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Return of the Moralis WifeS to sexy powerful men But trapped on Orion's luxury yacht she finds memories of the past Return of PDFEPUBreturn to haunt her With the bad comes the oh so good and soon she can't resist the sensual pull between them. The hero Rion sees the heroine Selina his ex wife for the first time in sex years when he arrives to attend her grandfather's funeral He immediately realise that he still fiercely desires her and with his knowledge of what is in her grandfather's will Rion decides to finally get his revenge on her betrayal Selina is surprised and a little perturbed by Rion's arrival she hasn't seen him since he threw her out of his life and still remembers her heartbreak at both the end of their marriage and the discover of the true reason he married her Rion blackmails Selina into spending a two week holiday with him on his yacht for his pleasure At first Selina tries to fight against the desire that is still between them but eventually gives into her last chance to be with Rion Rion is surprised by the changes in Selina and his ruthless revenge scheme uickly turns into much but Selina has her own life now and refused to give Rion her heart againWhen I started reading this book I wasn't enjoying it it seemed to have a few too many unappealing elements but I ended up uite liking it The heroine makes this book worthwhile She starts off being a bit of the wounded party but really grows into a strong and intelligent woman She was also very honest and forward thinking I particularly liked her attitude when faced with the possibility of the short term affair with the hero thinking why shouldn't she enjoy it The hero learned his lesson in the end and there was a nice bit of grovellingOverall this is a well written book I enjoyed itOriginally posted at

Jacqueline Baird ☆ 1 REVIEW

R is achingly pure and as he captures her lips Orion knows he must possess her But their marriage is short livedSix years since Selina was discarded like a used plaything she's older and definitely wiser when it come. Orion had married Selina for two reasons the first one being that they had made love without protection and she could be pregnant The second on being his father and her grandfather made a business deal and wanted them to marry When Selina is caught with a man in her bed she is immediately convicted as an adulteress Selina knows it isn't true but Orion won't listen to her and files for divorce so she fights him back and wins her divorce decree and a bunch of his moneySix years later Selina shows up for her grandfathers funeral her grandfather was an online gambler so he had been put into debt When Orion offers her an out in exchange for her being his lover for two weeks Selina takes it When their two week vacation comes to an end Orion learns the truth about everything and realizes that he has done Selina an injustice but what can he do to make it up to her What can he do to make her love himI really enjoyed this novel recently I haven't been all that pleased with the novels that are coming out they are all the same However this one is different sure in other ones I've read they've had yacht trips but this one is pretty much centered around the yacht with no escape so both of them can explore their own feelings The main characters were a delight to get to know and I sided right with Selina and felt what she felt It was a great book to read definitely one of the better ones released recently

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REVIEW ☆ Return of the Moralis Wife ã ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☄ Return of the Moralis Wife ✑ Author Jacqueline Baird – A virgin to sweeten the dealInfamous playboy Orion Moralis believes in lust not marriage until with one innocent sigh the daughter of a business rival turns his world on its head SelinaA virgin to sweeten the the Moralis PDFEPUB #182 dealInfamous playboy Orion Moralis believes in lust not marriage until with one innocent sigh the daughter of a business rival turns his world on its head Selina Taylo. re read because I forgot all about it and couldn't check goodreads Same rating Same likesdislikes The heroine made the book She had been married to the tycoon hero at 19 as part of a business deal She was besotted with the H at the time and only found out the terms of their marriage after the H caught her in bed with another man It was the H's half sister's boyfriend who wandered in after a party The half sister refused to clear the h and told her that H only married her for business and that he had other lovers The h returned to England and lawyered upNow six years later she's back for her evil grandfather's funeral and the H turns up like a bad penny with a revenge scheme sex on his yacht for 2 weeks in exchange for money to help the family retainers view spoiler Heroine agrees and they have lots of hot sex and go on deep sea dives and heroine is falling in love again of course when the H starts a business deal with a known pedophile To be fair the hero didn't know this at the time Heroine has been involved in a charity against sex trafficking and she is utterly disgusted hero would have anything to do with the man It's the end of their two week stint anyway so she breaks it off and gives it to him with both barrels The hero tracks her down a few months later in Brazil thin haggard repentant and desperate Heroine takes him back HEA hide spoiler