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The ruling Asharites of Al Rassan have of Al PDF #9734 come from the desert sands but over centuries seduced by the sensuous pleasures of their new land their stern piety has eroded The Asharite empire has splintered into decadent city states led by warring petty kings King Almalik of Cartada is on the ascendancy aided always by his friend and advisor the notorious Ammar ibn Khairan poet diplomat soldier until a T. The Lions of al Rassan is a sweeping historical epic that examines the price of war the deadly toll on lives that can occur when religion and politics meet and clash the seemingly endless give and take between Christians Muslims Jews the power that certain charismatic individuals can exert during times of tumult and change and just as important as everything i've mentioned the nature of love and of friendship its cast features El Cid and Ibn Ammar; it is set during Moorish Spainactually no it isn't set there and those characters are nowhere to be found in this novel and yet Moorish Spain Ibn Ammar and El Cid the history of conflict between Jews and Muslims and Christians are exactly what Kay is using as his templates it is a rather ingenious idea instead of having to worry about getting everything just right each historical detail and each character's deeds and traits why not just use them all as inspiration and recreate a world anew and so the novel is considered a fantasy because it takes place in an alternate reality that has two moons as well as a boy with psychic powers but hey that can happen right here in this dimensioni have a GR bookshelf called Into the Past in which i place books that are some sort of historical fiction The Lions of al Rassan is on that shelf mainly due to how this novel perfectly and beautifully Kay is a gorgeous writer evokes its time period but recreating Moorish Spain and paying homage to fascinating historical figures are not the novel's goals this is a romantic saga that illustrates the best and the worst of mankind; the details of a past milieu are really not its overriding concern those details are all backdrop what it is is wonderful wish fulfillment at its purest heroes who are wise witty brave kind a heroine who is strong empowered brave kind a story full of battles big and small complicated political machinations and complicated villains vivid supporting characters a richness that is rich because in many ways it is timeless its narrative is thrilling and melancholy and brutally clear eyed and sweetly sentimental in eual parts its prose is elegant and has such a lovely flowing feel to it its themes are genuinely adult themes it sees the need for change and yet mourns all the beautiful things buried by time it is full of anger and gentlenessat the heart of its story is the idea that people can actually come together respect and love each other move past their differences while respecting those differences how people can truly see each other as brothers and sisters they can come together in romantic love they can come together as teachers and students they can come together as a family and most of all they can come together in friendship as euals the novel features one of the most heartfelt and tragic bromances i've read in a while but it is not just about the boys it also features a very real and very independent woman at its core all three characters are splendid creations for me the best thing about their complicated relationship is how necessary each of them is to the other at different points in the novel each of the three characters will save the life of somone dear to another of those three characters this was a beautiful thing a resonant thing a timeless thing humans can rise above their baser instincts they can be than just pawns or animals or people who keep their heads down while others fall we can save each other's lives we can i know we can if not then why even be alive

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The Lions of Al RassanHer feelings is Jehane the accomplished court physician whose Lions of Al Kindle #180 own skills play an increasing role as Al Rassan is swept to the brink of holy war and beyondHauntingly evocative of medieval Spain The Lions of Al Rassan is both a brilliant adventure and a deeply compelling story of love divided loyalties and what happens to men and women when hardening beliefs begin to remake or destroy a world. You will fall in love with one of the characters in this book I absolutely guarantee it The only uestion is with whom Will it be with the flamboyant Ammar ibn Khailan poet spymaster kingslayer warrior With Jehane strong and stubborn doctor Perhaps with Miranda so beautiful and ueenly even when managing a horse ranch Or with proud Rodrigo the Scourge of Al Rassan brave virtuous faithfulOr will it be with one of the minor characters Starstruck Alvar alluring Zabira the wise Ishak or his loving wife Perhaps you'll be won over by Lain an his cheerful blasphemies the twins Diego with his strange gift and Fernan with his filial devotion or by ueen Ines' and her domineering passionsI had never read anything by Guy Gavriel Kay only knew him as the hand behind The Silmarillion He is a master storyteller a world weaver like few others and his skillful pen draws for us characters we would love to share a meal a bed a life a world withIn the end this book is a sad one an evocation of how when the world turns some rise up while others must be ground down Al Rassan renews itself leaving behind its old skin and in doing so reveals that it is much too small for four people of such heroic proportions The people you fall in love with die in this book and it's not suprising what is is that it is so very hard to let goI will return to al Rassan one day no doubt about it Do yourself a favor and read this book NOW

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Read & download ↠ The Lions of Al Rassan 109 É ☃ [PDF / Epub] ☂ The Lions of Al Rassan By Guy Gavriel Kay ✑ – The ruling Asharites of Al Rassan have come from the desert sands but over centuries seduced by the sensuous pleasures of their new land their stern piety has eroded The Asharite empHe Lions PDFEPUB or summer afternoon of savage brutality changes their relationship foreverMeanwhile in the north the conuered Jaddites' most celebrated and feared military leader Rodrigo Belmonte driven into exile leads his mercenary company southIn the dangerous lands of Al Rassan these two men from different worlds meet and serve for a time the same master Sharing their interwoven fate and increasingly torn by. Perhaps it’s incipient dementiaI’ve lost too many brain cells to time and American TV but I just don’t get the GGK “love” evinced by many of my GR friends I struggled through the first 100 pages of this book and seriously considered giving up entirely but I persevered to the end albeit skimming through many pages and left profoundly unimpressedUpon reflection my difficulty with the novel is that at no point did the writing engage me I didn’t find the alternate Medieval Spain all that inventive; I didn’t find the characters all that interesting The story had moments of interest but overall I felt cynically manipulated at every pointPoints that made it impossible to enjoy this bookThe setting Medieval history – particularly the very era when the Reconuista was getting underway – was my focus in college and in my post graduate studies Kay has done his homework but rather than using that knowledge to inform a true alternate history of Spain or a world with a Moorish flavor we have a world where the names have been changedand that’s it We have “al Rassan” for “al Andalus” “Esperaña” for “Spain” the “Majriti” for “Berbers” “Jaddites” for “Christians” “Asharites” for “Muslims” you get the ideaThe characters Two points to make here One is that our heroes and heroines are simply too good to be believed – Rodrigo Ammar Jehane Miranda They’re brilliant understanding and “oh so tragic” And the bad guys are little better A shade gray eg Almalik ibn Almalik or Yazir ibn ’arif but not much I felt like I was being hit over the head with their awesomeness as well as with their angst over the terrible dilemmas they found themselves in The in your face nature of the writing made it impossible for me to get into the story or to give a damn about the charactersPoint two is that Rodrigo et al sound and act like 2021st century people There was never a moment when I felt I was in the mind of a man or woman born and raised in a Medieval or Medievalish world unlike my reading of Sheri Holman’s A Stolen Tongue There I could identify with or at any rate understand Fra Felix’s motivations and actions but they were wholly informed by Medieval premises and I was in a thoroughly alien world The same is true of William Golding’s Scorpion God where we’re transported to a Stone Age tribe Old Kingdom Egypt and late Republican RomeThe sex scenes Like a lot of the book they were just too good to be true and cringe inducingThe technology This really only irked me in two places as otherwise there was nothing obviously anachronistic and both had to do with the medical technology of the period Jehane’s father – Ishak a celebrated physician – performs a successful Caesarian section and a successful brain surgery Though Muslim and Jewish ie Asharite and Kindath medical knowledge was – relatively speaking – light years beyond any Christian ie Jaddite lore I just couldn’t buy itAnd on that topic and related to the unbelievable awesomeness of the characters – there was a scene where Kay could have introduced an element of humanity into Jehane’s character One of the vile villains – Garcia de Rada – suffers a whip lash Jehane much against her inclination offers him advice on how to make sure it doesn’t fester because her Oath of Galinus otherwise known as the Hippocratic Oath demands that she offers succor to anyone Why couldn’t we have seen a flaw in her character A point where even her oath isn’t going to make her let Garcia suffer less Rather than making me dislike her it would have made her realWhewis there anything good I can say about the book I did give it two stars after allNot really I may become generous as the immediacy of my reading lessens but the novel is just “okay” in my book I wish I could share in the enthusiasm of many of my GR friends and I’ll still take their ratings recommendations and reviews seriously but I can’tI don’t know if I want to give Kay another chance I’m still intrigued by the idea behind Tigana for example but I’m not sure I could endure the writing style againI think I’m going to go off now and write a review of a book I that’s than “OK”