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From every angle Vlad will have to use every Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Eleventh PDF ounce of his skill and training to survive but nothing can prepare him The Chronicles PDFEPUB or for what awaits him in the endWatch a Vide EDIT Changed Brewer's name and pronouns I'm surprised myself that Eleventh Grade Burns actually got an above two stars rating from me I'm glad that the story has picked up but it's a shame that it's taken the second to last book for me to get somewhat into this seriesIn Eleventh Grade Burns Vladimir Tod not only has to deal with his Junior year of high school but also his old vampire slayer friend Joss moving back a powerful vampire named Dorian who wants his half human blood and his uncle Otis's upcoming Elysian trial Vlad's got a lot to deal with this school year Not to mention D'ablo is still scheming on how to do him inPlotThe plot in Eleventh Grade Burns was much better than the other three books This one was much vampire oriented We spent less time with Vlad in school and time with him in Elysia and among other vampires This is honestly what I wanted in the beginning of the series Having a half human half vampire protagonist is cool but not when the main focus is on the human aspect of him There are plenty books about humans in high school people can read about the books in The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod should not have been one of themThis is also the book where the story finally moves forward In the previous books the story did move forward a little but not nearly enough We were given these threadbare plots for the previous books and it's only now that we've got a book with substance If I wasn't so adamant about finishing series then I would have given up the first or second book and I definitely wouldn't have made it this farWritingThe writing is around the same It is slowly getting better but you can still see the amateurishness in the text For example Brewer overuses phrases You can see a lot of young or inexperienced writers doing this Her editor should have caught that For Brewer he uses as is licked their lips and bit his lip way too much It was very noticeable Regular scenes where nothing is really going on are written okay but when it comes to scenes that reuire strong emotion Brewer falls short in this area There are scenes that are supposed to be tense sad high action etc but they aren't My complaints in the earlier books was that they had this monotonous tone throughout the entire book This also applies to Eleventh Grade Burns The plot in this book was exciting but the writing didn't reflect thatCharactersVlad is given the most screen time in Eleventh Grade Kills Before there was Otis and Henry but this book is most exclusively Vlad And yet I still don't like Vlad He has grown as a person I will concede that but he still comes off as a jerk He tugs Snow around by the heart because he's unsure and instead of telling her this he encourages her He also is a hypocrite getting mad at Nelly for thinking there's good in everybody especially Joss when he did and continued to do the exact same things I was glad to see that he was treating Henry a lot better but it shouldn't have taken Henry telling Vlad for him to figure it out himself I can appreciate Vlad as a character but I still don't like him because of his past actionsThings I Didn't LikeOnce again my main gripes come down to the prophecy and the vampire lore in this world We see of the vampire council but we still don't know anything about the actual powers of vampires where they came from what they are and aren't affected by and for what reasons etc There is little that we know about Brewer's vampiresMy other gripe is the prophecy Not only do I not like prophecies but I also don't like it when they are set in stone I can handle prophecies where they have a possibility of coming true but might not depending on the circumstances And what I don't get is why should any of the characters believe the prophecy will come true The prophecy also mentions that the Pravus is unkillable but Vlad is not any So why should we believe that things pertaining to the prophecy cannot change as wellDiversityPractically none of the characters are described but it is safe to assume they are all white even the oldest vampires Everybody is also straight and able bodied except D'ablo D'ablo is missing a hand so that does count as a disability but it's never really mentioned and he's the bad guy so I wouldn't really count thatOverallIf you couldn't tell by my three star rating I did like Eleventh Grade Burns better than its preuels I liked it well enough but I didn't really like it The way this series started off has soured me to the actual good parts of this book I'll just be happy when I finish the last bookHere is a link to my notes

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The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Eleventh Grade BurnsThings of Vladimir Tod Eleventh PDF or have taken a darker of Vladimir eBook #9734 turn for the half human teenager with an appetite for blood Joss a vampire slayer and Vlad's former friend has moved back to Bathory A myster I LOVED the end of this book It wasn't at all expected and as soon as I finished it I wanted Vladimir really matures throughout the course of the story and I think his character becomes a lot complex At the beggining I was a little unsure but by the end I cared for him so deeplyVlad matures a lot during the course of the story mostly emotionally Although he's a half vampire he's also a teenage boy He has a lot to deal with even excluding his vampire issuesI guess every high schooler faces simmilar issues but it's hard to understand without reading about it When Vlad is upset I really empathize with him and I can't help but feel his pain I've never been in love but seeing him having to hurt Meredith I feel almost like I haveI feel like love is an important theme in this book There's one line at the end Like Meredith Like Henry Like Joss Like Otis Like Nelly Everything Everything Vlad is listing all of the things he loves It seems weird out of context but it's actually very meaningful He loves all of those people but each in a different wayI understand that and there are many types of love I love my sister and my dad; both in different ways Although niether of those relationships are perfect I couldn't live without either of them Love and hate are close emotions and I don't always love my family But I do know that they'll always be there for meI think that Vlad feels simmilarly for Otis and maybe even Joss The author seems to want you to feel that Joss and Vlad can get along Although it does confuse me that at the end Joss tries to kill Vlad I know the character's motives but not the author's What message was she trying to conveyThe author obviously meant to inflict some theme I'm not sure exactly what that is but it must have to do with how relationships aren't always crystal clear They're always complicated and a lot of times don't work out the way you expect them to This actually applies to life in general Things never go exactly as planned and you have to live with them the way they areThis may be a hard concept to accept but it's true Vlad seems to be just getting to this toward the end of the story He's starting to just let things happen and I think that that is the primary change in his character It strengthens him as not only a character but as a personI think that most people in the real world realize this to and that is one of the main differences between a kid and an adult Children want things to go their way and who could blame them Adults on the other hand are better at just letting things happen Whether anyone ever truly realizes the extent of this is hard to say But life is full if you think you are controling it

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READER ½ DOC The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Eleventh Grade Burns ↠ 9780525422433 FREE Å ✷ [BOOKS] ✫ The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Eleventh Grade Burns By Heather Brewer ❁ – Things have taken a darker turn for the half human teenager witIous and powerful new vampire Dorian appears with a shocking secret and an overwhelming desire to drink Vlad's blood And Vlad's arch enemy D'Ablo has a sinister plan to eliminate Vlad once and for all With death threatening Why haven't I been reading this series already Vladimir Tod's story is a great vampire story nothing sparkles but Tod's half human half vampire nature leads him to claim to prefer to not drink human blood so kind of a vegetarian The Slayervampire conflict will resonate with any BuffyAngel fan but the bromance sorry I just couldn't help myself there will really appeal to male readers In this episode Vlad's struggle with his junior year in high school and the heartbreak he feels over breaking up with Meredith and the confusion over his feelings for Snow as well as his sense of loss over his friendship with Joss are normal everyboy things The vampire parts just add to the teen angst and the drama There's the Parvus prophecy vampires who want to kill him his uncle dating his aunt gross right and above all the Slayer's back Now I have to go read about eighth through tenth grade if you like vampire books that aren't too gory and don't sparkle you should tooARC provided by publisher