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FREE READ The Girl Who Came Home ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ [Download] ➾ The Girl Who Came Home Author Hazel Gaynor – A voyage across the ocean becomes the odyssey of a lifetime for a young Irish woman Ireland 1912 Fourteen members of a small village set sail on RMS Titanic hoping to fiAinful secret about the Titanic that she's harbored for almost a lifetime the revelation gives Grace new direction and leads both her and Maggie to unexpected reunions with those they thought lost long agoInspired by true events The Girl Who Came Home poignantly blends fact and fiction to explore the Titanic tragedy's impact and its lasting repercussions on survivors and their descendan. This review contains spoilers in the second paragraph Fans of romance novels might enjoy this book but it wasn't what I was expecting and not my taste As others have already said nothing new was brought to the Titanic story and much of the plot followed the footsteps of the James Cameron movie Long descriptive passages were often tedious and there was way too much repetition throughout the book I found myself skimming entire paragraphs which I almost never do The worst part for me was the predictability SPOILERS I knew very early in the book that Seamus was James I knew Grace would get back with Jimmy I knew the letters would turn up after the article was published I knew Peggy would somehow survive I knew the news article was going to be the greatest story ever written I knew Maggie would die at the end I even knew why Maggie liked to arrange the cookies on the plate before it was revealed It made me wonder how Grace could be so dense The two main characters were too virtuous and perfect to engage me The poor people had no flaws; the rich people had no virtues The plot was too neat and pretty and all the loose ends were tied up at the end with pretty strings that were intended to tug at your heart As far as romance novels go this one is relatively well written but not my cup of tea Maybe it will make a successful Lifetime movie

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A voyage across the ocean Who Came Kindle #209 becomes the odyssey of a lifetime for a young Irish woman Ireland Fourteen members of a small village set sail on RMS The Girl MOBI #207 Titanic hoping to find a better life in America For seventeen year old Maggie Murphy the journey is bittersweet Though her future lies in an unknown new place her Girl Who Came PDFEPUB #230 heart remains i. This book suffers from a short attention span It is supposed to be the story of Maggie a young Irish woman in 1912 about to travel on the ill fated Titanic; simultaneously it incorporates the story of Grace her granddaughter in 1982 As far as I can tell there is not much point to incorporating Grace into the story; Grace's father dies and she is having trouble moving on Maggie's story helps her get off her ass to be a little crass but I really don't see the point of having Grace in the story besides having the reader catch up with Maggie 70 years laterObviously the story is about the Titanic I've read my fair share of books about the Titanic most of it from the POV of passengers in first class This book offers a change in that the POV is from those in third class and a steward serving the third class cabins The main character Maggie is a 17 year old woman leaving her sweetheart behind in Ireland to travel to a new life in America along with 13 others in her little village The book mainly describes her experiences and bewilderment on board the Titanic and her amazement even at the little things since she has been so sheltered her entire lifeI enjoyed the description of life in third class but that was one of the few things I found enjoyable about this book I got this book for free on Kindle so I don't know if it is a formatting problem but a good half of the book was in italics Usually the italics don't bother me; they delineate flashbacks Now this is a problem because HALF THE BOOK WAS IN ITALICS Enough with the flashbacks of flashbacks of flashbacks already The book takes place in 1912 and in 1982 There were flashbacks in 1912 There were flachbacks of 1982 There were multiple points of view from a random sister of someone who happened to be the mother of someone else on the Titanic to a random aunt traveling along with themI have no problems with flashbacks I love getting insight and details into the main characters' lives and thoughts My main problem with the flashbacks in this book was that there were too many of them; I was not exaggerating when I say they literally take up half the novel This would not be a problem if not for the fact that most of them were irrelevant and did not much contribute to the storyline It's like in the middle of Maggie's tale sudenly we get a glimpse of the life of a random fellow traveler who didn't really contribute anything and so who the hell caresFurther the author seriously needs a grammar checker She also really needs to learn the use of a comma Useful little thing that

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The Girl Who Came HomeN Ireland with Séamus the sweetheart she left behind When disaster strikes Maggie is one of the few passengers in steerage to survive Waking up alone in a New York hospital she vows never to speak of the terror and panic of that fateful night againChicago Adrift after the death of her father Grace Butler struggles to decide what comes next When her great grandmother Maggie shares the p. Unfortunately sadly this review does begin with unfortunately with the centennial of the sinking of the Titanic there are a boatloadpun intended of books centering around that event and sadly this one brings nothing new to the storyI think if you've seen the movie Titanic you are already familiar with the general story even so much as what it was like in steerage as compared to first class I'm sad to say this doesn't really add anythingThis is a fictionalized event of fourteen people from a small Irish parish most of whom lost their lives The story is told through the eyes of one survivor but her story isn't really told and the modern story of her great granddaughter a young woman who makes her own drama and unhappiness should have simply been left out Grace the granddaughter didn't interest me as a character and every time the book shifted to her story I was irritatedThe storytelling is very choppy jumping from this character to that character and lots and lots and lots of telling instead of showing Just when the story was getting exciting it would stop and insert some other part of the story There was no flow to the story Since this is the story of a great loss of life it might have been interesting to actually experience that show us what that end might have looked like contrast it with the survivor's story That might have really improved the bookAlso only one family member who lost a loved one is actually described and that is only up to the time she finds the loss to be a reality It might have been nice to know what happened in her life how this affected her again in comparison with the survivorSpeaking of the survivor her story is never really told The actual story of how she ends up with whom she ends up with is just glossed over it all worked out we are told Again telling and not showingIf a reader knows absolutely nothing about Titanic they might enjoy this book Otherwise maybe notOverall I didn't much care for it