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It’s the player no one saw the Wronged eBook #180 coming who will change all the rules My brother isn’t as perfect as I always thought he was My mate Alex isn’t as bad as he once seemedHow can I choose between them when I don’t know who to trustWhich side to. 45 Stars Not a standaloneThis book is the most erotic of all the books in the series So grab a fan and a cold beverage Alex and Milena get it on and on and on And I loved every moment Alex and his pack continue to figure out how to handle the war with the Salvatellas pack On top of that they have to deal with the blood curse haunting MilenaProphesies come true and issues come up The immediate problems are resolved but there are things still lurking in dark And we just have to wait for the next books to see what's going to happen I'm sad that the story about Milena and Alex is over It would of been nice to see Milena have full control over her new powers as a werelock but I loved the journey nonetheless I hope they'll be included in the next books because they have a special place in my heart

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Revenge of the Wronged Werelock Evolution #3R Slip of Fate and Fear the Heart This book completes Milena and Alex’s romance story within the Werelock Evolution world Future books in the series will continue the overarching storyline and focus on supporting of the Wronged Kindle #207 characters and their mate. I received an ARC for a review Thank goodness this picked up right where #2 left off I have been looking forward to this one since the last abruptly ended so I was thrilled to be honored with an ARC This installment kicked off with a uick start to my heart with some serious steam between Alex and Milena Yowser While these two are the main H and h there are so many other substantial characters involved and some stuff from last book that I really wasn't sure if these two would pan out Alex and Milena together make me happy Which is surprising to myself because I didn't really like Alex that much from previous books In fact he is kind of an egotistical insensitive jerk most of the time but i guess that goes hand in hand with being Alpharight Despite his flaws I wanted Alex and Milena to be mates She will shape him up ha The first two Werelock Evolution books were non stop action and world building this one is that and So much has happened in such a short amount of time to our girl Milena She is young So much responsibility on her shoulders So much to figure out or humanity as we know it will be wiped out Yeah no pressure there for an 18 year old Milena matures uite a bit and comes into her own with this story Everyone has been coming at her with advice and their own take on events She eventually draws her own conclusions and starts planning and preparing for what she knows is coming She has some wicked awesome skills already so I am looking forward to reading about her ongoing development and her journeyThere are many side stories going on within this book The werelock character's histories and the pack histories are complex I found myself confused than once; the political machinations are complicated You have to read the first two books to understand what is going on in this one While this book is a conclusion of sorts this story is far from over The epilogue lays some groundwork for what may be coming in future books I am already looking forward to werelocks

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Summary Revenge of the Wronged Werelock Evolution #3 è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ç ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Revenge of the Wronged Werelock Evolution #3 By Hettie Ivers ✸ – It’s the player no one saw coming who will change all the rules My brother isn’BelieveWalking away from the connection I’ve found with Alex might break my heartIf the Revenge of PDFEPUB or much coveted blood curse within me doesn’t tear it apart firstCONTENT This full length novel is book in a series and is not a standalone Please read afte. I received an early copy in exchange for an honest reviewAfter the first two books I had been dying to get my hands on this Revenge of the Wronged did not disappoint The Reinosos and Milena whom I have grown to know and love so well come face to face with their nemesis the Salvatellas in a huge tension filled sexy werelock standoff I won't toss any spoilers but I loved it Hettie draws compelling characters builds the drama nicely and just when you think it can't get any taut throws out all the stops to ratchet it up even tightly but the finale unloads all the build up in a way I found thrilling and poignant I laughed out loud during the Whole Foods scene and when Milena makes her big whoop joke The passion humor intelligence and heart shine through in Ivers best story to date