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The Iron Trial review  eBook or Kindle ePUB ð [Download] ➾ The Iron Trial ➹ Holly Black – Geschlagen mit einem lahmen Bein und einer scharfen Zunge ist der zwölfjährige Callum nicht gerade der beliebteste Junge auf dem Planeten Doch das ist erst mal sein geringstes Problem Denn just in d GeschlaIgsten Magier der Schule in die Lehre zu gehen Doch alles was Call über ihn und das Magisterium weiß lässt ihn befürchten das erste Schuljahr nicht The Iron PDFEPUBlebend zu übersteh. Why does the blurb read like a Harry Potter re mix

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Geschlagen mit einem lahmen Bein und einer scharfen Zunge ist der zwölfjährige Callum nicht gerade der beliebteste Junge auf dem Planeten Doch das ist erst mal sein geringstes Problem D. Callum Hunt does not want to be a magician All his life his father has warned him about the dangers of magic and the sinister ways of the mages who teach youngsters to use their powers in the underground world of the Magisterium When Callum comes of age and must take his entrance exam for the Magisterium he tries his hardest to fail But he fails to fail He is chosen to train with Master Rufus the most prestigious mage in the Magisterium Callum Call is ripped away from his normal life in Carolina separated from his father and plunged into a subterranean world his father has said would be worse than death The Iron Trial is a hugely fun inventive spin on the middle grade fantasy novel Yes the parallels to Harry Potter are obvious but as I see it that’s sort of the point Clare and Black take those patterns and expectations and deliberately turn them upside down Callum doesn’t want to be a magician He wants to fail at magic His experience is not like Hogwarts It’s alternately boring sorting piles of sand anyone and terrifying the elementals are awesome creations and Call can’t be sure who to trust – even his parents His mother’s dying words Kill the Child apparently meaning her own infant son And his father has he been protecting Call all these years or lying to him Is Master Rufus a friend or enemy Will Callum ever be allowed to leave his new homeI liked Call a lot His leg was badly broken when he was a baby and his trouble walking informs his character It’s especially poignant when he wonders if he can learn to fly as a magician thus making him mobile He is mistrustful but empathetic capable and yet deeply flawed I also liked the cast of supporting characters His fellow apprentices are great especially Tamara The magic system is inventive and logical The world building is fantastic The Iron Trial sets up the game board for the rest of the series which promises to be great – and after that huge massive twist at the end no spoilers but oh boy how can you not want to read on

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The Iron TrialEnn just in diesem Moment befindet er sich auf dem Weg ins Magisterium Der unterirdischen Schule für Zauberei Ein dunkler und geheimnisvoller Ort Dort soll er bei Master Rufus dem mächt. Well first of all all of you people SHUT THE HELL UP If Cassandra Clare wants to write books about shadowhunters or magic it doesn't even freaking matter it's her choice on what she wants to write and wait you don't like it WELL DON'T READ IT GOD You were all ranting about her next series about shadowhunters The Dark Artifices If I remember correctly you were all calling her out on milking the shadownhunter cash cow until there was nothing left Now she writes a series on something else and you're still criticizing her SERIOUSLY PEOPLE STOP Do you even know HOW many books have been written on magic Just because it's written about magic doesn't mean it's a rip off of Harry Potter Harry Potter was the most successful fiction book on magic but do you know how many others there are If anyone has read the Septimus Heap series that's also about magicAlso I hear things about the main character set up from the cover Two boys and a girl DO YOU KNOW HOW OFTEN AUTHORS USE THAT Percy Jackson for example None of you dim witted idiots hated on Percy Jackson because the group was similar to Harry Potter SO STOP IT STOP I GET THAT YOU MIGHT NOT LIKE IT BUT I DON'T GET WHY YOU'RE HATING ON HER NEXT SERIES WHEN YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW IT MIGHT TURN OUT