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Reader ´ Juliet Takes a Breath ✓ Gabby Rivera P her figure out this whole “Puerto Rican lesbian” thing She’s interning with the author of her favorite book Harlowe Brisbane the ultimate authority on feminism women’s bodies and other gay sounding stuff Will Juliet be able to fi if it’s a phase so what if it’s your whole life who cares you’re destined to evolve and understand yourself in new ways you never imagined before LANGUAGE WARNING FOR THIS REVIEWFrom the very moment Juliet Milagros Palante referred to herself as a ferocious cunt I knew I'd like this book First of all because teenagers swearing is realistic and I want it in books Second of all because I just think there's something entirely glorious about referring to yourself as a ferocious cunt This book is one of those books I worry people won't read or will dnf because it's not got that much plot It's a coming of age story and I get why people say it's boring but this book is so entirely well written well addressed well researched and well presented it's a massive fucking shame if people walk past it Even though it's not a typical fast moving plot I still felt myself constantly reaching for this because it was endlessly interesting in other ways then plot I fall asleep with that book in my arms because words protect hearts and I’ve got this ache in my chest that won’t go away Juliet Takes a Breath follows Puerto Rican lesbian girl Juliet Palante who's recently been introduced to feminism and Pussy Power by Portland writer Harlowe Brisbane Juliet takes up a summer intern with Harlowe and the story basically followers her as she navigates her internship by noheroestwo on tumblrThe truly beautiful and uniue thing about this book is the incredible visibility of ueer spaces and especially ueer spaces for women of colour This book debunks and challenges aspects of feminism and womanhood that are exclusionary cissexist or racist and promotes intersectionality Juliet must confront and explore how her sexuality gender and ethnicity intersect and that exploration is something so rarely seen in YA What I liked about this is it kinda feels like you take Juliet's hand and learn as she does This forced me to address and acknowledge some of my own white privilege and cissexism and I really liked that about it If you're willing to go into it open minded you will genuinely learn alot about modern feminism lgbt communities POC spaces and intersectional feminism Gabby Rivera feels in control and educated on every subject that comes up this is own voices but still a part of me was worried the exclusionary aspects of Harlowe's feminism would never be addressed Shame on me for having no faith Rivera masterfully writers and crafts her story Aside from the larger themes this book has such cute romance elements There's a cute librarian girl who rides a motorbike and goes stargazing And an interracial couple with no white people Kira is biracial Korean and White There is also a poly relationship And aaah it's so cute And Juliet is soo tongue tied over the cute girls and it was just sweet and not sexualised or anything but was just soft and realistic and I LOVED IT Genuinely I think this is such an important and well written book I think it's important book that offers so much visible spaces for lgbt youth and especially ueer women of colour This book is filled to the brim with strong outspoken and beautiful ueer poc women and it truly made my heart sing The representation matters so much to me and I imagine it matters even to brown girls This book feels so rare like I don't know if I'll read anything which forefronts ueer spaces this much again I will never be over it I genuinely want everyone to read this whether you're gay white female or not I feel so incredibly gushy about this book like you don't understand how validated and good this makes me feel and it isn't even for me I am so happy Juliet got to find and experience spaces that included her and a brand of feminism she could claim Juliet's story is incredibly important she's a chubby latina ueer women who finds her voice her discovers and claims her own sexuality and spaces The sharpness and poignancy of this book will not be forgotten by me it's a terribly important story a true look into how ueer women of colour are struggling and it's a great intro book to inclusionary feminism which also serves as a critiue and reminder to white feminist I am literally willing to beg people to read this it's that important Kiss everyoneAsk firstAlways ask first and then kiss the way the stars burn in the sky

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Juliet Takes a Breath Doc ✓ 276 pages õ ❴Read❵ ➲ Juliet Takes a Breath Author Gabby Rivera – Helpyouantib.co.uk Juliet Milagros Palante is leaving the Bronx and headed to Portland Oregon She just came out to her family and isn’t sure if her mom will ever speak to her again But Juliet has a plan sort of one th Gure out her life over the course of one magical summer Is that even possible Or is she running away from all the problems that seem too big to handle With uestions than answers Juliet takes on Portland Harlowe and most importantly herself when Roxane Gay tells you a book is fing outstanding you make your humble butt take a seat and read it

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Juliet Takes a BreathJuliet Milagros Palante is leaving the Bronx and headed to Juliet Takes PDFEPUBPortland Oregon She just came out to her family and isn’t sure if her mom will ever speak to her again But Juliet has a plan sort of one that’s going to hel 35 stars This was an enjoyable read full of intersectional feminism lgbt issues racial issues and exploration of identityCW racism homophobia transphobia cheatingBeing honest I wasn’t the biggest fan of the writing style I know many readers enjoy a “stream of consciousness” narration and while I do enjoy a novel like this from time to time it didn’t work in my favor 100% of the time in this case I think because it was also so heavily reliant on New York slang which I hear constantly in my day to day life but prefer not to read it because it’s extremely informal There were a lot of moments where I enjoyed Juliet’s unfiltered nature in dialogue but the way her thought process was written is not a favorite of mine In contrast there were also a few scenes that felt the complete opposite I can recount uite a few scenes where the tone was almost “preachy” specifically from Harlowe her friends; I sometimes felt as if I was in a lecture on women’s studies as opposed to observing a natural conversation I feel there is a balance to be made between formality and informality when writing and this book seemed to teeter between one extreme end and the other Additionally Juliet Takes A Breath is another one of those novels that falls into the category of “Just follow the main character throughout their summer” which is my least favorite sort of contemporary to read While this novel does prevail over others as so much of the novel is driven by Juliet’s journey to learning about feminism it’s plotless besides that I crave stories with significant events plot twists highs and lows but this book remained constant for 23 of the storyGiven the lack of plot I thoroughly enjoyed the discussions happening along the story It was really wonderful to follow a teen in the process of developing their brand of feminism – from learning new terminology to uestioning their values and confronting their biases I remember what it is like to come in contact with words like “preferred gender pronouns” “allyship” “polygamy” Juliet’s journey is extremely well rounded and does not miss a beat when it comes to expressing what an intersectional feminist looks like I particularly loved her by the end when we get to see Juliet unapologetically herself forming her own opinions and exploring the POC community where she truly belongs I feel Juliet’s story is one that is powerful one that is necessary and one that everyone can take something away from Following the perspective of a Puerto Rican lesbian discovering feminism is an experience I cherished and I hope to read from protagonists like Juliet in the future As a character she is imperfect and a bit naïve but she is also open and authentic funny and curious and she is so wonderfully herself that it was hard not to fall for her along the storyThe part of this book I struggled with the most is the infamous Harlowe Brisbane I could not STAND her or any scene involving her I attempted to brush it off to differences in lifestyle The whole “Let’s have a ceremony for your period” “I’m honored you’d bleed out of your vagina in my household” is NOT my thing but I recognize that is how other people live their lives and that’s fine but all throughout the story I grew to dislike her and I feel the tipping point for me was when Harlowe dismissed Juliet’s reuests for advil to alleviate her menstral cramps and badgered her into following her personal methods because she was clearly the enlightened feminist which means her view is correct Harlowe is dripping with white feminism 247 and Juliet’s blind dedication to her gave me a headache every time I picked up the book That being said Harlowe’s flaws are unearthed and challenged by the end of the story so I can recognize that she was intentionally written to be a symbol of when feminism becomes exclusionary so that was appreciated But on the other hand Harlowe made this book unbearable to read at some points so while I can admit it was executed well in the end I’m still entitled to be annoyed at how much she damped my enjoyment of the story for the majority of the bookOverall Juliet Takes A Breath was an enjoyable read It’s not a favorite of mine by any means but I still feel there is so much value in Juliet’s story I don’t feel it is the strongest novel in the world in terms of storytelling but there is a message to be spread through Juliet And it is heard