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Welcome To Hell Letters and Writings from Death RowEspite their harsh isolated and traumatic environment As Sister Helen Prejean writes in her foreword Take this guided tour through Hell guided by those who should know To Hell Letters and Writings PDFEPUBthe prisoners themselves This is a book that speaks from the heart to the heart Hopes fears anguish desolation anger — they're all here There isn't a page that doesn't make us laugh cry or shout This book is their story — the story of those cast aside by society Not human like we are Come and see for yourself. An interesting look at correspondence between prisoners on Death Row and their outside pen pals As people vote to decide the fate of death row prisoners in California and other states I am definitely thinking of how many different perspectives were presented in Welcome to Hell Unlike the non profit that put this book together I am not against the death penalty because its taking a life I'm against the death penalty because I am against the state its justice system and its prisons One of the worst stories was one man talking about how he had finally come to peace and was ready than ready for his life to end They moved him to the death cell where he said he felt euphoric about dying Then after he had finished his last meal an officer came in and told him it wasn't going to happen after all He felt like he had just been smashed in the face with sledgehammer and cried all the way back to his cell

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Ion these remarkable letters reveal the human side of capital To Hell Letters and Writings PDFEPUBpunishment The second edition includes new chapters that focus in particular on how inmates knowing that the only realistic alternative to death is a life sentence without parole cope with long periods of imprisonment in To Hell Letters PDF #197 a hostile system that remorselessly seeks to take their lives The additional material also gives insight into the ways in which death row prisoners flower as human beings d. One of the uickest reads to date lately I have always been fascinated with prison and crime and certainly death row Here in the uk I have worked in the police and prison service obviously it differs massively to that of the USA and its justice system I have always been open minded on prisoners and while educated enough by life itself to know they can often be some of the most manipulative humans on earth they are not all the same much as those not in prison Each person has a story no matter their living circumstance and this book is an example of stories that while do not justify violence sometimes explain how murders occurred and in other ways show those with little understanding that those in prison are not all evil There's so much to prison and all that it is than just 'bad' humans as some people like to think This is one of the most thought provoking books I have ever read and it did reduce me to tears I always thought I was on the fence with the death penalty and never sure which way I swayed on opinion but the I read and learn the I think perhaps I sway towards not agreeing with it I mean what does it solve Nothing And how can it be ok for one human to pick and chose when another dies That is surely giving a human the go ahead to act as 'god' Although god isn't someone I believe in myself but you get my meaning I do not see what is to be gained for anyone by treating any living being in a cruel torturous manner I certainly wouldn't get anything from doing that I certainly see many floors in the system that in this modern day age surely need addressing I've never been one to rant on about race to me a human is a human and that's all there is to it However given the emphasis on race in America and the history of the slave era etc I think it needs to be imperative if the death penalty remains that a mixture of races are ALWAYS on the jury It cannot possibly be a fair trial any other way

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Free download Welcome To Hell Letters and Writings from Death Row ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Û [Read] ➫ Welcome To Hell Letters and Writings from Death Row Author Jan Arriens – Consisting of letters and other writings from inmates to members of LConsisting Hell Letters and Writings MOBI #207 of letters and Hell Letters PDF #10003 other writings from inmates to members of LifeLines an organization of pen friends based in the United Kingdom Welcome to Hell vividly conveys daily life on death row Ranging from simple descriptions of cockroach races and a typewriter repaired with rubber bands and a toothbrush to profoundly affecting glimpses into Welcome To PDFEPUB or horrific abusive childhoods to elouent emotionally powerful statements about facing execut. Well worth reading we picked this up at a library book sale and it was very interesting I found it amazing just how many men on death row seem to come to a real understanding of themselves their crimes if admittedly guilty and their spirituality This book was touching and also angering as it makes clear just how wrong capital punishment is in terms of wasting human life