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Ebook â A Specter is Haunting Texas å 245 pages Û [BOOKS] ✭ A Specter is Haunting Texas Author Fritz Leiber – Helpyouantib.co.uk A Spectre is Haunting Texas is a Fritz Leiber novel 1st appearing as a book in 1969 originally published as a 3 part serial in Galaxy Science Fiction in July August and September 19Aty Texas was bossWith the coming of the 3rd World War the atomization of Washington New York San Francisco so forth secrecy became unnecessary Texas escaped the USA's nuclear destruction because of the foresight of Lyndon I An emormous bunker known as the Houston Carlsbad Caverns Denver Kansas City Little Rock Pentagram now referred to simply as the Texas Bunker had saved the heartland during a war that destroyed the American coasts Europe Russia China Africa Texas then conuered the rest of the continent tho Hawaii Cuba remain stubbornly unconuer In Episode 45 A Specter is Haunting Texas by Fritz Leiber we discovered that Fritz Leiber may have coined the term sword and sorcery and he may have written some legendary stories but this book is not to be counted among those same accomplishmentsLine to line the writing is actually pretty good and the dialogue is believable in the world of the book There's even some great satire in this book the whole vision of Greater Texas but it doesn't really end up doing much besides producing a few laughs Plus view spoilerthe sexism is laid on a bit too thick to really convince us that it's part of the satire and the main character is an annoying arrogant and naive jerk who just wants to have earth sex at the expense of far important things hide spoiler

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A Spectre is Haunting Texas is a Fritz Leiber novel 1st appearing as a book in 1969 originally published as a 3 part serial in Galaxy Science Fiction in July August and September 1968 Scully Christopher Crockett La Cruz is an actor fortune seeker adventurer from the isolated orbital technocratic democracies of Circumluna the Bubbles Congeries He lands in what he believes to be Canada to reclaim family mining interests He discovers Canada is now N Texas what remains of civilization in N America is ruled by primitive backslapping bigger than life an Back in 1973 the parents having just divorced and me home from college for the summer I decided to get my eight years younger brother out of Chicago and away from our depressed father for a few months by bundling him off with me and my friend Martin to the family cottage in Michigan I got enough work as a gardener for a couple of wealthy couples down the beach to pay the bills by working twenty hours a week and the three of us settled down to a season of sun sand and sun and sandLife in the country without television stereo and the modern conveniences got boring Brother Fin found a few friends and would be gone all day Martin and I would punctuate the idiocy of rural life Marx with rides through the area in his white Galaxy 500 checking out the sights looking for bookstoresOn the road from Sawyer to Three Oaks Michigan we found a bookstore of a sort owned by an engaging old fellow who made his living in retirement by selling books mostly through the mail His home had been a farm There was what might have once been a garage out front This was his money maker books about Lincoln and related subjects Out back there was the barn another much larger book storage area which filled the soul with awe and admiration We being poor and his prices being steep I bought this edition of A Spectre out of politeness and because lacking its dustjacket it was unusually cheapThe book a political satire is mildly amusing though it would probably seem dated now since the references are to the early and mid sixties to LBJ and Goldwater Watergate hearings were going on then Leiber's satire was too mildOur host the bookseller however was a fascinating guy His personal intellectual interest was in millenarian cults of the Midwest such as those House of David remnants up in Benton Harbor My own interest in the history of the American Left was tangent so we spent delightful afternoons chatting on his front porch I impressed that a farmer knew so much he probably impressed to discover that not all city longhairs were ignorantThe old guy and his paradise of books are gone now

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A Specter is Haunting TexasTi intellectual good ole boys convinced of their own moral superiority In the tortured version of history known to the giant hormone boosted Anglo Saxon inhabitants who rule a diminutive Mexican underclass the original Texas had secretly ruled the pre nuclear war USA since 1845 Of it was never given out to the general public in the states who never had no brains or guts nohow flustered easy that this assumption of leadership was annexation but it was always known to the Speaker of the House the senators who counted in Washington that secretest tre Like the skeletal spectre protagonist of this book the bones are strong The general concept is funny and probably culturally relevant and insightful for the time it was written late 60s but the story is weak and generally obnoxious The main character is comically misogynistic and detached from the entire plot of the book Up until the end of the book all he wants to do is pork two women and eventually marry both at the same time Spoiler bigamy happens and it's cool because they're an advanced society living in a space station and social arrangements like tricking two women into being your wives is very progressive as we all know So aside from two chicks at the same time the other major theme is all Texans are oil blooded fascists which is really pretty funny at first but is also just so one dimensional that it become uninteresting uickly In fact all characters are extremely flat All Texans are bad dumb and dim witted morons trying to control the world There is only half hearted attempt to provide nuance to any of the characters which makes the novel a boring chronicle of meaningless events All of this is disappointing because the idea of a future North America run by a Texan state could be incredibly interesting and would be much funnier if just one dose of subtlety were allowed Unfortunately each page turn left me disappointed and I was happy to be done with this weird little piece of sci fi history