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Download Tai Pan Author James Clavell Book é 734 pages ✓ ❮EPUB❯ ✻ Tai Pan Author James Clavell – An Alternate Cover of this edition can be found hereSet in the turbulent days of the founding of Hong Kong in the 1840s Tai Pan is the story of Dirk Struan the ruler the Tai Pan of Ry of Dirk Struan the ruler the Tai Pan of the most powerful trading company in the Far East He is also a pirate an opium smuggler and I've read this before really liked it but it is even better as an audio book Incredible really John Lee has great accents intonations really makes the book come aliveClavell is most famous for Shōgun the first of his Asian series which was made into a mini series starring Richard Chamberlain It was excellent takes place about 25 centuries earlier in Japan Tai Pan is about the founding of Hong Kong about 1840 takes place over a period of 6 months It was made into a movie in the mid 80's but wasn't nearly as good Too much was left out a movie just can't capture Dirk StruanDirk Struan is uite possibly my favorite heroic figure in fiction He comes from the early Victorian culture Clavell does an excellent job contrasting attitudes Where the rest of the British believe their culture is far superior to the 'heathen Chinese' Struan has adopted many of the Chinese customs that make sense to him He rejects others to the dismay of his mistress the resulting dialog is often hilarious especially with John Lee's fantastic reading Through it all Dirk Struan strides like a giant He's just a man but he dominates those around him disparate cultures cut throat business murky politics through sheer nerve will intelligence He's open handed with those less fortunate the devil himself to those who wrong him or hisThe historical aspect of all Clavell's books is also really interesting The broad strokes are accurate such as why the opium trade exists Hong Kong is so important The people events are mostly fictional though I'm not sure how accurate his portrayal of the culture is but don't really care It certainly came alive immersed me Best of all was the way he managed to compare contrast the cultures For instance people are basically bought sold by the Chinese Americans British yet they each think the others are awful in the way they do it The differences in medicine politics business religion sex every day life are extraordinary He does a great job of bringing alive alien concepts such as 'face'similar to reputation 'joss' a sort of luckkarmafate mix John Lee narrates Gai Jin Noble House too I'll be listening to both soon since they're continuations of this story David Case narrates Shōgun King Rat neither of which is tied closely to the Noble House although all are part of Clavell's Asian Saga Whirlwind the last of the series another of the Noble House novels isn't owned by my library unfortunately I'm going to try to find it else whereHere is the Wikipedia entry for Clavell's Asian Saga contains spoilers novel can't recommend this book highly enough especially read by Lee I think it's 25 hours long so would be perfect for a long trip Beware you might just keep driving so you can finish it

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An Alternate Cover of this edition can be found hereSet in the turbulent days of the founding of Hong Kong in the s Tai Pan is the sto A masterful work from an extremely talented storytellerTruth be told I think this was better written than Shōgun even though I actually liked the 1975 book set in Japan better Tai Pan is streamlined focused on its subject and narrativeTai Pan was Clavell’s second book first published in 1966 and is coincidentally also the second chronological book in his Asian saga of books Shogun was his third published book but first in chronological order It was an immediate best seller and fan favoriteSet in the budding village of Hong Kong in 1841 this is a historical fiction about that time and place and its place in the socio economic world of that time as much as it is a character study about the Tai Pan – Dirk StruanTai Pan is a title the leader strong man big man on campus – of the richest trading company on Hong Kong Struan is shown to be a master manipulator of men and a bold and clever strategist And he was also a pirate opium smuggler adulterer strong arm and all around badass Clavell reveals our central protagonist to be an alpha male’s male that would make Ted Nugent look like Wallace ShawnClavell’s narrative describes international intrigue romance violence and a keen eye for the historically relevant for this period piece Like all of the Asian saga stories in his canon the dominant element is the contrast between western and eastern cultures with a sympathetic tone towards the oriental and ultimately about how the synergistic combination of cultures creates a prosperous resultHighly entertaining and recommended

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Tai Pan Author James ClaveA master manipulator of men This is the story of his fight to establish himself and his dynasty as the undisputed masters of the Orie Tai Pan is an excellent historical fiction about the early days of Hong Kong and British Chinese trade Technically taking place in the same slightly alt timeline of Shogun Tai Pan easily on its own merits and truth be told has little to no direct linkages to the events in Shogun It is a wide ranging story about Western trade interests in China and the establishment of Hong Kong as a British colonyThe story is told through a wide array of POV characters giving the reader a well rounded view of their motivations passions agendas and blind spots that would otherwise be absent if told in a different manner There aren't really good guys and bad guys except you know Imperialism just competing interests and agendas We see things from both British perspectives as well as a Chinese ones each with their own uniue view on the matters at hand and a diverse range of opinion within each respective camp Like in Shogan Clavell allows all sides to have good reason to pursue the agendas they do and he avoids any cliched portrayal of characters Western or AsianI found the story itself gripping and the plot turns both compelling and unexpected I was engrossed the entire time and sad to see the journey come to an end Like Shogun the characters were so vividly portrayed ending the book was like saying good bye to real people If you enjoy historical fictions and morally ambiguous characters acting during a pivotal moment in history you could do much worse than Tai Pan