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Download The Dark Inside Book à 165 pages ß ❴KINDLE❵ ❅ The Dark Inside Author Jane Hartshorn – Emma is beginning to uestion her own sanity Every night during sleep paralysis she is taken to a dark place where ethereal shadows descend upon her But when Emma starts to have precognitive visions T she is the last and that the war that has raged for almost ten years may be coming to an end Death had closed the door for the others this time would not be any differentIn just three days all that she believed about mankind will be changed foreve This book gives me mixed feelings I loved the plot but I was distracted by the narrative The story is told from three sometimes different points of view I have read stories with similar narrative but this one was hard to follow at times I found myself confused as to who was experiencing what so I had to go back and re read parts to make sure I got the right idea I was very intrigued as to where the author was taking the story I think the plot was very well done The small hints of how the characters relate to each other drove me crazy in a good way I like books that keep the mystery going till the end I hope the next book of this series has a defined narrative and is easier to follow The story picked my interest enough to want to read

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Emma is beginning to uestion her own sanity Every night during sleep paralysis she is taken to a dark place where ethereal shadows descend upon her But when Emma starts to The Dark Kindle have precognitive visions that are leading to the deaths of I really wanted to like this book but I found it really choppy and hard to follow I didn't feel like I could engage with any of the characters because as soon as my attention with one of them was semi grasped it skipped to someone else The beginning was extremely hard to get my head around but I didn't find it evened out at all till the very end Like I said I really wanted to like this because the story basis was interesting in itself I just found it too vague and choppy which left me with unanswered uestions and confusion I received this from the author for an honest review LoP

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The Dark InsideEveryone that gets close her world is turned upside downAfter her first vision Jack West knows there is another like him knows that he has to get to her before the darkness breaks through which will lead to living hell on earthDarien is certain tha WARNING CONAINS SPOILERSWow where to startThe synopsis held such promise I shelved the book as to read and then got the chance to read and review it through GoodreadsAfter getting to chapter 2 I was totally disappointed The execution was pathetic I could tell Hartshorn was attempting to add drama and romance near the middle but all attempts were in my opinion too little too lateThe storyline was lacking hardly any background to characters made everything very disjointed I literally had to will myself through it and I'm NOT a picky reader generally but this book was something elseHartshorn attempted love at first sight with Darien and Emma but in light of everything else just happening it fell short Hardly any background on him or his world or his past I really didn't like it I wanted to though so badly Emma too was portrayed as weak and then suddenly found strength very unbelievable in the way the story was written She suddenly finds purpose to her life when she learns she has to die Who was Valia How did she fit into the story with Darien and Jack What where was this world she was is trapped inAlso so little time was spent on her being lonely wondering about sole mates and then suddenly Darien shows up and the storyline angles him as her sole mate #eyeroll She's moved to tears as they have to part Argh All in all I found it lacking on every level