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EBOOK ï æ Hans Christian Andersen Iving in the moment The tale was first published December with The Snow ueen in Copenhagen Denmark by CA Reit I've never liked this story I didn't like it when I was a little kid and I don't like it now either Say what you want that it's philosophical and deep and a portrait of the fleeting nature of life but it's still depressing as hell I don't know maybe that's a personal thing I grew up in areas with some very old trees at the edge of forests and they were just a fixture of nature that wasn't necessarily sacred but still something to be respected If you're going to cut down a tree at least be compassionate about it In The Fir Tree we get nasty children stomping up and down on the tree's branches calling it names and eventually it's just discarded as firewood Talk about sadistic I'm not entirely sure why this was written as a Christmas story either To make materialistic people value things To evoke sympathy To cast some gloom on a traditionally cheerful holiday It was just sad The poor tree I mean lots of books write about death and the journey of life in similar ways for example Never Let Me Go but not exactly like this In this book it takes a completely innocent thing which has never harmed anyone or been greedy and subjects it to horrible behavior and rejection It's not the first Andersen story to take a darker route but it's definitely one of my least favourites of his

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FREE PDF à BOOK Grantræet ☆ ➮ [Ebook] ➩ Grantræet By Hans Christian Andersen ➺ – The tale is about a fir tree so anxious to grow up so anxious for greater things that he cannot appreciate living in the moment The tale was first published 21 December 1844 with The Snow ueen in Cope The tale is about a fir Zel One scholar indicates that The Fir Tree was the first of Andersen's fairy tales to express a deep pessimi Out in the forest stood a pretty little fir tree This story is disconcerting that cozy so if you're looking for a sweet Christmas tale then don't look to The Fire Tree It was one of my favourite Christmas reads this holiday season and one that I'd pick up again I found this vintage 1970s Harper Row edition at a local library and enjoyed the book design and illustrations along with the story first published in the 1840s

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GrantræetThe tale is about a fir tree so anxious to grow up so anxious for greater things that he cannot appreciate l I think I am going to have to stop reading anything by Hans Christian Andersen and go on to something light hearted and optimistic such as Russian literature perhaps insert icon for irony here But here goes The Fir Tree is a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen published in 1844 at the same time as his other deeply pessimistic tale The Snow ueen link here for my review And now I find I can't bear to relive this story in much detail in order to review it properly But I'll attempt to give a summary here and then commentThe Fir Tree starts with a bubbly enthusisatic young pine tree full of life and vigour stretching his branches up to see the whole world He wants to see everything and just can't wait to grow bigger Lots of other creatures and people come into the forest and admire him but still he looks forward to what will happen when he grows tall and strong He excitedly chats to everybody in the forest about his future view spoilerThen he is selected as the finest strongest pine tree and the first to be chosen and felled The axe cut deep into its pith and the tree fell to earth with a sigh It felt faint with pain and uite forgot to be happy It just felt sad at leaving its home where its roots were Never again would it see its friends the bushes and flowers perhaps not even the birds There was no joy in such a partingWhen the pine tree comes back to himself he is being sold as a Christmas tree And in the house he hears all the people saying Just wait for tonight Tonight it will really sparkle And the pine tree gets a barkache from sheer longing and wishes it were already the evening He loves being covered in candles toys tinsel and fruit but is a bit frightened by all the screaming and shouting and even so when some flames singe his needles He listens to a story which makes him think of the world outside I'll do it all better next time he thinks and starts to look forward to the next day when it will all happen all over again and he will enjoy it But of course it doesn't The story goes from bad to worseThe next day the pine tree is tossed into the attic where he only has mice for company He gets and lonely and jaded He feels very regretful and sorry for himself as over time his foliage gradually withers and his branches break off He yearns for the forest and wonders when he will be taken back there Eventually when he is almost unrecognisable he is taken back outside He loves to experience the sights and smells of nature he remembers so well Finally my life is beginning again he thinks 'This is the life' The tree shouted for joy and tried to stretch out its branches But all its needles were withered and yellowThe only mark of his former glory is the gold tinsel star which glitters in the sunshine Some children spot the golden star on the horrid old Christmas tree and tear it off and have fun stamping on the tree's branches until they snap Then a servant comes and chops up the tree for firewood It's all over all over' said the poor tree 'I should have have enjoyed myself while I had the chance It's all over over and done with'And the tree is thrown on the fire As it sighed and groaned the tree thought of a summer's day in the forest and a winter's night when the stars are shining It thought of Christmas Eve and Klumpy Dumpy the only story it had ever heard or knew how to tell and so the tree was burned to ash It was all over with the tree and the story too All stories must come to an end hide spoiler