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Hers toward her he was unfailingly cold and businesslikeWhat had she done to earn his displeasure? Why was he determined to make her life a misery A Jane Corrie Hero who is not a sociopath He actually had a conscience and loyalty he wasn't humble by any stretch but a vast improvement from some of her i love u and i'll peel u like a grape and wear your skin if u ever leave me type Heroes The heroine was another typical JC cutout from every other book she's ever written and of course your usual forced secretarial services Some slut shaming was involved but not from the Hero from the heroine which was a welcome change Most misunderstandings and evil OW were eliminated early on Most memorable part for me Hero force kissing after she called him Pop to make him feel the 15 year age difference between them

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Tasmanian TangleTanya had always loved Kade PlayerTanya Hume had idolized her father's business manager Kade Player As a child she'd been rebuffed by his obvious The heroThe heroineGreat world building in this one Enjoyed the uniue setting of a farm on the island of Tasmania I can think of only one other HPlandia foray into TasmaniaIt was highly satisfying to see the snorkel nosed viper OW being shown the door by the hero at her first offense especially in a genre where OWs especially the speshul secretary kind have total impunity Nevertheless the hero remained a donkey's butt for the majority of the story with nary a grovel including the last scene where he commands the heroine to marry him instead of begging her on bent knees Given the sad history of her own mother who was so unhappy because she was dominated by her well meaning but totally oblivious older husband this did not really bode well I will remember this one for view spoilerthe Big Seekret Shame of the heroine finding out from the merciless OW that ten years before when the heroine was still a child her mother went gaga over the young hero when he started working at their farm as an apprentice to heroine's father The hero was NOT interested in becoming a big fat adultering cheater especially not with the wife of his employer The heroine's mother stalked him obsessively until he finally threatened to take a horsewhip to her to get the message to leave him alone This is what precipitated the heroine's mother leaving her husband and taking herself and her daughter back to England Now the heroine will marry the guy who was the object of her mother's lust and the instrument of her total and very public humiliation Yuck Poor poor heroine hide spoiler

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EPUB ☆ MOBI Tasmanian Tangle í 9780373023356 ê ✻ [BOOKS] ✯ Tasmanian Tangle By Jane Corrie ❅ – Helpyouantib.co.uk Tanya had always loved Kade PlayerTanya Hume had idolized her father's business manager Kade Player As a child she'd been rebuffed by his obvious disinterest Now on her return to the Disinterest Now on her return to the farm after her father's death she hoped things would be differentBut Kade could be kind and sympathetic to ot Our heroine is a young recently orphaned 20 year old woman who looks like her mother Her mother made an inappropriate pass at the hero ten years before and left the fruit plantation taking the ten year old heroine with her Now the heroine is back to find the hero as hostile as ever and part owner of her inheritance Hero tells her she has to stay for six months to learn the fruit business and then he'll let her go Heroine agrees because she's always been in love with heroAnd then not a lot happensview spoilerThey take tours of the farm There's a spiteful secretary who wants to be the OW but she's fired for her pains They go to a fruit conference and a dance The hero kisses the heroine and tells her to grow up several times Her mother's friend comes for her and takes her to Oregon Hero follows HEA hide spoiler