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EPUB ✓ Jules et Jim ó Henri-Pierre Roché And so begins the moving and tender story of three people in love with each other and with life Francois Truffaut Jules et PDF or whose film of the novel is one of cinema's greatest achievments has called Jules et Jim a perfect hymn to loveHenri Pierre Roch devoted his life to the arts numbering Duchamp Bran My interest to read Jules et Jim was peaked after seeing Truffaut's film adaptation of the novel a cult classic made up of memorable moments unravelling at an awkward pace Not uite sure of what to make of the film my only thought about the work the core of the work the novel that inspired it was that it must have to it than what meets the eye The book lived up to this expectation The awkward pace is all there; a series of simple precise sentences that present themselves between the deeply poetic and the incredibly trivial and tend to stay at one of these extremes as they move forward at an unusually fast rate Such is the character of the story passionate effervescentIn my opinion this book will not be to everyone's taste literary or emotional In a way it is to be read less like a novel and like a fictionalised essay; though semi biographical it seems to aim at putting a message across rather than weaving together a reflective plot In the end there is only so much to be said of the spontaneous outbursts of three friends who travel love and live; and the book is captivating in another way for its honesty For its unpretentious take on what Life is and what Life could be on the boundaries of love and friendship and on the ultimate tragedy of it all and on the way it so casually describes emotional revolutionCertainly different and far from technical perfection Jules et Jim is a passionate emotional read that both surprised and captivated me and that I am sure I will read again two or five or ten years from now and take another meaning from one less surprising but surely no less powerful

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PDF ç BOOK Jules et Jim ê [Download] ➹ Jules et Jim ➾ Henri-Pierre Roché – Helpyouantib.co.uk Jules arrives from Austria in belle epoue Paris where he is befriended by Jim Together they embark upon a riotously Bohemian life full of gaiety color and bustle And then there is Kate the enigmatic G Jules arrives from Austria in belle epoue Cusi Braue Satie and Picasso amongst his closest friends Jules et Jim an autobiographical novel was originally published in France in and was followed by Deux Anglaises et le Continent which Truffaut also made into a filmA delightful account of people sharing and unsharing each other Times Literary Supplement I liked it The language was simple short and to the pointapparently it's actually a 'social revolution' masuarading under pages full of lustThe word 'love' is thrown around uite a lot In my eyes Jules starts out as a pompous idiot but then matures into a man while the other two Kate Jim remain blissfully ignorant children completely prey to their wills and wantsUnlike a lot of books that I read this one was easy for me to rate I liked this book I didn't think it was amazing at all and I don't understand how someone could but I suppose we all have our own interpretationsIt's worth pointing out that in Britain Henri Pierre Roché is pretty unknownI see a few Italian reviews here though maybe it's studied in their schoolsthis like many other books I'll be reading in the coming weeks is part of my 'EuroFiction' moduleGood uick readWhy not give a chance see what you think

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Jules et JimJules arrives from Austria in belle epoue Paris where he is befriended by Jim Together they embark upon a riotously Bohemian life full of gaiety color and bustle And then there is Kate the enigmatic German girl with the mysterious smileCapricious untamed and curiously innocent Kate steals their hearts in turn Menage a uatreAt the heart of this novel is a menage a trois between two men Jules and Jim and various successive women Lucie and KateIt's told in the third person but I have a sneaking suspicion that Jules view spoilerno Jim no Jules no Jim hide spoiler