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FREE PDF ¼ BOOK Orbiting Jupiter ☆ GARY D. SCHMIDT ✓ [Download] ✤ Orbiting Jupiter ➺ Gary D. Schmidt – When Jack meets his new foster brother he already knows three things about himJoseph almost killed a teacherHe was incarcerated at a place called Stone MountainHe has a daughteWhen Jack meets his new foster brother he already knows three things about himJoseph almost killed a teacherHe was incarcerated at a place called Stone MountainHe has a daughter Her 4 12 stars My god this book was so sadI'm not a book crier Not really When I say a book made me cry I usually mean that tears filled my eyes but that's all This book though I got pretty close a few times and then in the penultimate chapter I just lost it I actually felt my face crumple and my nose was stingingNow I've painted you that beautiful picture of my breakdown I'm going to try to review this book It's not easy I've loved Schmidt's other YAMiddle Grade contemporary novels Okay for Now and The Wednesday Wars each had a sadness to it but not uite like this one Orbiting Jupiter is uiet and simple for the most part which makes it all the devastating when the blows come And come they do Schmidt has a way of effortlessly drawing out emotions in every scene without ever making you feel like you're being manipulated This uiet sadness is effective than any drama I could readThe story is narrated by Jack the 12 year old son of foster parents When 14 year old Joseph joins their family his life is changed in many ways and not all of them are good It actually tells two stories on the one hand it's about the power of friendship and sob having someone's back on the other it's about Joseph's backstory I'm not sure which one elicited the greatest emotional response from meIt made me sad and even angry at times Joseph we soon learn is a 14 year old parent to a baby called Jupiter Both naive and mature all he wants is to be with his baby and love her You understand why being with Joseph is not in Jupiter's best interests whilst also being heartbroken for him Especially after learning of his abusive loveless upbringingThe author's decision to narrate from Jack's POV gives the novel even strength We are not clouded by Joseph's blind love for his baby but we do also see how powerless children are We feel their frustrations and sadnessAs we reached the novel's climax I thought I had mixed feelings about the way it was ending but that last part completely won me over I recommend this to everyone who enjoys contemporary YAMiddle GradeThe characters are young but it has as much depth as any YA bookBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

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Name is Jupiter And he has never seen herWhat Jack doesn’t know at first is how desperate Joseph is to find his baby girlOr how urgently he Jack will want to helpBut the past can If there is a benevolent all powerful God then why does He allow evil to persist This is the uestion that this short book made me ponderI once saw an interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson in which he expressed that the existence of a God that is both omnipotent benevolent is in itself contradictory to the existence of evil in the world God must therefore be one or the other; He must either be all powerful with a capacity for allowing evil or he must be all benevolent without the ability to intercept evil From a logical standpoint I can identify with this line of thinking Being confronted with the sad and often unfair presence of tragedy always inspires me to contemplate the existence of God But don't let me give you a false impression this isn't a book that deeply focuses on the existence of GodThis is a book for those of us out there with parents who failed to love their child than themselves with teachers who failed to see the seeds destruction blooming in the hearts of their students with friends who failed to see the need for empathy But beneath the surface of all that pain there is an everpresent hopeThis is a book about the depth permanence of loveThis is a book about the generational cycle of brokennessThis is a book about what it means to be selflessThough it was heartbreaking I'm very glad I read Orbiting Jupiter It's a short novel packing a heavy punch and I'd recommend it to anyone who likes to read

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Orbiting Jupiter’t be shaken off Even as new bonds form old wounds reopen The search for Jupiter demands from Jack than he can imagineThis tender heartbreaking novel is Gary D Schmidt at his best Find all of my reviews at “Christmas is the season for miracles you know Sometimes they come big and loud I guess – but I’ve never seen one of those I think probably most miracles are a lot smaller and sort of still and so uiet you could miss them I didn’t miss this one” WTF have you done to me Anna Good grief I had feelings two days in a row My robot heart is obviously in need of a tune up Orbiting Jupiter begins with Jack’s family making a very important decision – that of bringing a troubled foster child into their home You then are introduced to Joseph – and your guts get ripped from your body instantaneously “Since he left Stone Mountain he won’t wear anything orange He won’t let anyone stand behind him He won’t let anyone touch him He won’t go into rooms that are too small And he won’t eat canned peaches” Eventually you learn all of Joseph’s story including not only how he ended up in juvie but also how at 14 he became a father to a baby girl named Jupiter You read about the bond of friendship and the true meaning of having someone’s back “You want to tell me what a sixth grader was doing in the eighth grade side of the locker room in an eighth grade fight”“Winning” Oh Jack And you discover that you should always trust a cow’s opinion of strangers If you’re an adult you probably will end up finding the ending than a bit contrived but this story wasn’t really written for grown ups to begin with and it still won’t stop the onslaught of feelings you’ve had up to that point If icewater runs in your veins like it does mine you may not cry but you might find you still need a bit of “moral support” to get through the rest of the evening I fell in love with Gary Schmidt when I read Okay For Now I read that before I wrote imaged up book reviews so Anna’s getting a double whammy of linkage I’m going to put it on record that I think he writes the most important middle grade books that I’ve ever read and rather than “reuired” reading consisting of bullshit like Marie Antoinette Serial Killer my kids cough all kids cough should be reading Schmidt’s books instead He makes you think – he makes you feel – and he makes you see the not so pretty side of growing up but he manages to do it in a child friendly way