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read Kiss the Girls kindle ✓ Paperback ï james patterson ã ❮Reading❯ ➷ Kiss the Girls Author James Patterson – In Los Angeles a reporter investigating a series of murders is killed In Chapel Hill North Carolina a beautiful medical intern suddenly disappears In WasEr case ever Two clever pattern killers are collaborating cooperating competing and they are working coast to coast Alex Cross is a cop A damn good cop He's 6'3 tall taut with muscles and strikingly handsome He's a doctor too A damn good doctor A psychologist to the slum kids His washboard stomach gleams in the afternoon light as he plays Nora Jones and Coltrane on his piano stroking his children's heads with his other arms The phone rings and he wonders if it's the FBI again offering him that job running the DC police He lets it ring again and again and again He really doesn't have time for the FBI Because he's a damn good father tooWhat utter utter utter trashAs in Like Water For Elephants every character in this Mills Boon spinoff action novel is beautiful perfect confident doubt and flaw less cultured smart handsome and wears a sixpack Every honorable character knows the right thing to do when to do it how to do it why it needs to be done Like the black belt karate expert Cormac McCarthy reading academic honors med student model who's kidnapped and repeatedly raped by a serial killer then falls 30 yards into a shallow rocky stream and hours later joins the FBI on the killer's manhunt What sniveling pathetic horrid trashPicked this up hoping for a complex and addictive Dragon Tattoo thriller or perhaps even some cheap and fun David Goodis styled pulp but no This was Mills Boon trash

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In Los Angeles a reporter investigating a series of murders is killed In Chapel Hill North Carolina a beautiful me Okay I am getting hooked on Alex Cross and may now have to read this series straight through I really enjoy the pace of these books the way each short chapter jumps straight to the next so the reader has no opportunity to put the book down I read this one in one day staying up far too late in order to finish it and loved every minute of it There is a lot of violence against women in it that is its main theme after all since the murderers are insane rapists So if that kind of stuff offends you then do not read it Otherwise I recommend Alex Cross to anyone who enjoys a good murder mystery

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Kiss the GirlsDical intern suddenly disappears In Washington DC Alex Cross is back to solve the most baffling and terrifying murd If this is what some people consider beach reading they should drown themselvesIf I could scrub clean that part of my brain where the stench of this novel resides I would While Patterson probably applauds himself for coming up with something as clever as an underground lair and the device of two serial rapistmurderers working together every other aspect of this book I have to call it a book which is a four letter word and refers to something that is written but can also be used as a doorstop is goofy stupid and formulaic Two things are very clear 1 Patterson thinks Duke is the only university in the piedmont uuuuuuuugh and 2 he can’t write a love scene – in fact I’ve never been so turned off by the written words of love Ever