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kindle ß The Evil ueen × Kindle Edition read ¶ helpyouantib ✓ ➥ [Ebook] ➠ The Evil ueen By Gena Showalter ➯ – WELCOME TO THE FOREST OF GOOD AND EVILA DREAM COME TRUEAND A LIVING NIGHTMAREFar far away in the realm of Enchantia creatures of legend still eWELCOME TO THE FOREST OF GOOD AND EVILA DREAM COME TRUEAND A LIVING NIGHTMAREFar far away in the realm of Enchantia creatures of legend still exist magic is the norm and fairy tales are real Except fairy tales aren’t based on myths and legends of the past they are prophecies of the futureRaised in the mortal realm Everly Morrow has no ide this is either going to be the best thing ever or it's gonna totally suck there is no in between that for this my fingers are crossed that it's the best thing everFollow Me Here Too My Blog || Twitter || Bloglovin' || Instagram || Tumblr

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A she’s a real life fairy tale princess until she manifests an ability to commune The Evil Kindle with mirrors Look See What will one peek hurtSoon a horrifying truth is revealed She is fated to be Snow White’s greatest enemy the Evil ueenWith powers beyond her imagination or control Everly returns to the land of her birth There she me Hello My Darklings Welcome to Enchantia the land of myths magic and mystical creatures It's the place make believe is made of Realms based on fairytales with its people living out the stories one day and battle at a time One day in Oklahoma Everly finds out that her life is not what it appears to be She was born with a destiny and it's time to take her rightful place amid the legend of Snow White and The Evil ueen What part will she play Is she good or evil And is she strong enough to find out Right this moment fresh from reaching the end of this book I'm eagerly anticipating the next one I'm hooked on all things Roth and I NEED MOREThe Evil ueen could also be referred to as The Seven Sins of Everly I swear this young lady wanted and needed and craved it all⭐ Sloth she wasn't well liked she didn't like it but she did nothing about it but complain and pout She actually exacerbated the issue and still found cause for complaint⭐ Pride when she found out she had mystical power despite the warnings she was proud of what she could do and did it anyway regardless of the cost Then whined about it afterwards⭐ Greed she hoarded power and if she had her way she alone would have any⭐ Gluttony see above point; add in the fact that the she had the she wanted Enough was never enough⭐ Envy she had green eyes for anyone who possessed something she didn't have Being a sorceress was her greatest boon because she could just syphon what she wanted I guess this goes with Greed and Gluttony as well⭐ Lust not only for power but also for Roth When you meet him you won't blame her⭐ Wrath irrational scorn justified rage and generally mad at the world That was Everly I agreed with her reasons not all of her methodsI can imagine a lot of people hating Everly I know that there were moments when I did She constantly rubbed me the wrong way tempting me to throw my kindle to get her to stop her nonsense Like that was going to make it all go away 🤣🤣🤣 There were times when she had me rooting so hard for her most of the book and times when I couldn't figure out her logic She went into everything with her own motives which didn't really gel with her agenda Would it hurt the girl to come up with a feasible plan Something that didn't guarantee everyone's heartbreak She was eternally sorry AFTER the fact pretending to one and all that she felt nothing making her the perfect enemy How could one not hate her guts But then when you consider her many vulnerable moments you can't help but hope and pray and scream for her happy ending Everly was a jumbled bag of contradiction which I appreciated while I grumbled about it The characters I want to meetNoel the oracle who aims to be Everly's best mediocre friend; Ophelia the witch warrior you don't want to mess with; Hartly Everly's sister who has a heart of gold and a strong affinity with animals; Truly an archer who never misses; Saxon and Vikander Roth's besties and guards; and of course Roth himself He was honorable and kind vicious and ferocious a warrior of valor honest to a fault had the power of compulsion an intricate back story and HE WAS HOT The man could turn you on with words people While any true heat in this story was fade to black his kisses dang those kisses were incendiary 🔥🔥🔥I've been a huge fan of Showalter's adult romance books and was super excited to get my hands on her attempt at young adult Color me impressed I was completely engrossed in this story its characters and the world building that had me practically visualizing Enchantia and its inhabitants I'm in love with Roth because he happens to be the most amazing character in this book and I only wish I got to enjoy his perspective Maybe we'll get something in the next one hint hint Roth and his beast mode Warrior Supreme His pierced nipples and hot bod Yeah Roth was everything Honestly there were plenty of characters that got some shine and I'm hoping to get to know them betterBlog | FB | Twitter | IG | Tumblr | Pinterest | BookBub

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The Evil ueenEts Roth Charmaine the supposed Prince Charming Their attraction is undeniable but their relationship is doomed As the prophecy unfolds Everly faces one betrayal after another and giving in to her dark side proves tempting every day Can she resist or will she become the ueen and villain she was born to beThe battle between good and evil is o Me going into hibernation until I get my hands on thisThis comes out ON my birthday y'all That means it can't be bad right