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Let the Rain Come DownIm and his friends hidden from people who want to hurt them is top priority but he can’t help wanting something for himselfNeither completely man nor animal but somewhere between Demitrius Accola has lived his life the Rain Come Epub #218 as an outcast enduring the fear and judgment of others because of his appearance Assigned to p. Let the Rain Come Down by Gabrielle EvansThe Moonlight Breed Book 64 StarsReviewed for wwwheartsonfirereviewscomIgnored and shunned by his own family Demetrius is an outcast even among shifters due to his partially shifted state Don't worry he doesn't look like an furry animal but his ears are pointy his glowing eyes are that of a feline and he has a mouth full of sharp pointy teeth with elongated canines Due to his genetic anomaly he is unable to change into his shifted state of an Egyptian lynx or to appear completely human He is stuck somewhere in the middle His enormous size and his fierce appearance scares almost everyone He is angry at the hand he was dealt and he is also resigned to forever being alone He comes to Haven and Stavion the coven leader immediately sees beyond his appearance and eventually convinces him to stay on as an Enforcer Oscar and his three friends are hiding in a cave naked dirty cold and terrified They have escaped their imprisonment at The Hive and are on the run from the men who have enslaved and abused them It is here that they are found by the Murphy brothers Enforcers for Stavion and taken to Haven to live The fascinating thing about the four men rescued is not only are they different breeds of moonlighters Oscar is a hedgehog but they are also Desirables Desirables are genetically engineered and highly trained companions capable of fulfilling their master's every need wish or desire They are sex slaves capable of completely changing their appearances and even their sex and reproduce to fit the desire of their masters The four men have years of abuse and low self worth to overcomeWhen Demetrius and Oscar meet they immediately know that they are mates and Demetrius is amazed and relieved that Oscar has no fear of him at all Oscar is still coming out of his shell and learning to fit in the world around him His life as a slave is not easily forgotten but he is learning to trust in himself and to trust Demetrius Oscar's love and acceptance has allowed Demetrius to let go of his anger and start to heal When he stops being so defensive and pushing people away he learns that most people like him when they get to know him There is some action in this book when a man claiming to be the owner of the four Desirables come to claim them and drones from The Hive kidnap Oscar but the story mostly focuses on the relationship between Demetrius and Oscar Both men are interesting and engaging and I enjoyed seeing them evolve as people and as a couple I really enjoyed this sixth installment in The Moonlight Breed series I honestly was ready to give up on it but took a chance and I am very glad that I did I recommend this installment of The Moonlight Breed series to anyone who enjoys a little different take on the usual shifter story

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Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Rain Come Epub #221 Paranormal Romance MM shape shifters public exhibition light bondage HEAAfter spending a decade of doing exactly what he’s told and having every minute of his life choreographed for him Oscar has no idea what to Let the PDF or do now that he’s free Keeping h. Total rating 35 Beauty and the Beast StarsLet the Rain Come Down astonished me with beauty and the beast plotlineOscar was recued from slavery and after that he met Demitrius who looked like half humanhalf animalDemitrius never believed anybody would like to look at his face and be charmed by itbut Oscar had broken his wall and hailed the man insideJeez that looked so sweet IF I didn't see the storyline was guessable and nothing mind blowing had happennedIn the endI loved the dialogs between Demitrius and Oscar for showing me how much they loved each other and I adored them bothThey're cute togetherI do love this series and it's fun to readEvans's writing style never lets me down

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Free read Let the Rain Come Down · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ç ✰ [BOOKS] ✸ Let the Rain Come Down By Gabrielle Evans ✽ – Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance MM shape shifters public exhibition light bondage HEAAfter spending a decade of doing exaRotect the new Moonlighters in Haven he never thought he’d find his mate Nor did he expect that the little shifter would be completely unafraid of himWhen the past Oscar is trying to outrun finally catches up with him there’s no uestion of how far Demitrius will go to protect his mate It’s only a uestion of if it will be enough. NotesWhy would Demetrius leave them if he was supposed to guard them And if Oscar could be with them why wouldn't D just have taken him with him And why didn't Oscar ask him to Five minutes later he decided to go How could the contracts be legal You can't own people Why doesn't he just change his height to get through the snow That would please his mate Why does the prejudiced person who has to be saved have to be femalePeople can outrun hedgehogs even a nerf football is bigger than a hedgehog a small tiny football would still be a third his size and weigh a lot to him so how would he hold it in his mouth especially without falling forward plus how is it fair for him to turn into an animal during the game When he's kidnapped why wouldn't he be kept small so he's lightweight and easily containedDanger and peril insufficient and a huge let down