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Верный РусланR who writes anything in this country is made to feel he has committed a crime” Georgi Vladimov said Dissident he said is a word that “they force on you” His mother a victim of Stalin’s anti Semitic policy had been interred for two years in one of the camps from which Vladimov derived the wrenching detail of Faithful Ruslan The novel circulated in samizdat for than a decade often attributed to Solzhenitsyn before its publication in the West led to Vladimo. I felt like this book was fine but I didn't love it It was uite effective at creating a relatively captivating story at points where I felt that the dog voice was authentic insofar as a dog voice can be But it was confusing about whether the dog understands humans or not and various other anomalies that made the narrator inconsistent Of course the point of the book is not to be a strong novel necessarily but to be a critiue of the brutality of the system and the way that the system coopted and corrupted those who were used by that And in that respect the book was uite effective I thought the translation was good and the tone was probably about right although I have not read this book in Russian I also liked that Glenny is genuinely interested in the history and background and setting of this novel and I think that care shows Nonetheless I wouldn't necessarily recommend this book to anyone except those friends interested in that period of Soviet literature as it is not an amazing novel in itself Interesting though

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Read & Download Верный Руслан ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☂ Верный Руслан Author Georgi Vladimov – Unavailable for twenty years this harrowing allegory of obedience to authority is esteemed as “one of the defining literary teV’s harassment and exile A starving stray tortured and abandoned by the godlike “Master” whom he has unconditionally loved Ruslan and his cadre of fellow guard dogs dutifully wait for the arrival of new prisoners but the unexpected arrival of a work party provokes a climactic bloodletting Fashioned from the perceptions of an uncomprehending animal Vladimov’s insistently ironic indictment of the gulag spirals to encompass all of Man’s inexplicable cruelt. I come late to things in life Or maybe things come late to me since I'm here all prepared for the typical and standard life things that are supposed to happen job house family but here I am with 2 out of 3 and nary a hint of the last in the trinity of a life properly livedanyway there is a set order to things that was ingrained in my young mind a procession and losing that structure had made me feel lost What next Does it matter Why do I get worked up over anything when nothing comes of it in the end The end the end the end of my story Poor Ruslan who lived a life of Service that ultimately betrayed him Poor me Not yet I have time to find or flex

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Unavailable for twenty years this harrowing allegory of obedience to authority is esteemed as “one of the defining literary texts of the post Stalin period” The GuardianSet in a remote Siberian depot immediately following the demolition of one of the gulag’s notorious camps and the emancipation of its prisoners Faithful Ruslan is an embittered cri de coeur from a writer whose circumstances obliged him to resist the violence of arbitrary power “Every write. oh my godwhat a fantastic book don't get me wrong it is insanely sad but for most of the book it is sad in the way it is sad when you are still desperately in love with someone who has lost interest in you and moved on there is a masochistic pleasure in the depths of your misery as you tail wag your way around them trying to rekindle the love you know is still in thereit is sad and desperate and demeaning but there is a spark of hope that makes it all worthwhilefor a lot of the book this is ruslan this is a he's just not that into you story that takes place between a dog and a prison guard after one of stalin's gulags has been dismantled and in a genius move the dogs trained to guard corral and attack prisoners when the need arose were set free into the woods and the town still trained with highly specific skills and loyal to one masterand ruslan wants his master backincidentally stalin was a serious dick i don't know if you know that but man what an assholetorn between his duty and loyalty and the most basic struggles for survival he remains true to his training despite seeing other former prison dogs eventually succumb to the comforts of food and shelter and civilian life but for ruslan the camp and its strictures is his entire life duty is everythinghe moves through the town translating everything he sees through the filter of his training wondering when the guards are going to come back and whip all these prisoners into shape for their transgressionsit is a killer novel there are so many scenes that are powerful and shocking and i don't even want to talk about it because it is so short and this neversink series is 22 for me and i want you all to go out and get them all and be wowedi mean it is a dog POV which can turn some people off but it's a dog with a highly intelligent mind and a narrow worldview many times ruslan had noticed that humans often did things that they didn't like and without any compulsion something that no animal would ever do it was significant that in ruslan's hierarchy the highest rank was held by the masters who always knew what was good and what was bad; next in order were dogs while prisoners came last of all although they were bipeds they were still not uite people none of them for instance would dare give orders to a dog yet their lives were partly controlled by dogs in any case how could they give sensible orders when they were all so stupid they were obviously stupid because they kept on thinking that there was some sort of better life far away from the camp and beyond the forests a piece of nonsense that would never enter the head of a guard dog as if to prove their stupidity they would run away and wander alone for months perishing with hunger instead of staying in camp and eating their favorite food prison gruel for a bowl of which they were prepared to slit each others' throats and when they did return looking abashed they would still go on thinking up new ways to escape poor fools they were never never happy wherever they werethis is a perfect example of a wild intelligence marred by a pinpoint perspective which in a human could be termed propaganda but in a dog is just rigorous trainingand there's this part nah better notbut i can talk about it graphically this is a beautiful cover but a little misleadingthe whole time i was reading i was picturing ruslan as some kind of german shepherd dog after i read the book i did a little GIS ing and this is what ruslan's breed looks like other words the biggest dog in the entire world oh my god can you imagine being herded by a group of dogs like that i like dogs and i am terrified of how big that dog is i would be the best prisoner ever to avoid being tackled by a dog like thatso yeahgood bookcome to my blog