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PDF ↠ BOOK The Martini Shot FREE ¿ GEORGE PELECANOS ó ❰BOOKS❯ ✭ The Martini Shot Author George Pelecanos – Helpyouantib.co.uk Short stories and a novella from one of crime fiction's most revered writersGeorge Pelecanos gets inside the minds and hearts of a cast of indelible characters fromI to Brazil only to be thrown off his game by a kid from the local slum An aging loser takes a last stab at respectability by becoming a police informant A Greek American couple adopts an interracial trio of sons and then struggles to keep their family together giving us a stirring bit of background on one of Pelecanos' most beloved protagonists Spero Lucas In the title novella which takes its name from Hollywood slang for the last shot of the day the one that comes before the liuor shots begin we go behind the scenes of a television cop show where a writer gets caught up in a drama real than anything he could have conjured for a scrip While there is a fantastic novella in this collection the titled Martini Shot the rest of the short stories here are middling at best While reading this collection of shorts I realized something There are people who can write short stories people who can write full length novels and then there's that rare breed of writer who can do both with eual effectiveness Pelecanos unfortunately is not that rare breed The full length novel is his bread and butter and after reading this collection of stories he should probably stay with that

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Short stories and a novella from one of crime fiction's most revered writersGeorge Pelecanos gets inside the minds and hearts of a cast of indelible characters from the adoptive parents of Spero Lucas trying to expand and redefine their family to a young boy involved in a drug deal gone bad to a 1930s immigrant dishwasher facing down a corrupt Pinkerton agent In the novella The Martini Shot Pelecanos takes readers behind the scenes of a cable TV cop show where a writer gets caught up in drama real than anything in a script Crackling with energy these stories bring readers to a new understanding of humanity modern life and circumstances My introduction to the fiction of George Pelecanos is The Martini Shot A Novella and Stories I knew Pelecanos as a writer producer on HBO's The Wire Treme and The Deuce all as close to novels for television as can be and great American novels at that This collection includes a novella published in 2015 about a writer producer on a cable TV cop show as well as six previously published short stories and one new one The novella was a light day at the gym compared to the gritty workouts that the short stories put me through but every story is emotionally compelling detailed and exposes life in parts of America shunned by most novelists The Confidential Informant from DC Noir 2006 Verdon Coates looks to generate income as an informant tipping the homicide detective he works for with just enough information to apprehend the shooter in an unsolved murder case while keeping his involvement confidential enough not to attract attention as a snitch While mired in gritty detail about life for a man living from moment to moment on the streets this story has heart and tremendous depth for its length with Verdon hoping his efforts will make his Vietnam veteran father proud of him for a change Four stars Chosen from The Cut 2011 Evangelos Van Lucas a real estate investor of Greek descent is convinced by his wife Eleni to begin a foster family after she experiences complications with the birth of their daughter Over the years they add three black infants to their family but even love and education are no guarantees all of their children will prosper particularly with a drug epidemic in the city Like The Confidential Informant Pelecanos demonstrates just as much understanding of family dynamics and the effect of drugs on relationships as he does for what's going on in the streets Five stars They named him Spero and brought him home the next day Upon entering the house Eleni took a photograph When it was developed it showed Spero still in the car seat Irene and Dimitrius off to the side Leonidas with his arm around his new baby brother Van down on one knee broadly smiling and Shilo sniffing at the new arrival in the foreground Behind them through the double glass doors of the family room there was a thick wall of clouds and though it was midday a light appeared to wink in the gray sky Van said it was the camera flash reflected in the glass Eleni claimed it was a start She would not tell him what she truly believed that the light was a kind of eye That there was something out there watching them and watching over them this family of six String Music from Murder at the Foul Line 2006 High school student Tonio Harris finds his life threatened from little than winning a game of pickup basketball Chased from a nightclub by the losing crew Tonio crosses paths with Sergeant Peters a veteran beat cop who knows his hardworking single mother and has been vouched for as being all right The story alternates points of view between Tonio and Sgt Peters and builds terrific suspense illuminating a world where wounded pride or the wrong word at the wrong time can end a life Five stars When You're Hungry from Unusual Suspects 1996 Mexican American John Moreno an independent contractor specializing in international retrieval arrives in Recife Brazil to investigate the disappearance of a man spotted in the resort town by a neighbor after the man's wife was awarded a two million life insurance settlement in his death I love a story about a character good at his or her job and this is one with Pelecanos demonstrating just as much finesse with a story set in Brazil as he does with those in DC The ending grabbed me by the collar Five stars Miss Mary's Room Tim is a white kid who recounts his friendship with another white boy named Pat and Pat's widowed mother respectfully known as Miss Mary Separated from the smart kids and designated tough kids early on Tim and Pat start smoking and peddling weed at age fourteen Sitting in on a buy with their dealer their friendship and lives never go back to what they were This is another story where Pelecanos brings to bear tremendous detail about life on the streets but at the same time includes a social consciousness and focus on how drugs and violence affect low income families The ending is another heart wrencher Five stars The police in this county here are all about catching kids in the act of smoking like it's some kind of high crime They even got plainclothes Spanish guys young dudes who look like they could be in high school busting Latino kids who smoke in the woods Young black and white police do the same to their own kind Meantime if you are one of those nerd boys you are pretty much safe even if you partake in the sacrament yourself The smart kids the ones who been protected their whole lives can go off to college and smoke all the weed they want in their dorm rooms Shit is damn near legal for them Just like it was for their parents Plastic Paddy from Men From Boys 2003 An unnamed narrator recounts an evening from his youth in the mid 1980s with his buddy Paddy O'Toole née John Tool a body shop worker whose major hobbies seem to be Irish culture and blow After hanging at a pub with college pal of theirs who mocks Paddy for his interests as much as temperament Paddy and the narrator head to Langley Park to score cocaine in a decision that seems disastrously bad from the start While the aftermath may not be as tragic as some of the other stories Pelecanos draws such a memorable portrait of Paddy and guys I knew like him in high school Four stars The Dead Their Eyes Implore Us from Measures of Poison 2002 In the mid 20th century twenty eight year old Greek immigrant Bill née Vasili recounts his immigration to the US and how blood got under his fingernails Ultimately finding work as a busman at a fancy hotel Bill befriends a gregarious white waiter uietly attempting to organize the workers An ill tempered new waiter is revealed to be a strike busting Pinkerton detective and when Bill's co worker is found in the Potomac he takes the law into his own hands Pelecanos brings historical detail suspense and strong point of view to this story which might be my favorite Five stars The Martini Shot Victor Ohanian is a writer producer on a cable TV cop show shooting in a state with generous tax incentives for film production but a rough local element Between rewrites for the show's diva lead and bouts of compassionate fucking with the show's art director Annette who Vic is genuinely enad with as she is of him he makes inuiries into the shooting death of Skylar Branson a young Texan who ran the electrical crew and with his girlfriend sold weed on the side to the crew This novella bops along with terrific behind the scenes detail into TV production and a little criminal intrigue but the set romance between Vic and Annette is the stand out Four stars Unlike my marriage hers had ended voluntarily Her spouse had been a carpenter who worked on set construction for features They'd met on a show in Wilmington North Carolina when Annette was an assistant in the art department on a Dino De Laurentiis production Steve had never outgrown his fascination with the muscle car culture of his youth He'd flipped his vehicle broke his neck and burned to death in a street race on a foggy two lane ten years ago I knew she'd loved him very much There were many photographs of Steve in her hotel room She loved him stillSteve and Annette had not had children and now at forty four she knew her maternal ship had sailed Like me she had become a professional wanderer a hotel dweller without roots a person with tired eyes who worked seventy hour weeks It was hardly a healthy atmosphere in which to raise a childFilm and television productions were like circuses that arrived in town and brought excitement to the locals for a short period of time We came and went leaving the straights to their families their backyard barbecues their churches their nine to fives We've got sawdust in our veins I'd heard that expression muttered by my co workers countless timesGeorge Pelecanos earned his spot in the Screenwriter's Hall of Fame for his work on The Wire including Season 3 teleplays for Hamsterdam and Slapstick which dealt with a besieged Balti police major who legalizes drugs in his district If this book is any indication his fiction is just as strong; fluid prose honest dialogue terrific detail into worlds I barely know I found myself on the same page with Pelecanos on politics sex and race particularly how drug laws disproportionately target low income communities He deals with these three subjects honestly and humanely as opposed to pretending they don't exist in America

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The Martini ShotThat stack the deck against people who are just trying to make a decent life for themselves Gritty sexy fast paced humane THE MARTINI SHOT is Pelecanos at his very bestWhether they're cops or conmen savage killers or creative types gangsters or God fearing citizens George Pelecanos' characters are always engaged in a fight for their lives They fight to advance or simply to survive; they fight against odds against enemies even against themselves In this his first collection of stories the acclaimed novelist introduces readers to a vivid and eclectic cast of combatantsA seasoned claims investigator tracks a supposedly dead man from Miam I'd rate this 35 starsGeorge Pelecanos has been one of my favorite crime writers for a number of years now I've read everything he's written and I'm always blown away by the crackling action scenes his exploration of racial tensions and his opening up a new perspective on the Washington DC of the 1970s and 1980s I also love the complexity of his characters—much like real life no one is completely good or bad which makes them tremendously compellingThe seven stories in Pelecanos' first collection The Martini Shot boast many of the same characteristics which make his novels so appealing For the most part these aren't the happiest of stories as each of the main characters is struggling with something—addiction greed violence guilt—or often than one of these And although you can often figure out the path these stories will take Pelecanos' writing ability raises them up a notch or twoSome of my favorites included Miss Mary's Room where a young man remembers the carefree days of his youth and a close friendship before crime changed everything; When You're Hungry about an insurance investigator who travels to Brazil to find an allegedly dead man but finds his perfect case closure record may be in jeopardy among other things; Plastic Paddy which illustrates how letting your friends see you vulnerable is never good for your friendship; and Chosen which provides some back story on Spero Lucas a character from a few of Pelecanos' most recent novels This story reminded me how I'm than ready for another Spero Lucas novel—hope that's next from PelecanosThe collection also contains a novella The Martini Shot which goes behind the scenes of a television crime show and follows one of the show's writers probably loosely based on Pelecanos' own involvement with The Wire But this is just than a you are there type of story as the writer finds himself caught between the woman he loves and the trouble a friend finds himself in Even though the story was tied up at the end I found this really interesting and would have loved to keep reading thisThere wasn't anything I didn't like about the collection; I just wasn't blown away by every story I felt as if a few duplicated themselves a bit and some didn't grab me as much the other stories or other Pelecanos novels have in the past His excellent storytelling ability is on display but some of the stories needed a little time to developIf you've never read anything by George Pelecanos you need to remedy that While this collection isn't his best work it's still a great example of why he's one of my favorite writers—and why I can't wait for his next book to come out even if it's a year or so awaySee all of my reviews and other stuff at