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Slow Love A Polynesian Pillow Book review ¸ eBook or Kindle ePUB ¹ ❰EPUB❯ ✶ Slow Love A Polynesian Pillow Book Author James N. Powell – Just as you see of Nature when you are uiet you discover of your own sexual emotional depths when you become still In Slow Love A PolyneDing up to create large waves that encompass the entire body and bring enormous pleasure and happinessFor several years James N Powell has been changing the way the Japanese make love as part of a government effort to boost Japan's declining population His secret Slow Sex Here he suggests that just as you see of nature when you are uiet you'll discover of your own sexualemotional depths when you become still Spirituality Health Magazine MayJun. I enjoyed Slow Love for the candid sensible notion that sexuality in itself should not only be enjoyed but become thoroughly savored as well A good example of this slow savoring is when one places something sweet in the mouth and savors the tastes for the enjoyment rather than scarfing it down in hunger This book provides practical and thorough solutions for couples that are longing for the '' in the bedroom Slow Love also compares our naturalistic state of mind to that of the Polynesian tribal Natives who are still embedded in the natural beauty of the earth The beauty of nature shines in tribal peoples immersed nature because they are not yet encased in the modern sense of technology It is proven that when modern man strays further from his natural state he tends to forget what he was called to be This state of naturalism is then forgotten in the purpose of making love in a savored manor which we were made to do Sexuality was made to enjoy and to enjoy its beauty in slow passion

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A Polynesian PDFEPUB #231 Just as you see of Nature when you are uiet you discover of your own Slow Love PDFEPUBsexual emotional depths when you become still In Slow Love A Polynesian Pillow Book you will Love A Polynesian PDF #180 discover a pacific unifying approach to passion James N Powell's writings on Polynesian lovemaking have been warmly embraced in Japan where they sparked the Polynesian sex vogue Inspired by Powell's writings Hiroyuk. Have you heard of the Slow Food movement where people get together and take time to prepare a lovely meal This is slow love where people take time to enjoy a gentle feast of passion This is a beautiful beautiful book that can be read in one sitting or outloud to your partner over a lifetimeIt's actually about how meditation can improve intimacy and love making Of course honest communication is also essentialI can certainly see why James N Powell's writings have inspired a slow love sexual revolution in Japan now spreading worldwideHe's an expert in teachings of sacred sexuality from the traditions of Polynesia China and IndiaHe writes about Love in a warm sensitive and caring wayI'm going to get down to the nitty gritty and attempt to explain what I think he's talking about in my own wordsThere's two kinds of orgasm An outy or an inny I think women have mostly innys and men usually have outysAn outy is the typical ejaculative explosion An inny is intense lasts longer and feels even better An inny does not leave you exhausted and you can have than one at a timeAn inny builds energy inside of you and really charges that internal battery Without calling it that Powell gives easy to follow directions to have innys and thus greater overall pleasure in your lifeThe next book by Powell on Polynesian Love is going to be written by readers responding to this book another great ideaVisit his website PolynesianLovecom

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Slow Love A Polynesian Pillow BookI Itsuki Japan's uber author and Buddhist thinker penned two volumes on South Seas sensuality Also Kunio Kitamura Head of Japan's Family Planning Association enthusiastically promotes Powell's thoughts on Polynesian style passion as a way for couples to deepen sexual sensitivity and fulfillment He writes Polynesian sexinvolves taking a long timeandallows energy in the form of weak electromagnetic waves similar to the concept of ki to flow buil. This is a great book It's about the sensualitysexuality of Polynesian cultures and how we can bring this into our own lives James's writing is poetic and evokes vivid images of the islands and its peoples He gives exercises to try that make it easyMy favorite line so far Simply by sensing your natural breathing you can become your own tropical island For the waves of your breath gently kiss an inner shore an inner paradise that is utterly silent and tranuil I could totally see and feel thisI highly recommend it