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ePub Á mobi The Game of Lives · 9780385741439 è [EPUB] ✾ The Game of Lives ❃ James Dashner – Helpyouantib.co.uk Michael used to live to gameNow the games he was playing have become all too real Only weeks ago Sinking into the Sleep was fun The VirtNet combined the most cutting edge technology and the mosPassion But now every time Michael Sinks he risks his lifeThe games are over The VirtNet has become a The Game PDF or world of deadly conseuences and Kaine grows stronger by the day The Mortality Doctrine Kaine’s master plan has nearly been realized and little by littl I generally don't write reviews but this was the first book that I have ever given 1 to Granted I did not love the first two books in the series but they were better than this The references to the code and coding just irked me I Loved the Maze Runner books part of the reason I gave this series a shot but after finishing the Rule of Thoughts about a year ago I was very underwhelmed I found myself cranking the read speed on my audible app to x3 just to get through it faster Not because I was enjoying it but because I wanted it to be over so I could move on If you want a good Tech Thriller read Daemon by Daniel Saurez If you want a fun video game adventure with alot of intrigue Ready Player One This series just did not do it for me Closest I have ever been to a DNF But I'm stubborn and always finish what I start

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Michael used to live to gameNow the games he was playing have become all too real Only weeks ago Sinking into the Sleep was fun The VirtNet combined the most cutting edge technology and the most sophisticated gaming for a full mind body experience And it was Michael’s My feeling with any Dasher series that I've read is that he can't sustain the story His first books are great and the rest just seem to fall apart

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The Game of LivesE the line separating the virtual from the real is blurring If Kaine succeeds it will mean worldwide cyber domination And it looks like Michael and his friends are the only ones who can put the monster back in the box if Michael can figure out who his friends really are Few people have a legitimately brilliant mind but the seeds of genius were always evident in James Dashner and his Mortality Doctrine trilogy had perhaps the greatest potential of any series he wrote The line between reality and fiction is so blurred in these novels that the two are indistinguishable gaming technology having advanced to the point that we're left uestioning the authenticity of our life experiences Are our joys and sorrows our own the purely organic result of the decisions we make the people we hurt or bless through our actions Or could they be the elaborate imaginings of a loftier mind or a mind eual or inferior to ours but with a vantage point so much higher than we can perceive that we have no hope of ever sensing its presence of realizing that our lives are only the whimsical storytelling of an external creative mind Are we real people sprung inexplicably to life from the ether of our universe or just characters whose maddening inability to permanently change our core ualities when we want to can be blamed on ultimate control belonging to a higher entity that pulls our strings and commands us to dance and we have no choice but to obey True reality—whatever that may be if it empirically exists—is always in doubt in the Mortality Doctrine series and as the plot progresses through The Eye of Minds then The Rule of Thoughts and proceeds to its finale in The Game of Lives pressure mounts with the certainty that mega revelations are set to detonate the world we think we know How profoundly can James Dashner shock us between the covers of a novel We're about to discover the answer It's a miracle life Don't you think A group of cells reproducing with such precision that they become what you are today A full grown person walking talking running jumping eating dancing sleeping —Kaine The Game of Lives P 200 Despondent as Michael Sarah and Bryson were at the conclusion of the previous book when their attempt to destroy the Tangent Kaine's central programming failed and they were instead set up to wreck the VirtNet Security VNS online system The Rule of Thoughts did not end with them in jail Under orders from Michael's Tangent childhood nanny Helga Sarah's parents broke into lockup and freed the three hacker teens spiriting them to safety among Helga and her underground coalition of Tangents dedicated to defeating Kaine's Mortality Doctrine experiment Like Kaine Helga and her cohorts have downloaded themselves into human bodies so they can be active in the real world but unlike Kaine they have no intention of permanently taking over their host bodies The mind of every person ejected from his or her body and replaced by a Tangent—including Jackson Porter whom Michael was downloaded into by Kaine to kickstart the Mortality Doctrine program—is fully intact in a virtual storage colony called the Hive and Helga promises they will be returned to their bodies as soon as Kaine's agenda is upended Very little of this makes sense to Michael; how can Helga oppose Kaine by taking over bodies worsening the devastation Kaine has inflicted on VirtNet gamers worldwide How can Michael even be certain this is the real Helga considering Kaine's track record of cruel identity tricks The Helga he grew up nannied by was secretly a Tangent all along a figment of computer code like him Now she's inside a human body and Michael has only her word that she's his Helga Michael can't trust anyone completely any but what choice does he have He can't combat Kaine if he decides reality is an endless parade of illusions and curls up in a ball and does nothing But Kaine is no longer the only Tangent Michael needs to worry about Others are on his trail and would eliminate Helga and her group without hesitation The Mortality Doctrine is the Tangents' chance to make the leap from formless code to biological life form and fulfill their ambition of becoming human Once a Tangent has entered a body who's to say they're not truly human As Michael collaborates with Sarah Bryson and Helga to find a chink in Kaine's virtual armor Tangents everywhere are drawn in their direction many determined to destroy them before they succeed Enemies lurk in the human world too Agent Weber's behavior which grew progressively erratic throughout The Rule of Thoughts can no longer deny she has her own unsavory agenda though Michael and company have little idea of her ultimate goal Is Weber a Tangent assisting Kaine with the Mortality Doctrine so other Tangents can begin displacing humans on a global scale or is her angle even sinister When Agent Weber calls for an international VNS strategy council to debate the issue Michael Sarah and Bryson attend in virtual form but the disturbing disruptions at the meeting only further erode their confidence in any authority claiming to oppose Kaine If they're to stop the Tangent from taking over the world they can't rely on Weber the VNS or any human organization Michael Sarah Bryson and Helga trust themselves and each other and together they believe they're capable of neutralizing Kaine once and for all When Michael finally uncovers the real game being played his intellectual swordplay with Weber and Kaine turns into a life or death battle of coding ingenuity and fast fingers reacting at high speed to attacks that could irretrievably erase Michael's consciousness and that of his friends Every intelligence organic or Tangent is still just a code and can be deleted with the right seuence of commands Fighting multiple enemies powerful enough to eradicate humanity Michael has only minutes then seconds to crack the code and deal his foes their mortal blow But even if he is successful what future does he have in a world where humans rule and any other form of intelligence is considered subhuman Does a happy ending exist for a lonesome Tangent in a simulated world barred from participating in real life There's always hope Always You just never know what life—or death—might bring I think we've all seen that the world is a little complicated than we ever could have imagined —Helga The Game of Lives P 155 I won't argue if you say aspects of the Mortality Doctrine trilogy remain sketchy even after this book Several promising story threads ultimately go nowhere apparently forgotten But The Game of Lives packs an emotional wallop that makes those orphaned threads seem less significant and that's why even though I'm tempted to rate it two and a half stars I don't think I can justify giving less than a full three The strong emotions of The Game of Lives derive from the same place as those in The Eye of Minds and left me nearly as shaken Love can feel like a package that always shows up at someone else's door a gift never addressed to you When you open your door one day to find that package waiting for you it's such a surprise that you suspect at first there may be some mistake This is true to an extreme degree for Michael who had any hope of love stolen from him with the revelation that he's a Tangent Every dream of falling in love marrying and starting his own family outlandish aspirations for a sentient string of computer code evaporated in that instant But maybe those dreams aren't lost to Michael What is a human mind anyway What are the implications if a real person falls in love with a seuence of numbers designed to simulate a human being What if that seuence is coded to have a smart sense of humor attractive ambition is kindhearted and loves the real person in return Who judges what consciousnesses are or aren't legitimate Yet a love that enters one's life right when they're needed most can be lost in the violence of war and death is no small obstacle even in a world where code is rarely irreversibly destroyed only scattered like cremated ashes we don't know how to reverse engineer But a heart that never gives up even when faced with the surety of a hopeless forever has a curious habit of transforming the impossible into the merely improbable An indomitable spirit will never give up on finding their loved one anew restoring what seemed beyond any mortal to save And what could be human than that Michael deals with constant doubts about the nature of reality in The Game of Lives uncomfortably aware that existential certainty is at best an educated guess These uestions couldn't be personal for Michael as his own sentience is a matter of opinion But he has to proceed in the conviction that he's a real person or there's no point in living and that's partly why he heatedly defends Helga in the early going of this book when his friends voice skepticism about her You don't have a clue wh