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Book ✓ Before & After Getting Your Puppy Ë The Positive Approach to Raising a Happy Download ☆ Ian dunbar ☆ [PDF / Epub] ✩ Before & After Getting Your Puppy: The Positive Approach to Raising a Happy, Healthy & Well-Behaved Ition In clear steps with helpful photos and easy to follow training deadlines he presents a structured yet playful and humorous plan for raising a wonderful dog Dr Dunbar’s guide is based around six developmental deadlines completing your education and preparation assessing a puppy’s prior socialization and education teaching errorless housetraining and chewtoy training completing a socialization program of meeting strange dogs and people e The most in depth and indispensable how to for the positive approach to dog training Trying to use this book with a real and wonderful puppy taught me that I didn't have what it takes to raise one Dunbar talks about the importance of crate training bite inhibition and socialization in puppyhood I found I didn't have the heart to keep the poor thing in a crate and I knew 100% that if I did not crate train him he would end up developing all the problems with chewing up all of the stuff in the house that Dunbar warned about So the puppy ended up finding a better home with someone who could crate train him properly had the reuisite experience and understood how to read and treat a dog My point is that Dunbar's instructions are unimpeachable Use them if you want a happy healthy and well behaved dog Or like me you may realize you don't have what it takes to have one because by reading Dunbar you will know exactly what needs to be done to have one Dunbar offers most of the instructions as free PDFs online but it's worth getting the book if you can

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Amp After Getting Your Puppy ePUB #10003 modifying temperament Before Dr Dunbar there were no classes for puppies very few family dog classes and not much fun in dog training His positive approach to training revolutionized the field especially in training puppiesNow in amp After Getting Your Puppy ePUB #10003 Before and After Getting Your Puppy Dr Dunbar combines his two popular puppy training manuals into one indexed value priced hardcover ed I started off being totally scared when reading this book because the author kept saying the dog would be ruined forever if I messed up However he becomes comforting as the book progresses and I like his straight forward to the point approach While there seems to be a lot to do his checklists and urgency guides help a lot I really really found this book helpful other puppy books are really wish washy in comparison I think we will have a a very Dunbar trained dog

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Before & After Getting Your Puppy The Positive Approach to Raising a Happy Healthy & Well Behaved DogVery few After Getting Epub #181 dog trainers have not been influenced by Dr Ian Dunbar's dog friendly philosophy In the s Dr Dunbar Before amp Kindle sparked a dramatic shift in dog training away from leash corrections and drill sergeant adult dog classes based on competitive amp After Getting ePUB #180 obedience and toward a positive approach using toys treats and games as rewards for teaching basic manners preventing behavior problems and Excellent ideas especially the encouragement to strongly integrate all kinds of puppy training into every day life However I do think Ian Dunbar is rather unrealistic and terribly discouraging As I began reading this book I thought this was IT the Holy Grail of dogpuppy training But I uickly realized that with my 9 week old puppy according to Dunbar I was already a total failure Dunbar emphasis error free house training and what new puppy owner wouldn't be excited about THAT concept except that this means that once your puppy urinates or poops in the house EVER you have now completely destroyed all progress you might ever make with your puppy and are at risk of having to have the dog sent to a shelter where it will be sentenced to deathOnce you decide to just take Dunbar's perfectionism with a grain of salt it's easy to follow many of his instructions and work extensively with your puppy when you can to teach new tricks to play to encourage compliance I found the section on bite inhibition to be particularly helpful Dunbar emphasizes that the puppy MUST bite and that the owner must work toward making it increasingly clear what level of puppy biting then mouthing hurts and will not be tolerated This is in such stark contrast of other advice I've been given as a new puppy owner Our vet immediately grabbed our then 9 week old puppy said he needed to teach us how to discipline our dog and gave her an alpha shake by the scruff of her neck The Petco dog trainer wannabe also pronounced as necessary her version of a therapeutic grab and hug by rolling our puppy over on her back snarling OFF at her while putting her hand in the puppy's mouth holdng the bottom of the mouth and shaking her Our puppy backed away into a corner by the dog food and peed on the floorDunbar encourages making it clear to the puppy what is acceptable in bitingnipping by shouting ouch and stopping play for a minute or so He does not recommend being highly punitive and proposes that there is value in the puppy learning very early with baby teeth what is too much and how to inhibit force Dunbar strongly encourages using an entire arsenal of dog toys for chewing to establish acceptable items for chewing and off limit items Encouragingly these methods seem to be working well with our now 12 week old puppyDunbar can be overwhelming however making puppy training seem like you might not only need to uit your job but perhaps hire an entire platoon of servants to help with the work load Then again maybe I'm just now tired as we enter our 5th week of puppy parenthood