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FREE MOBI ð DOC Secret Six Unhinged 9781401223274 ↠ GAIL SIMONE Ô [Read] ➲ Secret Six Unhinged By Gail Simone – The Secret Six are back in an all new ongoing series that promises to deliver some of the darkest most twisted action adventure the DC Universe has seen sincewelOwn sleeves Prepare for an adventure that will take them through a gauntlet across the seediest parts of the DC Universe and will ultimately pit them against a foe monstrous and murderous than any they've ever had to faceCollecting SECRET SIX Gail Simone has been a personal favorite writer of mine for uite awhile Her work for Birds of Prey is fantastic As always she does a great job at building relationships between friends which is seldom forgotten by a handful of writers Simone does not fail at this talent with the Secret Six It is impressive that nobody manages to steal the spotlight in Secret Six Unhinged because all characters are treated as eual Each one is as interesting as the nextUnhinged picks up the actions of the Secret Six after their appearance in Villains United The book begins with introducing a mysterious villain called Junior who calls one of his henchmen into an office He poses the uestion They die or you die By they Junior refers to the man's family When the man chooses his family he's murdered before the plot moves along to introduce all the characters of the Secret Six starting with Deadshot and Catman Deadshot being originally introduced as a Batman villain and Catman another Batman foe But it all begins with Catman uestioning whether he should be a villain and if there will be ever a chance to make up for all the bad in his pastThe rest of the cast of characters are introduced at Scandal Savage's birthday party She is still mourning the loss of her recently deceased girlfriend Bane as in the Batman villain and Ragdoll are doing their best to cheer her up until she chooses to leave so she can tell them about their next client Simone does an excellent job at crafting the relationships between all the characters at the start before diving into the action and the actual plot of Unhinged According to Scandal a new client has reuested they break a woman out of Alcatraz in order to retrieve some sort of card from her Later the Secret Six learn that they are not alone in the search of the card Junior has gathered an army of villains to attack the Secret Six to bring the card back no matter the costs Later it is revealed that the single card means all of the world to everybody on a single uestion alone What if The card the Secret Six is supposed to retrieve and bring back to Gotham City is a Get Out of Hell Free card which provokes each character with the idea that What if it works and pokes at all their relationships Already it's a challenge for all of them to get along then Scandal invites one of her friends Jeanette into the group to help aid them in their cross country journeyWhile no one character steals the spotlight there are two relationships that are the strongest in the Secret Six First Catman and Deadshot They are the first the audience meets together and throughout the time they have a fascinating way of looking out for one another Both are villains who are blood thirsty and both know that they are going to hell Catman is unable to escape his past while Deadshot lives in the present Not once does Deadshot ever seem to care about the rest of the world yet he has moments where his dialogue strengthens his friendship with Catman It comes to the point where he even watches out for his friend while he is sleepingAs great as their relationship is and builds throughout the events the highlight for me of the series is Bane's character development through his relationship with Scandal Savage Bane was originally introduced in Batman and will always be known as the man who broke Batman's back He cannot stop hyper focusing on the one event Yet Scandal develops him into a deeper character who has a softer side There is a lot to his character than the one originally introduced in Batman He claims that Scandal Savage in a sense is his daughter and he watches out for her Since Scandal is lost in her depression he worries about her constantly and offers her pieces of advice or even ice creamScandal in return loves and cares for Bane It takes her awhile to understand him but once she does the two are able to bring the Secret Six together They in a sense are an anchor that holds the events of Unhinged and the team together all at onceWithout a doubt the ending left me wanting for but it left me wanting of Scandal Savage Catman Bane Deadshot Jeanette and Ragdoll I don't care what the other plot arcs are about Gail Simone does an excellent job at building their characters and relationships that it draws the reader in and makes them want after each issue

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The Secret Six are back in an all new ongoing series that promises to deliver some of the darkest most twisted action adventure the DC Universe has seen sincewell the last time the Secret Six PDFEPUBSecret Six got togetherJoin Catman Scandal De Almost went a full 5 out of 5 stars This was so good I picked up the next 4 volumes on Ebay Secret Six What the fuck is that Bad guys doing good things That sounds like Suicide Suad Well think SS but with characters emotional moments and a coherent story for the most part Gail Simone is uickly climbing my list of damn good comics writers Take Catman Not woman Bane Deadshot and a few others and throw them on a mission to get this magical card But someone is after them and a bounty is set on them DUM DUM DUM What I liked The art is solid all the way around Easy to follow everyone has a uniue look no complaints there The pacing is near perfect We have character moments humor moments and then of course the story itself moving at a steady speed We have a villain I was actually SCARED of to I also loved the chemistry between everyone in the party Each is so different and one of the big twist caught me off guard What I didn't like The last issue was a little to insane for the rest of this series I liked it being low key and easy to follow but then it got into a big brawl and those are never as fun as they want it to be It ended on that so felt a bit down Saying the ending was little mehish shouldn't stop you from reading this I recommend this for ANYONE It's so damn funny very entertaining well done characters and excellent pacing This is a 45 out of 5

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Secret Six UnhingedAdshot Ragdoll and their two newest members as they hit the road on the run from some of the world's most dangerous killers A contract has been put out on the lives of the Six but the sly team has some tricks and a whole lot of bullets up their I feel like I should explain myself The reason this gets a two from me is not for lack of uality but rather because I really held no attachment to the characters Now that's not the book's fault the book offered plenty of opportunity for me to get to know each member and get the basic gist of what they are all about Simone is no slouch she knows what she's doingHowever even after going through the whole thing I didn't really feel like I cared about any of these peopleor liked them You're not SUPPOSED to like them they're bad people but you should like them even on the level of I enjoy reading about these people I did not as it turns outOtherwise this is a fun little story with some really uniue elements to it DC devotees will probably appreciate this far than I will but it's not necessary I think to enjoy the book in its own right It just really didn't do much for me personally