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White JazzAs bait a bad cop to draw the heat and the heat's coming from all sides from local politicians from LAPD brass from racketeers and drug kingpins all of them hell bent on keeping their own secrets hidden For Klein forty two and going on dead it's dues timeKlein tells his own story his voice clipped sharp of Lieutenant Dave Klein is not a nice man In fact he’s as crooked a cop as one is likely to find He's a slumlord a bagman an occasional hitman and a clever schemer His newest case is an investigation involving the breaking and entering of drug kingpin’s home His investigation will lead him to be officially on everyone’s list as his past is catching up to him and for every friend he’s made through his actions he’s made a ton enemies I think it is safe to say that as a whole Ellroy’s LA uartet is one of the best series I’ve ever read It is an excellent set of detective stories and a wonderful tale of corruption While each book is a stand alone story they all build upon each other with little details mentioned in one book and coming back in another Characters come and go and we see LA change from the early 40s and into the 50s The series is a masterpiece and White Jazz brings it I’m pleased to say to a satisfying close I just wish I liked the damn book because it irritated the hell out of me Don’t get me wrong the story is pretty great As with all of Ellroy’s novels be prepared to make notes if you want to catch everything that happens as people come and go for 200 pages without a mention and then pop up and you’re supposed to remember them despite only appearing on one or two pages That’s not the problem at least not for me no the problem is the stylistic choice Ellroy chose for this one When I made my first update for the book it went like this“Okay Ellroy I know I said that The Big Nowhere was overwritten I’m sorry I won’t say it again Now could you please PLEASE use complete sentences again I would really appreciate itSame paragraph as above but written in the style of White JazzSorry Ellroy Was wrong Big Nowhere overdone Won’t repeat More words Appreciated“ In other words uick sentences Cut out words Needles Fill in blanks On own I genuinely considered writing my entire review in this style just to show how frustrating it was but couldn’t pull it off So sure points to Ellroy; it is artistic in its own way and he managed to write a 354 page novel in this style and that’s pretty damn impressive I’m sure some people really found this clever it does certainly keep the pace uick and put you into our lead's paranoid and on the run state of mind and enjoyed it but I found myself rereading lines just to figure out what the hell was happening This is a shame as plotwise I found this to be one of the cleverer books in the series Honestly I would have given up despite my investment in the series if I hadn’t been so intrigued by where he was taking the story view spoilerand wanting to know what would happen to DUDLEY FUCKING SMITH hide spoiler

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Los Angeles Killings beatings bribes shakedowns it's standard procedure for Lieutenant Dave Klein LAPD He's a slumlord a bagman an enforcer a power in his own small corner of hell Then the Feds announce a full out investigation into local police corruption and everything goes haywireKlein's been hung out This conclusion to James Ellroy’s LA uartet is just as wholesome and uplifting as the previous three books with his usual cast of characters such as corrupt cops gangsters hustlers blackmailers shakedown artists bag men thieves junkies drug dealers dog killers whores johns pimps peepers perverts panty sniffers and politicians Oh and most of them are killers racist andor incestuous as a bonus and that includes the hero of the novelIt's 1958 and LAPD Lieutenant Dave Klein is a busy guy In addition to his police duties he’s also a lawyer a slumlord and he does the occasional contract murder for hire Klein gets assigned to investigate a weird break in and vandalism at the home of a police sanctioned drug dealer but with an ambitious US Attorney sniffing around the LAPD trying to build a corruption case it seems a bad time to be drawing attention to that particular rotten apple Klein also takes a side gig from Howard Hughes investigating an actress who left him to star in a B horror movie about communist space vampires and he’d love to start chasing down a gang who pulled off a daring robbery of a fortune in furs to get a piece of their action However Klein soon finds himself in the middle of a living nightmare which pull his loyalties in multiple directions and as the crimes pile up it’ll take a miracle to keep him from ending up in jail or the morgueThe last two novels of the LA uartet each used a trio of bad men doing bad things as their main characters and Ellroy very consciously breaks the format here by making Dave Klein the solo lead and a first person narrator This seems kind of like a call back to the structure of Black Dahlia and gives the conclusion a intimate and personal feel but it also seems like it doesn’t uite fit As usual when things really start going off the rails Ellroy has his lead running around like a maniac both committing and investigating crimes while constantly making and betraying alliances that further his own agenda for the moment When you have three characters doing this they can share the load and have them in various levels of trouble By having only Klein to put in the soup it really stretches credibility too far to think that he wouldn’t have been arrested or killed about halfway through the book and it certainly doesn’t seem like anyone would deal with him after the third or fourth time he’s double crossed themEllroy also advanced the clipped sentence fragmentstream of consciousness style he’d been building to new levels and in fact he probably pushed it too far in this one LA Confidential has a flow to it that works whereas White Jazz too often veers into near gibberish It’s a problem that shows up in other Ellroy novels too When he’s got this style on a leash he can really take it for a walk but when it gets away from him it runs wild and devolves into near self parodyProbably my biggest disappointment with this is that it just doesn’t seem to deliver on the promise of the ending that LA Confidential pointed towards That built to where it felt like the final book had to be an all out war between two of the characters left standing By bringing in a new character with the LAC angles only coming into play late in the game it doesn’t have the epic climax to the entire story I was hoping forIt’s still a solid Ellroy novel but it doesn’t uite deliver on the potential of what came before

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White Jazz Epub ☆ å James ellroy å [KINDLE] ❅ White Jazz ❥ James Ellroy – Helpyouantib.co.uk Los Angeles 1958 Killings beatings bribes shakedowns it's standard procedure for Lieutenant Dave Klein LAPD He's a slumlord a bagman an enforcer a power in his own small corner of hell Then the Feds a Los Angeles KillingsTen as brutal as the events he's describing taking us with him on a journey through a world shaped by monstrous ambition avarice and perversion It's a world he created but now he'll do anything to get out of it aliveFierce riveting and honed to a razor edge White Jazz is crime fiction at its most shatterin When I was reading them each entry in the LA uartet was my favorite book Kinda awe inspiring to watch James Ellroy move from a style your 11th grade English teacher might have described as economical to a one so determinedly spare it makes Hemingway seem profligate 'Long about LA Confidential we see him start to use sentences like Bud soft and I started to love things about the English language I'd forgotten about like how having too many words means you don't need as many rules as you think you do Hey folks'll figure it out if they want to Black Dahlia and LA Confidential got the big screen treatment but The Big Nowhere and White Jazz will be the ones I re read All the novels are about obsession about guys trying to make the world good by being bad about Ellroy slowly killing the things he hates about people and about himself His characters look like him they act like him they probably uote him By The Big Nowhere book 2 things have already become so bizarre and unlikely that it feels like Ellroy has lost control of his process that he is perhaps so angry and lousy with self loathing that his characters have literally become ravenous animals who are cannibalizing themselves and returns are already diminishing So it's cool to read LA Confidential book 3 which introduces Ellroy as a great writer capable of holding an ensemble cast of obsessed bad men in stasis with each other for almost an entire decade It's abstract and it's vicious though not as vicious as TBN but it's pretty restrained for all that White Jazz book 4 is not; we get corruption murder and incest damn near from the giddy up and I was uestioning the humanity of anyone to sport an LAPD badge by page 25 Can't decide if that's what Jimmy actually wants or not He pals around with a lot of cops seems like and his author's photos always make him look like a Nazi fresh from the Alps But he's conflicted right Conflicted guys write books right If conflict wasn't interesting goodreads would just have a bunch of manuals on it