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READ ☆ The Bride Thief ´ [Download] ➸ The Bride Thief Author Jacquie DAlessandro – HAS ENGLAND’S MOST INFAMOUS BRIDE THIEF FINALLY MET HIS MATCHAt six and twenty Samantha Briggeham knew her marital prospects were fading by the season and she was pleased by the thought She had no i HAS ENGLAND’S MOST INFAMOUS BRIDE THIEF Ng women escape the unhappy fate of arranged marriages and whose true identity was a scrupulously guarded secret But from the moment he rescued Sammie–only to discover she’d already managed to get herself un betrothed–Eric knew he couldn’t lose her a second time Marriage was out of the uestion Which left only one option A clandestine affair that might lead to scandal social ruin and the unmasking of a love bested legen. This wasn't completely my cup of tea Too much Edward Cullen in New Moon for my taste that is too much I want you but cannot be with you for you're own good angst way too muchSamantha Briggeham is a spinster heroine who has long discarded any possibility for a love match and will not marry without When her parents set up a betrothal against her wish she has her own plan to escape him and that plan did not involve rescue by the Bride Thief I liked this book but it lacked that certain something to make it an amazing book As already stated I found the whole I'm the bride thief and cannot marry you since it might be dangerous to you and I'm so in love with you that I want what's best for you even though it's exactly opposite of what you want too much and frankly a bit unbelievable If you like this type of angst this is the right book for you I could see that it made some sense from where they were coming from but I couldn't relate too it Also given how they act in other aspects of their life it didn't feel completely consistent It felt like a fantasy and for me it stayed a fantasy throughout the book On the up side it was a endearing light read good chemistry and an intertwined story structure I really liked the heroine and the Bride Thief and the theme of the book unfortunately I liked the Bride Thief than his true self

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Sammie’s heroic rescue from undesired wedlock turned her into the toast of the ton wooed by suitors far and wide But she couldn’t forget the swashbuckling brigand who’d abducted her–something about him intrigued her completely Then she met Eric Landsdowne the dashing and seductive Earl of WesleyHis exploits were legendary his life filled with danger He was the elusive Bride Thief who had his own reasons for helping you. It took a while for me to get into this book The main lead character SammieSamantha seemed almost too silly cutesy and absent minded She is 26 yrs unmarried Oh the shame a bluestocking and carries a toad around with her I'm 50 pgs in and not sure if I am feeling her yet The cabin scene was finally where this book grabbed me and I finally found myself getting involved with the story Eric or The Bride Thief kidnapped Sammie thinking she was about to be married to a man she was not in favor of and brings her to a cabin to help her figure out her future Sammie explained she already took care of the problem Anyway their conversation in the cabin is where this story and characters started to come alive for me I hope the author puts these two characters together a lot because right now it is the characters chemistry which is keeping me into this book Sigh Eric and Sammie are so perfect for each other I do find it a tad odd how Sammie doesn't seem to give it a second thought about becoming a fallen woman she's banking on noone finding out I love her attitude of wanting to experience everything life has to offer a woman but this ideology is modern thinking Yes Sammie is a bluestocking old term for intelligent dare I say feminist woman but if she really cared about her family as she is portrayed as feeling she would never want to do anything to cause them pain If anyone ever found out she was giving the milk away for free her whole family would be outcasts So this whole deal of Sammie actively pursuing Eric for a liaison seems selfish of her considering the conseuences and the author has written her to be the exact opposite I love strong women characters but sometimes I think authors get too crazy with putting modern women ideals in 18th century women I don't doubt for one second modern ideals didn't cross their minds but unfortunately they had a lot severe conseuences The newspaper articles chronicling the intensifying search for the Bride Thief at the beginning of chapters add a touch of suspense and tenseness This balances out nicely with Sammie and Eric's easy and gradual moving relationship I am happy the author kept the focus on Sammie and Eric and kept Eric's pursuits as the Bride Thief secondary This is the type of book you curl up in a window seat with an afghan covering your legs while you sip on a cup of hot chocolate I dislike tea and coffee crazy I know as it rains outside Sammie and Eric are definitely what make this story enjoyable Their relationship is slow building and almost could be described as languid but I took pleasure in reading what I would call an old fashioned romance book This story doesn't have much pizzazz or bells and whistles but if you're looking for a nice slow comfort read Sammie and Eric's story is for you This wasn't uite a keeper for me but I am so happy I read it even if it did start out slow and in fact after I finished reading it left a lingering smile on my face  B


The Bride ThiefHAS ENGLAND’S MOST INFAMOUS BRIDE THIEF FINALLY MET HIS MATCHAt six and twenty Samantha Briggeham knew her marital prospects were fading by the season and she was pleased by the thought She had no intention of being betrothed–especially against her will–to a man she did not love She had a planand it didn’t include being swept into a pair of powerful arms and spirited away by a masked The Bride PDFEPUB or rider News of. Reviewed for THC Reviews The Bride Thief was a delightful read in so many ways It was utterly romantic as sweet as the honey Samantha used in her hand creams and freuently made me laugh out loud This story was a fun fairy tale fantasy with an eccentric plain Jane spinster heroine who finds her hero in the form of a man who carries off would be brides from unwanted arranged marriages The Bride Thief was a charming tale that had a refreshing lightness and certain aura of innocence about it with even the darker dangerous parts managing to carry some weight without being too heavy With only one actual love scene there isn't a lot of heat in this one but I found that one scene to be just a little bit daring while also being sweetly sensuous Jacuie D'Alessandro is masterful at creating a strong emotional connection and sexual tension with mere looks and gentle touches and I've yet to find another author who does this uite as well In addition I absolutely love Ms D'Alessandro's sense of humor I found myself laughing every few scenes for the entire first half of the book Eric being jealous of himself every time Sammie waxed romantic about the Bride Thief was hilarious and Sammie's creative way of getting out of her arranged marriage as well as a conversation with her three married sisters about birth control nearly had me rolling on the floor Ms D'Alessandro definitely has a knack for spinning tales that find a great balance between entertainment and emotionEric and Samantha were two of the most wonderful characters I've read in a while Eric perhaps carries a bit too much guilt over not being able to stop his beloved sister's miserable arranged marriage but it's also what drives him to be the Bride Thief and makes him a compassionate and progressive thinking hero He has a heart of gold and treats all the women in the story with kindness and respect even the ones who aren't as deserving of it He is also a very understanding man who sees beyond the outward eccentricities read geekiness of both Samantha and her brother Hubert and in fact finds both them and their scientific pursuits to be genuinely fascinating Overall Eric was very kind caring loving and a whole host of other adjectives I don't think there was really anything not to like about him To say that Samantha is an unconventional heroine would probably be an understatement She is physically plain right down to dressing in a very ordinary way and having poor eyesight that reuires spectacles She'd much rather be observing nature inventing things with her brother in their lab or studying the stars through their telescope than attending balls and soirées not to mention she's a firmly on the shelf spinster While she's OK with the idea of not marrying and doesn't believe anyone would ever want an oddball like her anyway Sammie does keep a diary in which she writes romantic stories about the true love of her fantasies She is also very honest and plain spoken and I admired her boldness in just telling Eric that she wanted to be lovers and continuing to pursue him even after he'd turned her down once out of a sense of honor All in all I related to Sammie very well and can't think of anything that I didn't like about herThe secondary characters were very entertaining and likable as well I found Sammie's close family connections with her parents and siblings to be very endearing Sammie is always patient with everyone including her melodramatic mother with her amusing planned fainting spells It also went the other way with Sammie's three sisters adoring and protecting her in spite of the fact that she is their complete opposite I also loved Sammie's interactions with her teenage brother Hubert They were certainly two peas in a pod who probably understood each other better than anyone else ever could At first it seems that Sammie is a protective motherly figure to Hubert but eventually the reader discovers that Hubert is eually protective of Sammie which I thought made for a beautiful reciprocal relationship Eric's connection with his own sister Margaret runs just as deep and when she returns home after the death of her evil husband their scenes are laden with emotion There is also Eric's loyal stable master who is like a father to him and is initially the only person who knows about his masuerade as the Bride Thief as well as the magistrate Adam Straton who is determined to apprehend the Bride Thief but is also an honorable man who has harbored a deep love for Margaret for years Overall it was a very well rounded supporting cast with personalities ranging from outrageously funny to deeply touchingI have to admit that after finishing The Bride Thief I had a rare moment of indecision on how to rate it I really loved the story and wanted to rate it a bit higher but there were a few things that I thought could have been improved The pacing was a little slow and uneven in places and I found a small continuity error in which Hubert's age changed from fourteen to sixteen and then back to fourteen again There was also some repetition in details some of which could be cute and fun like the running thread of Eric and Samantha coming up with words to describe each other that all began with the same letter but another of which had the characters almost constantly sighing over one thing or another Although this was a pretty minor thing and it did always fit with the scene I just thought that perhaps a little creativity was in order In the end I think the thing that bothered me the most was that Eric and Samantha began the story with a very stark honesty to their characters which I found extremely refreshing but then the major conflict devolved into the cliched misunderstanding which was a bit disappointing In spite of the minor detractors that kept it from just missing keeper status The Bride Thief was definitely a solid 4 star book that was an absolute joy to read Anyone looking for a lighthearted escapist fantasy that is a breath of fresh air should look no further and after two lovely reading experiences in a row from Jacuie D'Alessandro I'm certainly looking forward to continuing my exploration of her work