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kindle æ Shot on Gold Õ Paperback õ ❮Reading❯ ➶ Shot on Gold ➮ Author Jaci Burton – In the new Play by Play novel by the New York Times bestselling author of The Final Score opposites attract when a figure skater and hockey player lace up their skates and go for the goldWill Mad Dog Hing's going to get in her way until she meets Will He's an irresistible charmer and before long Amber is wondering if this sexy hockey player is the perfect guy to show her some moves outside the rinkBut after all the medals have been awarded Will and Amber will have to decide if what they have together is just a fling or a real shot at true love Reviewed for herding cats burning soup eat They skate They fuckWhat's not to love lolThe Gist The Olympic Winter Games A sheltered figure skater deciding to have a little fun for a change and setting her sights not only on winning a gold medal but snagging some sheet time with one of the hockey gods who's always the life of the party MmhmOh yes These two were adorable An extrovert and an introvert The life of the party and the wall flower Vastly experienced and pretty damn innocent I loved the differences between Amber and Will and that it actually worked well They fit each other They're both extremely hard working dedicated ambitious I loved seeing her come out of her shell Stand up to her mom making friends gaining some experiences in life And I loved seeing him settle down a bit from his previously slutty ways He's a good guy and incredibly caringNow the heat Yeah Amber might have been rather innocent at the start of things but these two fuck like bunnies And it's seriously hot And creative now and againI just had a good time with this one I don't think I've read one set at the winter Olympics before so that was rather entertaining The village the athletes live in the time with teammates and rivals practice ualifications the pressure of winning and dealing with potential losses It was exciting and damn if by the end I wasn't just as nervous as them over whether they'd win gold or not lolAll in all Shot on Gold was delicious sporty romantic fun It'll leave you smiling and maybe thinking about tracking down a hockey player all your own

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Ilege Then he meets US figure skater Amber Sloane She's beautiful ambitious and driven everything Will desires in a woman He would love to show Amber how hot life off the ice can beAmber has skated her entire life sacrificing everything in the hopes of one day winning gold Now she's competing for the third and final time She intends to win and not Things are heating up on the iceI couldn’t wait to start the latest read in his hockey centered series This time out was a uniue outing as hockey elite met ice skating royalty in a romance set within the Vancouver Olympic GamesWill played professional hockey and Amber’s whole life had been dedicated to skating Each knew the dedication and work that went into performing at that level but the games were an opportunity to work and play like no other Will was happy to be joining the international teams playing a sport he loved Amber was attending her last Olympics and she was determined to experience all it had to offer No hiding in her room she was going to have fun and no one was better at it then WillWill and Amber’s story was full of heat ice and all the feels Each game and each medal competition brought nerves and excitement matching what they were feeling off the ice Throw in complicated family and an unexpected yearning for intimacy on both sides meant their courtship was not all smooth sailingPut it all together and it was a gold medal performance Diane 4 stars

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Shot on GoldIn the new Play by Play novel by the New York Shot on EpubTimes bestselling author of The Final Score opposites attract when a figure skater and hockey player lace up their skates and go for the goldWill Mad Dog Madigan is making his second trip to the Winter Games and he couldn't be happier Hockey is his life and playing for the US team is a priv Burton doesn't cut any corners here and delivers a fabulous read for her readersRead this review in its entirety at Fresh Fiction