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read Gravity Is the Thing reader Á ebook × [PDF / Epub] ☆ Gravity Is the Thing ✩ Jaclyn Moriarty – The adult debut from bestselling award winning young adult author Jaclyn Moriarty—a freuently hilarious brilliantly observed novel—that follows a single mother’s heartfelt search for greater tru ThSed to make her life soar to heights beyond her wildest dreamsThe Guidebook’s missives have remained a constant in Abi’s life a befuddling yet oddly comforting voice through her family’s grief over her brother’s disappearance a move across continents the devastating dissolution of her marriage and the new beginning as a single mother and café owner in SydneyNow two decades after receiving those first pages Abi is invited to an all expenses paid weekend retreat to learn “the truth” about the Guidebook 45The thing is this novel enthralled and surprised me in unexpected ways Gravity Is The Thing love the title is about many things beautifully pulled together in this first adult novel from Jaclyn Moriarty Abigail Sorensen began receiving the Guidebook twenty years prior the year her fifteen year old brother Robert disappeared never to be seen or heard from again Abi's now a thirty six year old single mother of a boy and the part owner of the Happiness Cafe in SydneyHer life revolves around her child and work She gets an opportunity to attend a free retreat organised by the son of the people who had been sending the Guidebook There she meets a mix of people although only a few of them will be chosen to attend a special seminar back in Sydney Is that some kind of pyramid scheme a cultThis novel is about finding your way and moving on when grief heartbreak over a failed marriage and the day to day struggles seem to cage youDespite the above the tone of the novel is very light with some amusing episodes I had a good chuckle at Abi's analysis of many very popular self help books such as The Secret The Celestine Profecy He's Just Not That Into You to name just a few I'm not doing this novel justice so I'll just sum it up by saying that it was surprising intelligent relatable touching uplifting and I loved every minute of the twelve hours plus I spent in its company I hope Jaclyn Moriarty will write novels for grown ups She's got a fan in me A huge shout out to Aimee Horne who was absolutely magnificent So now I've read novels by all the Moriarty sisters who write books three out of five are published writers They're a talented bunch

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The adult debut from bestselling award winning young adult author Jaclyn Moriarty a freuently hilarious brilliantly observed novel that follows a single mother’s heartfelt search for greater truths about the universe her family and herselfTwenty years ago Abigail Sorenson’s brother Robert went missing one day before her sixteenth birthday never to be seen again That same year she began receiving scattered chapters in the mail of Gravity Is Kindle a self help manual the Guidebook whose anonymous author promi There is such a feeling of lightness and sense of joy in this book that it's impossible not to feel uplifted by it Moriarty's writing style is light and breezy funny but also heartbreaking at the same time and the characters are wholly original It felt like such a unusual premise for a novel that a random selection of young people have been selected to receive regular mailings of chapters of a self help guide for twenty years but somehow it worksAbi Sorensen received her letter asking if she would like to receive chapters of the Guidebook shortly before her brother Robert disappeared on the day before her sixteenth birthday In her mind the two events are linked and she's never got over the grief of not knowing what happened to her brother and has kept receiving the chapters year after year So when she receives an invitation to attend a retreat to hear the truth about the Guidebook she decides to go leaving her mother babysitting her four year old sonAt the time of the retreat Abi's life revolved around her young son and her wonderfully named Happiness Cafe who wouldn't want to go there a single mother after separating from her duplicitous husband without any time for dating or a social life It was therefore lovely to watch her life and spirit lift as she made new friends through the Guidebook and learns to embrace life A lovely feel good book with a heart wrenching mystery which makes for very compelling reading 45★ With many thanks to Good Reading and Pan Macmillan Australia for a copy of this book to read

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Gravity Is the ThingIt’s an opportunity too intriguing to refuse If Everything is Connected then surely the twin mysteries of the Guidebook and a missing brother must be linkedWhat follows is completely the opposite of what Abi expected––but it will lead her on a journey of discovery that will change her life––and enchant readers Gravity Is the Thing is a smart unusual wickedly funny novel about the search for happiness that will break your heart into a million pieces and put it back together bigger and better than before 4 starsWhat a lovely lovely novelWell I need to back up The first 10% seemed completely hokey but then the story shifts and the beginning made sense and I fell in love with this novel and its narrator and I gobbled it up The story is told by Abi who at 37 is a single mother with than her share of sadness in her past But since she was 16 years old she had been receiving unsolicited chapters of a uirky self help book in the mail Now she is called to attend a reunion of all the other people who had been receiving chapters from the book Hokey see But there's far to the story than this unpromising beginning Abi is funny sad and introspective and the whole story is written from her lovely point of view The beginning of Abi's sadness was the disappearance of her brother when she turned 16 which is a mystery and ache than permeate the whole novel And the puzzling chapters and their provenance morph into a lovely subplot of human connections I'm trying to say enough without saying much because this is a lovely reading experience to be savoured as you go This novel is human philosophical sad and funny but it doesn't take itself too seriouslyThanks to Goodreads friend Bianca for bringing this one to my attention And thanks for Edelweiss for giving me access to an advance copy