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Read & download ¹ Abduction 102 ☆ ➹ [Reading] ➻ Abduction By Gillian Jackson ➮ – A heart wrenching kidnapping thriller Perfect for fans of Cara Hunter Liane Moriarty LJ Ross and Lisa Jewell What do you do when the unthinkable happens 8 August 2000 A carefree birthday party goes ho A heart wrenching kidSe going crazy Could Grace really have returned And if she has where was she taken ABDUCTION is a page turning kidnapping mystery which confronts every parent’s worst nightmare This emotional psychological thriller will stay with you long after the pages have turne. I was so excited to read this as the premise sounded pretty uniue and I’ve never read anything by this author before However I was pretty disappointed by the whole experience If I’m honest I just didn’t think the writing was very strong If you didn’t read the character name at the start of each chapter you would have no idea at all whose perspective it is all of the characters talk and think exactly the same as everyone else The dialogue was odd very flat and monotone and also completely unlike how real people actually talkI also really wasn’t impressed by the plot It dragged on endlessly and then suddenly all got resolved right at the end with a massive dump of information This was unnecessary though as it was blindingly obvious who played a part in the kidnapping from the very beginning Overall a real disappointed My advice save your time and don’t bother

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Rl never returns Three year old Grace has vanished without a trace Fourteen years later With the case long since gone cold Grace’s family have done their best to move on But her sister Elise has never given up hope And now Elise thinks she may have found her Is Eli. If this is the revised version I shudder to imagine the state this book was in before any revisions GoodnessI am not impressed in the least with the presentation It's an utter mess and I saw in other reviews that I'm not the first person to mention this either so why has or the publisher or the author not fixed it I PAID for this but sadly left it too long on my Kindle before starting it so couldn't put a refund reuest inLet's hope she releases ANOTHER revised edition but in the meantime I'd give this a wide swerve I purchased August 2016 and the so called revision was meant to be January 2016UPDATE 7th March 2017The author DID revise the book in January 2016 but thanks to transposing the date to 1916 it didn't get put through until September so I bought the unrevised version She's kindly sent me a proofread PDF copy and I'm now revisiting Revised review to followUPDATE 10th March 2017Yayyyy the revised version WAS revised and I got to finish this terrific story The whole reading experience was so totally different A pleasure instead of a chore It really makes such a difference Instead of being irritated you look forward to reopening the storyI guessed wrong altogether as to what had happened and who was involved which is good I prefer to be surprised It certainly illustrates just how an abduction or death can affect the whole family dynamics as it did in this case There's little I can say without writing spoilers and I'm not doing that Well worth me revisiting and thankyou to the author for sending it across

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AbductionA heart wrenching kidnapping thriller Perfect for fans of Cara Hunter Liane Moriarty LJ Ross and Lisa Jewell What do you do when the unthinkable happens August A carefree birthday party goes horribly wrong The children scatter to play hide and seek But one little gi. I received a free e copy of Abduction by Gillian Jackson from NetGalley for my honest reviewEvery parents worst nightmare The kidnapping of a three year old from her very own birthday party Then there is a sighting in a supermarket of the missing girl The missing girls sister is convinced that it was her but no one believes her A story written with such intense emotion that you feel the pain I also enjoyed that it is told from several points of view