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kindle Æ Carb the fuck up Õ ebook read Ò helpyouantib é ☂ [PDF / Epub] ☁ Carb the fuck up By Harley 'Durianrider' Johnstone ✐ – There is no book like this EVER Ive had a uniue perspective over the last 30 years being interested in diet and health since I E the most important book you ever read regarding weight loss and lifestyle abundanc Durianrider aka Harley Johnstone is a total BOSS when it comes to pulling hot women getting fit and riding your bike epic distancesHe seems to have 2 total psycho stalkers who I even recognised in this review section haha You just have to google Harley Johnstone to find out who his 2 most loyal stalkers are Anthony Colpo and his bff Michael Hebo They are united by both being extremely jealous towards Harley aka Durianrider and it shows in their passionate video edits andor youtube videos about himHarley's grammar isnt all there but his advice and integrity sure are If you want the best advice then Durianrider is the man on the topics of health vegan weight loss cycling running and pulling babesI just hope I don't get stalkers like Harley has

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Eing interested in diet and health since I was 8 years old and very sick This will b Durianrider is an absolute legend He helped me get in shape with his no BS approach I see he has a few hater here in the comments section Just google 'Anthony Colpo' to see what a violent psycho Anthony really is Look at Colpo's website to see what a psycho Anthony Colpo really is He was arrested for a violent cowardly attack recentlyMAGISTRATES COURT OF SOUTH AUSTRALIACriminalPOLICE V COLPO ANTHONY FRANCISof Magistrate Fahey 13 March 2020SOUTH AUSTRALIA POLICE APP Y CLEGGANTHONY FRANCIS COLPO MR A MOFFAHearing Dates 13032020File Nos AMC 20 1477 Mr Anthony Colpo the assault to which you pleaded guilty is very seriousThe assault was violent and prolonged and caused injury I think you can be grateful there were not serious injuries involved No form of assault is acceptable Mr Colpo and there is nothing you can tell me which makes this understandable or acceptable In relation to that I am asked not to record a conviction In my view the nature of this assault means I cannot agree to that reuest A serious assault of this nature needs to be acknowledged by a conviction I will record a conviction

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Carb the fuck upThere is no book like this EVER Ive had a uniue perspective over the last 30 years b Highly recommended book for everyone to read who is interested in long term health and fitness I was really skeptic when I found Durianrider on YouTube I thought this is another smartypants who talks disrespectful about other fitness gurus online But he had some funny and very true comments on most of the important topics in fitness than I started to listen to him Than I watched another video than another than I read this book Harley is an amazing guy who is not shy to say it out loud how low carb and steroid diets are poising us and the planet 90% of the fitness gurus are paid by the meat and dairy industry fake and full natty Harley promotes a fully plant based mostly raw additionally added some cooked food vegan diet I can not thank you enough as you were my first inspiration to adapt a vegan diet