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kindle Ö Revenge of the Wronged Werelock Evolution #3 Ò ebook × ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Revenge of the Wronged Werelock Evolution #3 By Hettie Ivers ✸ – It’s the player no one saw coming who will change all the rules My brother isn’t as perfect as I always thought he It’s the player no one saw coming who will change all the rules My brother isn’t as perfect as I always thought he was My mate Alex isn’t as bad as he once seemedHow can I choose between them when I don’t know who to trust?Which side to Oh I just LOVE this series After I read the second in the series I didn't even think about if I wanted this one I automatically went to purchase it Extremely sexy and it all comes together in this book where you learn so much about these two packs I love the humorous parts that the author includes in this series You can bet I am waiting on the next book in the series

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Believe?Walking away from the connection I’ve found with Alex might break my heartIf the much coveted blood curse within me doesn’t tear it apart firstCONTENT This full length novel is book 3 in a series and is not a standalone Please read I hate I waited so long to read this recommendation This is one of the best series Please excuse my slack reveiw; I'm out of my slump and on a binge On to

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Revenge of the Wronged Werelock Evolution #3After Slip of Fate and Fear the Heart This book completes Milena and Alex’s romance story within the Werelock Evolution world Future books in the series will continue the overarching storyline and focus on supporting characters and their mat Beginning The beginning picks up right where book two ended It is still in Milena's POV and she and Alex are back at her home That being said the first couple of chapters pick up with the explicit content Afterward we finally get to meet Milena's best friend who has been mentioned previously and let me just say this I absolutely love herCharacters Milena is our main female character She is still our naive girl who is very hesitant That being said Milena loses some of her innocence that she has clearly held onto in the previous books Milena becomes of a risk taker in this novel and I must say that I enjoyed this different side of her She undergoes so much character growth in this novel Her mate Alex also undergoes a lot of character growth He is still his arrogant and sexy self but he also has moments where he shows us the softer side of him He makes is abundantly clear that he cares deeply for Milena and will do anything for her I love Alex so much Both characters complimented each other nicely in this installment and character wise this was the best they have been at in this seriesPlot The plot remained unpredictable like the rest if the series It had me laughing it had me tearing up The biggest plot point or at least in my opinion the biggest plot point had me completely surprised and it made me feel so many emotions I was so concerned for our characters at that point It really kept me on the edge of my seat because I had no idea if it would go as some of our characters intended it to be I also thoroughly enjoyed the new characters that were introduced and let me tell you I totally ship Remy and Milena's best friend Definitely a satisfying rollercoaster of eventsRomance Milena and Alex venture into the next step of their relationship right from the beginning But besides that we really do get to see how much these two care for each other Their feelings are powerful and it was great to see Milena finally accept Alex and to see Alex finally show how much he really does care about her Ending I hate saying that this is where the book fell short for me but I am going to have to say it anyways The ending was good but maybe not what I expected There really wasn't a conclusion to Milena's and Alex's story and I wish that it was wrapped up a little better because the next installments of the series will not be focused on them The ending felt like it was missing something for me Although they didn't have the ending that I would have liked to see the epilogue made me excited and anticipating the next book in the seriesFinal Thoughts Revenge of the Wronged was a good third book to the series that remained true to the rest of the books It was still sexy snarky and captivating I read this book in one sitting flipping page after page desperately wanting to know what would happen next I would definitely recommend this series to anyone looking for a hot paranormal romance Utterly captivating