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EPUB Ê MOBI Heroes and Villains î 9781846072406 FREE ✓ HELPYOUANTIB Î [Reading] ➲ Heroes and Villains ➺ Frank McLynn – Helpyouantib.co.uk In the history of warfare an elite group of men have attained almost legendary status through their courage ambition and unrivalledIght of Rome against seemingly impossible odds and how the young Napoleon rose to power in dramatic fashion at the Siege of Toulon Heroes Villains is than a collection of individual biographies By examining the complex psychologies of these extraordinary men McLynn builds up a convincing profile of the ultimate warrior Accompanying a major BBC television series this brilliant book takes us into the minds of the greatest warriors in histor Intersting take on warriors McLynn offers a fresh perspective on six warriors and explains what made them great Worth the read if you only read one of the following chapters Richard The Lionheart Attila The Hun and Napoleon Those were the chapters I enjoyed the most and the one I learned the most from

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In the history of warfare an elite group of men have attained almost legendary status through their courage ambition and unrivalled military genius But many of these same men possessed deep personal character flaws In Heroes Villains acclaimed historian Frank McLynn focuses on six of the most powerful and magnetic leaders of all time Spartacus Attila the Hun Richard the Lionheart Cortés Tokugawa Ieyasu and Napoleon How did these mortal m Overall an enjoyable and informative read If you're the type that likes the disinterested author who presents just the facts this probably isn't the book for you Mr McLynn has very definite points of view on his six subjects Attilla the HunSpartacusCortesRichard the LionheartTokugawa Ieyasoand Napoleonand he doesn't shrink from giving it to youIn brief he sees Attila as of a thuga 5th century BC Tony Soprano that a top flight warrior Spartacus has his meritsbut was crippled by the group of people he was forced to use as his army Cortes was an often brilliantalways charismatic self absorbed criminal Tokugawa he judges to have been a much better politician than warrior The two bios that interested me most were Richard and Napoleon Richard's star has fallen much in modern times When talked about at all it's usualy to discuss his possible homosexuality and whether or not he and the king of France were lovers as well as rivals Mr McLynn leaves all that aside and presents Richard as a master of strategytacticsand logistics Duallity sums up his view on Napoleon He agrees with the sentiment that he had the richest natural gifts ever recieved by mortal man but he also believes his faults may have been even greater Impatience and an internal war between the rational and the romantic are the two that stood out for meI'll close the review with Mr Mc Lynn's own words The great warrior must be a master of strategy and tacticshave high military talentsboldnesscunningself beliefbe luckyfight in the right circumstances and against an almost eually matched foe

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Heroes and VillainsEn rise to positions of seemingly invincible power? What were the motives the personal strengths and often weaknesses that drove them to achieve what no one else dared?In six powerful portraits McLynn brilliantly evokes the critical moments when each of these warriors proved themselves in battle changing their own lives the destiny of their people and in some cases the history of the world We discover what drove Spartacus to take on the m This was an interesting book McLynn starts off by saying that warriors must like artists have a different way of thinking than other people and to prove it he charts the military and political careers of six such historic figures Spartacus Attila the Hun Richard the Lionhearted Cortes Tokugawa Ieyaso and Napoleon Bonaparte All of these men faced challenges beyond the battlefield and McLynn does a good job of showing that for many reputation was greater than their actual achievements and their own flaws were often what brought them down when all was said and done