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Read & Download ß E-book, or Kindle E-pub â Isabel Sharpe Harged into his life He's supposed to be attracted to someone cool and reserved like her sister But Eva has the unnerving ability to turn things seriously hot and steamy Besides it's only for one month And like every good coffee addict Ames can stop whenever he choos. Punctuated by descriptive and passionate love scenes and a truly enjoyable pairing Some Like it Hotter is one of the memorable Blazes of the year so far certainly priming readers for Chris’ forthcoming installment RT Book Reviews 4 12 stars TOP PICKMiniseries From Every Angle

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Read Some Like It Hotter ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ó ❰Download❯ ➽ Some Like It Hotter Author Isabel Sharpe – She takes hers tall dark and extra hot To coffee shop owner Eva Meyer the California coast is beautiful mellowand boring The solution Swapping lives—and coffee shops—with he She takes hers tall dark and extra hot To coffee shop owner Eva Meyer the California coast is beautiful mellowand Some Like MOBI #207 boring The solution Swapping lives and coffee shops with her twin sister for one month Now Eva's settled in the bustling Big Apple wh. Heroine Eva a rapist sexual harasser and stalker who can't take 'no' for an answerHero Ames A shallow stalker assholeHeroine's sister Chris I don't really have anything to say about herChris's love interest Gus Selfish inconsiderate and dumbChris's other love interest Zac A bossy know it all who can't take 'no' for an answerConclusion One of the worst romance novels I've ever readMessage of this bookIf a man says 'no' he doesn't really mean 'no' He just doesn't realize how perfect you two are together Show up to his house uninvited Call his secretary to check his schedule without his knowledge Touch kiss straddle and fuck him without permission people call this rape and sexual assault and unwanted touching but really it is just persuasion After all men are basically penises and if you can give him an erection he will eventually fall in love with you and marry you Being persistent is charming and always works Eventually he will realize he loves you Don't give up Isn't it cute when he tries to get out of the dates you've arranged by showing up at his house uninvited where you know he is alone because you pumped his secretary for information AwAnd his secretary is cute and sweet to give out his personal information to you Not violating any ethics codes or risking being fired or anything She knows he needs a woman in his life Wow Such a great secretary I am seriously sick to my stomach right now I fucking hate rapists1 REAL STAR 1 ROMANCE STARHarleuin Blaze October 2014

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Some Like It HotterEre she can order anythinganytime And what Eva really wants is the extra hot topped with whipped cream sexiness that is Ames Cooke While Eva is convinced she's found her perfect cup of Delicious Man Ames isn't uite sure what to do with the uirky little number who's c. This was surely a different read I usually read about the guy pursuing the girl not the other way so that was refreshing Also not to mention the fact the girl was completely out there with her personality matched with her style of clothing At first i found the author's prose a bit difficult to follow but after finishing it it was a good match to the style premise and characters of the story