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The Bride TestS Seducing Khai however doesn’t go as planned Esme’s lessons in love seem to be workingbut only on herself She’s hopelessly smitten with a man who’s convinced he can never return her affectionWith Esme’s time in the United States dwindling Khai is forced to understand he’s been wrong all along And there’s than one way to love my initial reaction after finishing this was to gush about how cute the story is i love love love the diversity of characters and the autism representation i absolutely adore khai with every fibre of my being and seeing him grow was such a rewarding feelingthat being said i couldnt ignore a tiny nagging poke at the back of my brain after taking some time to think about it im not uite sure i adore this as much as i thought i did i still love khai and i think his character is someone who desperately needs to be written in the book world but its how everyone else acted towards him that i didnt like i felt like they were being extremely manipulative when it came to khais feelings and getting him to marry i get that sometimes people need an external push to get them out of their heads but i thought the story tried to showcase that manipulation in a positive if not loving way? i dunno im kind of conflicted about it might change the rating back to 4 stars if i decide its not as problematic as i currently think it ↠ 35 stars

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EBOOK Ö EPUB The Bride Test ë 9780451490827 FREE Ñ ❰Read❯ ➯ The Bride Test Author Helen Hoang – Helpyouantib.co.uk Khai Diep has no feelings Well he feels irritation when people move his things or contentment when ledgers balance down to the penny but not big important emotions—like grief AndKhai Diep has no feelings Well he feels irritation when people move his things or contentment when ledgers balance down to the penny but not big important emotions like grief And love He thinks he’s defective His family knows better that his autism means he just processes emotions differently When he steadfastly avoids relationships his He was ignoring everyone including her at this expensive wedding So he could read a novel about alien demon things My soulmateI am going to share this again closer to publication but after my experience with The Kiss uotient and how it uite literally changed my life I just couldn't wait to read this And I gave a lot of thought to my rating Five stars for a cute smutty romance? Really? But these books are very special to me and I think deep down they are actually a lot than cute smutty romancesThe Bride Test is about Khai Michael's cousin in The Kiss uotient He is Vietnamese American autistic and believes himself to be incapable of the emotions that matter Like grief Or love His overbearing but lovable mother decides to take action and find him a wife from Việt Nam That's where Esme Tran comes in After getting pregnant young she now desperately tries to support her daughter in the slums of Ho Chi Minh City She's mixed race and has long wanted to go to America to find her father When Cô Nga offers to pay for her visa and trip to California in exchange for her trying to seduce Khai she takes the opportunity Khai and Esme are fully fleshed out and adorable characters Khai is geeky and obsessive but as we would expect from an ownvoices author it does not come across in a faux uirky way His struggles and passion for his few interests are so genuine uân is also a real source of hilarity in this book; the dynamic between him and Khai makes for some very entertaining partsOn the surface Hoang has returned once again to sexual and romantic relationships where one character is autistic Khai is not a reincarnation of Stella from The Kiss uotient but is very much his own person and ASD affects him in uniue ways Esme must respect his boundaries just as falling for her is a learning experience for him The way these books bring sexiness to consent and mutual respect is wonderful And HOTBut I said on the surface because there's to this story as well Trust me when I say the author's note is an absolute must read The Bride Test is a sweet cute sexy and funny romance but it is also the story of an uneducated Vietnamese immigrant coming to the United States This aspect is loosely based on Hoang's mother's experiences and it is the tale of an incredibly brave woman defying the odds and clawing her way up from almost nothing Helen Hoang is making important waves one sweet sexy romance novel at a timeBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube ARC provided in exchange for honest review 💍

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Mother takes matters into her own hands and returns to Vietnam to find him the perfect brideAs a mixed race girl living in the slums of Ho Chi Minh City Esme Tran has always felt out of place When the opportunity arises to come to America and meet a potential husband she can’t turn it down thinking this could be the break her family need reading the romance finalists for the 2019 goodreads choice awardsbitch i am WEAKhelen hoang's writing makes the upstairs and the downstairs damp if u catch my drift ok i'll see myself out