic and he's uite handsome and a ladies man Eric is also divorced and has a twelve year old son who lives with his mother and who has been acting weird lately ever since telling him that his ex wife is getting married Eric fears his son doesn't want to visit him this summer and like all divorced parents worries about his son and the time he spends with himThe heroine comes to his clinic asking for his services at a cat shelter she works at he agrees and asks her out she refuses The heroine is stunning but she hates her looks because she feels that is all people see when they look at her When she was younger her mother made her model etc and she felt commodified and she shares a cool relationship with a lot of hidden anger at her part with her mother who is coming to visitThey start dating Eric knows she is skittish so he takes it slow but we see the heroine feeling insecure at every step wondering that when he says she is pretty etc if it means that is the only reason he is with herWe also see Eric's troubled son Garth who feels unwanted and scared because his mom is now marriedI enjoyed the book for several reasons mainly because I felt it had depth We see the heroine struggling with her looks and her past and also find out that her mother wasn't really a villain and over the course of the book we see them work things through I also liked the hero a lot he was hurt when the heroine kind of put a stop to things but he self examines a lot and goes back over his dating history to try and examine if it is only beauty that is pulling him towards the heroine I really liked how sweet he was with her and even his struggles to understand his pre teen son were great I have to admit I enjoyed the romance a lot and even though I don't have cats I liked how they starred in the book