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The Origin of the CrabsS had held him In panic he turned and tried to scramble up the slippery rockface But his feet could not Origin of the PDFEPUB #187 grip slowly he began sliding THE CRABSTo sum up giant crabs come out of nowhere and eat people alive right after they have sex and commit other evil acts It goes something like this Bob murdered his brother and is sleeping with his sister while in his spare time driving orphans out of their homes and strangling baby ducks with his hair He goes down to the Swamp That Everyone Says You Should Stay Away Fromtm one night to find some kittens to abuse and is suddenly eating alive begging for God to kill him by giant crabs who slurp up his intestines with great gustoSome other evil prick who injects poison into toothpaste breaks hunting laws and inflicts pain on trees while sexually abusing his grandmother hears about Bob going missing and goes to find him The crabs find him first and slice off his limbs one by one then his peepee then chitter malevolently as blood sprays into said guys face and once again he begs God to let him die as he is eaten aliveLather rinse repeat until it starts to get annoyingThen someone who is slightly less decadent and evil shows up and figures out a way to get rid of the crabs at least until the next bookThe term guilty pleasure has never been appropriate The story is crap with lots of sex and violence thrown in for titilation factor but I mean how else are you going to sell a book about giant crabs killing people Deep complex characters Plausible scientific explanations about how giant crabs could come into existence Writing than 100 pages Nah that would take effortTwo Crab books to read and I'm sure I won't uite be the same after that Maybe I'll settle down and read some Mack Bolan books instead

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Rouse suddenly let out a piercing of the Epub #224 SCREAM releasing him from the paralysis of sheer terror in which those malevolent red The Origin Kindle eye I really enjoyed it Better than the second one of the series which was still pretty good itself The most remarkable thing about it is that Smith has managed to keep the spirit of the series alive without running it into a ditch like what happened to Steve Alten's MEG seriesThe characters in this novel speculate that the crabs are the result of Soviet nuclear testing in the Arctic Apparently the radiation not only mutated the marine life north of the Hebrides but caused the crabs to flee from the danger zone south to ScotlandThe crabs have infiltrated Loch Merse McKechnie the villain who may actually have point of view scenes than the hero operates a hunting lodge nearby He is the laird lord of the area held in contempt by the villagers and the feeling is mutual Local bum and poacher Freddie Law is the first to be killed by the crabs McKechnie is disturbed because he believes the crabs will be bad for his hunting business He attempts to keep his guests away from the loch but refuses to explain why so the guests take matters into their own hands and go to the loch anyway You can imagine how that goes and one of the guests disappearsJohn Ryland the guest's brother shows up demanding answers McKechnie's mistress in town loses interest in McKechnie and becomes interested in RylandMcKechnie is the only one who knows for sure about the existence of the giant malevolent crabs Conveniently everybody else who has seen the crabs is consumed entirely unable to tell any tales McKechnie conceals any evidence at every opportunity and tries to detract from the truth or go after anybody who suspects him or the crabs When the crabs leave the loch and go on the offense against McKechnie's hotel it becomes difficult to hide any longerMcKechnie is such a jerk but it's pretty fun to read the lengths to which he'll go to keep the crabs a secret Ryland the good guy plays a somewhat smaller role compared to the laird or to Cliff Davenport of books one and twoOne of the interesting things about this book is the omniscient point of view which you don't come across very often any but Smith does a good job with it I wasn't crazy about the end otherwise I might have given this a fifth star

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kindle Ê The Origin of the Crabs Mass Market Paperback ß helpyouantib ✓ [BOOKS] ⚦ The Origin of the Crabs By Guy N. Smith – Rouse suddenly let out a piercing SCREAM releasing him from the paralysis of sheer terror in which those malevolent red eyes had held him In panBack down ever closer to that nightmarish form that was rapidly approaching its huge claws waving in the air its powerful jaws opening and closing in anticipati I've heard that Guy N Smith is seeing something of a revival Somehow I missed reading any of his books before even during my horror phases I saw this in a used book store and gave it a goOn a remote Scottish estate an evil laird controls the whole vicinity People begin to die killed by giant crabs One of the men's brother comes into town and starts to investigate It's a lot like a late era Hammer or AIP horror movie in print Pretty good if you like that kind of thing