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Download How England Made the English Mobi ✓ 340 pages Ê Helpyouantib ´ [Reading] ➶ How England Made the English ➽ Harry Mount – Join Harry Mount on his journey through England as he uncovers the national characteristics behind the English look a liking for He edge of a vast land mass moored between the Atlantic and the North Sea warmed by the Gulf StreamBecause of all these things we drink too much we're bad at speaking foreign languages and we're shy particularly with the opposite sex But they also mean we're good at defending ourselves fascinated by nature and gardens obsessed with walking indifferent to comfort and determined to preserve the past THe most geologically varied small country in the world has produced its most idiosyncratic people and the English character and the landscape of that small country are inextricably linkedFrom the inside front cove A fascinating interesting well written read I had to push myself through certain parts of it the origins of rock for example but virtually every page had an insightful gem

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Als that made England too like the faint pink Aberdeen granite of the kerbstones and that precise English mix of air temperature smell and light that hits you the moment you touch down at HeathrowThis book spans new England as well as the rolling hills and patchwork landscape of Tourist Board England the hedge funder's taste for Victorian terraced houses turned into minimalist white boxes and the steel reinforced concrete that changed the English city horizon England and the English have been shaped by our weather geology and geography by being a coal rich England Made the PDFEPUB #193 northerly island off t This is a very gentle history of England and the English Do not look here for rough edges thoughtful criticism and review Here you find an England of rose flanked doors respectful tolerance and shy introspection The basic and probably legitimate premise of this book is that the physical nature of land nature and weather formed the idiosyncratic character of the English So England made the English rather than the other way aroundWell that’s a good idea – but how long has England and the English existed And is what the author identifies as “English” any than the product of Victorian success and 20th Centaury decline And is a Cornish Englishman the same as a Cumbrian And do Cumbrians really exist or are they ghosts of Cumberland and Westland I doubt that “English” is enough of a fixed entity to be able to pin down the factors that make them so to any one time place or environmental factorI don’t think you can have a book that openly admits that the geology of England is varied than almost anywhere else on Earth but still maintain that it is responsible in part for some overarching Englishness Clearly England’s geology has had and still has a profound impact on the economy of the country – but the dead coal villages of NE Somerset and Northumbria are really very very different despite clear but often unacknowledged similarities Now this book is interesting to read – even if I did want to argue with the author on many occasions – but some things really need to be tightened up a bit “Most of us living in the south of England share DNA with pure blood Celts” which would be of great interest if anybody could agree who the Celts were and even if they actually even existed as a distinct people “Bath the only naturally occurring hot springs in England” – really There are hot springs in nearby Bristol I could go on – but I think I have made my pointBut in the end I think it was the circularity of some of the arguments put forward in this book that I found most hard to cope with A love of ancient ruins is apparently a marker of Englishness because the English countryside has lots of them So where does this start They are there because they are valued or did they become valued because they were there So this seems to a flawed maybe inaccurate book which nonetheless does try to look at the now contested ground of EnglishnessI would suggest you try to read a few chapters before you press purchase

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How England Made the EnglishJoin Harry Mount on his journey through England Made the eBook #8608 as he uncovers the national characteristics behind the English look a liking for old things for smallness and gentleness a taste for the picturesue and the slightly shabby a preference for accidental natural beauty over grand human designs The book explains how the size of the fields is produced by male inheritance laws and the erratic ways of the rambling English hedge how the industrial revolution created the modern English waistline and why the Midlands became the home of the British curry It identifies the How England ePUB #10003 materi A fascinating compendium of facts that helped me understand why English towns architecture and gardens are the way they are and how geological features and weather patterns have shaped the country Some of it seems self explanatory an island nation is prone to isolationist policies hello Brexit; most industry was centered in the North so it remains a place of huge grimy cities like Manchester and Leeds But I learned a ton and all the so because I have been to and thus was able to picture many of the places Mount discusses The first few chapters are a little dry but Chapter 5 on English towns is a highlight and the book picks up from there There’s a knowing humor to Mount’s writing that even an outsider can appreciateSome favorite observations“This indifference to bad weather bleeds into the pleasingly unself indulgent side of the English along with its extreme Spartan edges including a positively masochistic taste for discomfort and rain and the ideal combination of the two – the camping holiday” “Where buildings become archetypally English is in the adaptation of those foreign architectural features – an example of our make do and mend hodgepodge approach to the visual arts our taste for the compromise over the grand projet and our preference for customizing other people’s ideas rather than creating our own” eg Italian inspired terrace houses“The English aren’t good at immaculate idealized beauty – whether it’s their clothes their art or their teeth The beauty that springs up unbidden from apparent neglect is their thing”“In England 100 years is nothing and 100 miles is enormous; in America it’s the other way round”