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READ Münsters fall 108 Ü [PDF / Epub] ★ Münsters fall By Håkan Nesser – Vier Rentner feiern in einer Kneipe ihren Lottogewinn Reichlich angetrunken machen sich die vier auf den Heimweg Stunden später ist einer von ihnen tot hinterrücks erstochen in seiner eigenen Wohnun Vier Rentner feiern in einer Kneipe ihren Lottogewinn ReichliVier Rentner feiern in einer Kneipe ihren Lottogewinn Reichlich angetrunken machen sich die vier auf den Heimweg Stunden später ist einer von ihnen tot hinterrücks erstochen in seiner eigenen Wohnung Kommissar Münster übernimmt den Fall denn Kommissar Van Veeteren hat sich für ein Jahr beurlauben lassen und arbeitet in einem Antiuariat Doch keiner seiner Kollegen glaubt dass er von der Ermittlungsarbeit lassen kann. In this 6th book in the Swedish 'Inspector Van Veeteren series the detective's subordinate takes charge of a gruesome murder case The book can be read as a standaloneWaldemar Leverkuhn and three of his friends are thrilled to discover they've won the lottery and go out to celebrate Returning home drunk and exhausted Leverkuhn falls into bed only to be murdered in his sleep Chief Inspector Van Veeteren is on leave so his subordinate Inspector Munster is assigned the case Munster soon learns that Leverkuhn was stabbed 28 times and that one of his fellow lottery winners is missing uestioning potential witnesses reveals that Leverkuhn's wife was visiting friends on the night of the murder and other residents of his building claim to have heard nothing Leverkuhn's children are estranged from their parents and seem to know little about their lives In addition to having a stalled investigation married Inspector Munster is distracted by fantasies about his attractive co worker Ewa Moreno who is trying to shed a neurotic boyfriend To add to the Leverkuhn mystery a formidable woman living in his building also disappears Munster carries on and discovers some dark secrets related to the crimes My one uibble with the book is that this twist tends to be overused in crime novels All in all I enjoyed the story which is well written with interesting charactersYou can follow my reviews at

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Münster takes over the case because Commissioner Van Veeteren has taken a leave of absence for a year and works in a second hand bookshop But none of his colleagues believes that he can let go of the investigation work In fact Münster is soon consulting Van Veeteren because the case is becoming and mysterious So presents the victim's widow as perpetrator and makes a confession Van Veeteren is convinced that she is lyin. Although one of the books in author Hakan Nesser's Inspector Van Veeteren series the lead protagonist in this story is Van Veeteren's subordinate Inspector Munster Van Veeteren makes a few well timed cameos but otherwise is left to enjoy his sabbaticalFour older gentlemen find themselves the winners of a lottery with 20000 guilders the prize On the night the four friends meet to celebrate their win one of the four is murdered and another of them goes missingInspector Munster heads the investigation into the murder but is unsure that his friend's disappearance is related to the stabbing death There is little in the way of evidence and even fewer suspects It is a long and convoluted investigation The murder seems as if may go unsolved Is Munster up to the task

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Münsters fallUnd in der Tat holt sich Münster schon bald Rat bei Van Veeteren denn der Fall wird immer mysteriöser So präsentiert sich die Witwe des Opfers als Täterin und legt ein Geständnis ab Van Veeteren ist überzeugt dass sie lügtFour retirees celebrate their lottery win in a pub Drowned in drunkenness the four are making their way home Hours later one of them is dead stabbed in the back of his own apartment Commissioner. Some readers may feel cheated in that Van Veeteren is not the lead detective in this latest story number 6 in this series However he does hover and meet with Munster from time to time and he is often noticed in his absence and remembered for his sayings and methods In this way we learn about him and his team blossoms in his absenceA simple story of Shakespearean uality a clever mystery which exposes motives responsibility and love There is misdirection from the start but this baffling of the reader mirrors the confusion of the detective team Masterfully crafted insights into a dysfunctional family who seem reluctant to reveal their secretsTwo gruesome murders; lives changed forever but no one seems to have seen or heard anythingWhat I really like about Nesser's writing is its economy of words rich descriptions in setting of mood and character but always leaving the reader time to absorb the writingWhen the book finishes you are pleased about the time you have taken in his company having been entertained and had your mind exercised