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Semi Charmed Harper Hall Investigations #1 Free read ✓ 104 è [PDF / Epub] ☃ Semi Charmed Harper Hall Investigations #1 By Isabel Jordan – Alternate cover edition of ASIN B00N5XZM7U Other editions can be found here and here Psychic and paranormal PI Harper Hall isn't that surprised when heY the legalization of vampirism Riddick's dark secrets and shady past forced him into exile from Charmed Harper Hall PDF #206 human society an exile he was comfortable with until gorgeous and exasperating Harper waltzed into his life Now all too aware of howunlifelike his life has truly been he agrees to partner with her As if saying no to Harper Hall was ever really an option Fighting vampires making immortal enemies engaging in semi sadistic interrogation techniues s. Lost a little bit of Umph towards the end view spoilerRiddick pushes Harper away for most of the book claiming it's for her 'own safety' this went on til the 90% mark too long hide spoiler

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Alternate cover edition of ASIN Harper Hall PDFEPUB #188 BNXZMU Other editions can be found here and here Psychic and paranormal PI Harper Hall isn't that surprised when her business partner skips town The moral of the story never trust a guy named Romeo But if Harper wants to Semi Charmed ePUB #10003 consult for the police on a high profile case she'll need a new partner preferably one with some supernatural skills of his own Enter Noah Riddick a slayer left jobless b. There is nothing groundbreaking here but it was an enjoyable book The storyline is like every one of these types of booksHeroine who is extra Harper has the ability to see things about people when she touches them It could be something they have done or something they are about to do She's a private detective who is down on her luck that's not familiar Just trying to pay her billsShe's also pretty funny which is what made the book IMO I have to like the heroineWhen she's trying to stop two people from arguing hey not to change the subject but did anyone see Game of Thrones last night I fell asleep during the last fifteen minutes and now I don't know what happened at the end of the wedding Hero is a tortured soul badassRiddick is also extra in his fighting and killing abilities He also does the whole push the girl away because I'm bad for her thingI have a better idea Get a haircut and get the hell over yourselfLoser Werewolf is in love with the heroineGotta feel sorry for the nice side guy who would be so much better for the heroine than Edward Riddick He would treat her so rightBut I couldn't root for him because he called her doll face as an endearment I'm sorry but unless you are a gangster or private eye from the 1940's you can't use that termAww that explains it The fedora is making him talk like thatVillain is better than everyone except the heroSure there are 10 cops guarding her at all times but the villain is better Seriously why do we even have police forces if they are so inept Poor cops can never catch a break in these kind of booksStill fun to readMaybe it isn't new but the heroine is a likable character her family and friends are great so it was a uick entertaining story I'll keep reading

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Semi Charmed Harper Hall Investigations #1Taging daring rescuesit's all in a day's work for this paranormal odd couple But falling in love Wellthat's a little trickier Even for the Semi Charmed Harper Hall Semi Charmed is a full length adult paranormal romance novel completely free of cliffhangers and filled with kick ass heroines sexy alpha males nerdy pop culture references and plenty of laughs Oh and snark Lots and lots of snark And just so you know the dog lives No dogs will ever die in my books Pinkie swe. Harper is a seer as a PI her psychic premonitions are a very useful tool but unfortunately she didn't have any visions about her partner running off and leaving her with a pile of debt Still she's a bit of a soft touch so even though the muscle of the outfit is off in Vegas carousing when the police come asking for her help to track down a child kidnapped by a vampire she readily agrees In need of a partner she manages to convince Riddick a vampire hunter who has fallen on hard times since vampires managed to charm their way out of the cold and vampire hunting became illegal This book actually reminds me a little of Mark Henwick's Bite Back series though I think Mark Henwick does it much better It was entertaining enough but there were enough missteps that I started to notice For example Harper is kidnapped by a brutal and psychopathic vampire Witty banter probably wouldn't be Riddick's response when he visits her friend for help tracking her down There are a few moments like that and the ending was much than it needed to be But don't get me wrong I enjoyed the book It was an easy enough way to kill a little time